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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

  Today marks the last day of  Get it down 31 for 21 and I am proud to say I posted every day.  I am glad I made it    and glade  not to have to worry about posting every day.   Happy Halloween here are some pics from  past costumes  I am nothing this  year   it shows that I am  growing up.

Halloween 1991
Halloween 1999
Halloween  2000

Halloween 2009


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day

Me Running the 200 hundred in the Special Olympics in  Spring 2010  I am the one in the middle

Today is the first annual Eunice Kennedy Shriner Day As a Special Olympics Athlete and as a friend who is officer to best buddies for two years now.( You rock LM are u doing it again senior year) It was a important day. This morning I went to the Young Athlete Day and they had lots of stuff to try out more than in others past. They had golf basketball bowling trike dancing and crafts as well as soccer softball hockey an obstacle course I had a lot of fun today. I also might be attending the bay area buddy walk for the first time this year. Book gal and Princess had V ball and Princess's team won second.

Before I go I will leave u with what I blogged about last year

Got some good news some bad news and something to bringing it all together
Bad News : A big disability advocate died today. Well this morning Eunice Kennedy Shiver died . She was 88 years old. Eunice was the founder of the special Olympics. She believed in all people even those with disabilities could succeed. She made it possible for the good news.
Good news; I have my drivers permit today one of my summer goals archived .
I am vary lucky to have been born in the 90's . In the 90's Life Goes On was teaching people that people with disailitie had more abilities then people give them credit ADA was passed.

 Me and my sisters  1995 left to right  pricess,Az and bookgal
Let's imagine for a minute that i was born in the 60.'s In the 60's most people with disabilities were locked away in intuitions or kept at home. ( my dad 's friend's brother had DS ) No one thought they could do much and could not contribute in a manful way. Imagine a disabled teenager from the 60's without IEP the chance to mainstream to be independent. Then you can understand what Eunice saw and deiced to do something about it thus the Special Olympics was born.
As a special Olympics athlete and a disabled advocate (in training ) I have a lot of respect and thankfulness for the work Eunice did. Special Olympics use sports to change the way people see people with disabilities as people (as Clayton puts it ) with different abilities
I am glad I was born in the 90's and have been given chance after chance to be the best person I can be .

I am glad to have grown up in the 90's and 200s a time where it is possible for a person with a disability to go to mainstream school, play sports, discover new sports and use them to mainstream into typical sports at there high school, go to collage , and even get there driver license. Thank you Eunice shrive for working so hard to befit people with disabilities rest in peace.

Monday, June 21, 2010

It should not be a fight

    I have  seen and heard  Many stories about    parents  who  have to   fight  for there child  to be in   mainstream  and   after  reading such  accounts  I  wonder why  does  it have to be a fight   on there  part    to   let disabled  kids  go to inclusive  school.

My mom  came  to   my  kindergarten  class    when we had our career
  unit I am  sitting on    my  teachers lap   listening to what she does  in the
I  have always  been  included  since  kindergarten.  It was a no  brainier    for  my  parents  and the  two  school districts  because  I  have   normal    intelligence.      I would not trade      inclusion   for special  education,  (although  I must admit  I  wish  I had  more life skills when I graduated high school ) because I have  met so many wonderful  teachers, students and faculty as well as  being  apart   of   all of my school  communities.  I  have  so  Many great   memories   of     being in the  mainstream  and  going  on  field  trips  and  discovering     new  things.      I  just graduated   from  inclusive  high school  but  have  left behind   a club and lessons  that  others have  learned  from  me.

Ms P  (red)  was my sped teacher  all t
throughout high school here  i am  with her
 halloween 2009
  I have had   help and support   from special  education  teachers and staff  and have  participated in  ST     a  one  to  one aid  and  Work ability   while  being  able  to read    write and  learn  with  people  in my community, people who  live  near  me and     in my city    because  I have  been  in inclusive education

 Field trip  fun.

I   care so much about inclusion  because   Cerebral  Palsy   could  have    caused me  to  have a  intellectual disability  are be     so  disabled  that  the  best  place  for me   would have  been a separate  class  or  a special   needs  school.    I     care because  I  have  friends with   disabilities both online   and in  real life   who are not included . I   see   what  a shame it  is  that  other people will not have the chance  to get to know them.

Art work  2009   the teacher
used  to be a sped  teacher
  I  took  ceramics  during my Senior
year  of high school 

 I have  heard   from a  favorite  teacher of mine that    when  they taught at   another  school the kids with disabilities  were  there  but  they never  got to see  or talk to them.  The kids   missed  out   on getting  to  see   and talk  and  make a connection  with   the  person  who has been  a great   mentor and  friend to me.       The teacher  has been  working as teacher for  a while  but  I  was  their  first    student my   level  of  disability    it was not easy  but    like they  said    at the end of the  year   " Oh  the stories we could  tell"  and     I   am a character in  that story  along with  the  other students.(maybe   mine are the   annoying  and hard stories  but     hopefully there are some great ones of just me and  the whole class) I  have not heard  any  stories  yet from that class  but   I would buy the  book .........I  think.....  lol

 School is not the only  area that  inclusion
  should  apply to but to   all types of  recreation for
  peers of   similar ages. I played  soccer in AYSO    from pre k
 to  8th  grade every fall

 Inclusion     should  not be    so  hard because  unlike a driver's   test which should be  earned because the   result  of     it not  going  badly are deadly     inclusion  dose  not hurt anyone . In fact inclusion  benefits  everyone   involved the students  teacher s and school community.       In    all classes i have been  in  (AP   US history  include)   everyone isn't  at the same level  so why is it that    people  say it is  easier  not  to  have  kids with  intellectual  disabilities   at the  same   classrooms. With   mortifying  assignments    or    simplfilng  the  information     all kids would be able to learn better.  Inculsion   was not  a fight  for me  and should not be a fight for anyone  else.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Science and Special Olympics

So the week before Thanksgiving( sorry I did not post I have been busy working on collage apps and other stuff) My dad's mom was out with us for the weekend so on satuday we went to the San Francisco Academy of Science Museumum in Golden Gate park. I did not stay that long because I had a bowling tournament which I placed first in. Here are some pictures from the day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

palsy and politics

Today is Cerebral Palsy awareness day. CP is one of the disabilities I have. It makes it hard for me to talk well.

On a darker note Obama made a bad remark concerning the SO. I am in our local chapter here in California. I am going to give him the benefit of the drought. I
am not saying making fun of people with disabilities is OK because it is not. I saw the show and I think he made a mistake. He said his was sorry and i as a athlete accept it. I hope he dose not make me regret me giving him the benefit of the drought, because next time I will not be so forgiving. I also think he should take Sarah up on her offer to come to teach him how to get a strike.

( Me with my special olymics boweling first place ribbon november 2007)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy fathers day dad

My dad love the Beatles as do I and what better song to play for pics from long ago then Across the Universe. This is to my dad I love you and I hope you had a happy fathers day

Mid sis I wish you could have been here today for fathers day I love you so much. Baby says that she is board and has no one to talk to but we have played tons of Mario cart I can't wait to play y when y come back I love you soo much.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy birthday mom

When I was in middle school specifically in seventh grade and had to deal; with teasing in a RSP room my told me that i was her hero for faceting all of that and manging to serve the seventh grade.

Four years latter my mom is wrong she inspires me. She helps me and loves me and i feel safe when she is around. I love you mom You raise me Up. I love you Soo much Happy birthday Mom.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mid sis

I can't believe that you will be able to drive in November I love you

Saturday, May 3, 2008

happy 100 post and 10 year aniversety

This is my 100th post. Last weekend I learned from big J that this was the 10 years of SO b ball in Hmb so In order to celebrate both of these cool moments I am going to go back ten years with a little Q and A,

1How old were you and Mid-sis and Baby ten years ago?

I was six in kindergarten. Mid -sis was four in pre k and baby was three in preschool.

2Who was your best friend in Kindergarten?

a gymnasts that I am going to call E who was in my kindy class

3 did y live in same house ten years ago?


4What were your favorite things to do during recess?

Playing basketball with my friends. Yup I loved basketball from the little age of six. I also enjoyed learning how to jump rope with my kindy teacher

5What were some enjoyable learning experiences that you had in kindergarten?

I loved learning how to read and learning about jobs in our community My mom came in to speak to my class which I though to be pretty cool

6What did you and E like playing?

Jumping dinosaurs and a old computer game called read write and type

7what was your favorite movie?

toy story

8 Did you play sports when you were five?

I played Ayso in kindy.

9 You told us earlier you played on the computer did y do that at home too?

I loved playing backyard soccer and Put put saves the zoo and put travels though time

10 Did you do anything outside of school that helped y become successful?

I did I went to ST Ot and Pt as well as do hippo therapy

If you have been reading my blog please comment even if it just consited of happy 1oo post I love love to read comments

Friday, January 25, 2008

Good luck Bro

Today is the day that the man is going to Ax to play baseball in a semi pro league he left early this Morning after seeing us last night. My family and I are hoping that he is able to get a contract with MLb so this is a good start. In honor of his leaving I have created this for him to remember us if he ever gets homesick.I drought he will. so without further a do here is Good luck Bro

Monday, January 7, 2008

Az's trip down glory road: Pics round one

Playing in preschool. Thanks for the help Dad.
5th grade hoops spring 2003
Drinking Gatorade before I score a lot of baskets (8th grade spring 2006)
wow for me

PS: Can you please sends good luck wishes for me i start school tomorrow. (Baby and mid- sis went back today). I am scared because I don't want to end in the Office for bad behavior. I hope I can act better then I did last year. Wish me luck. I will post about it in a couple of days

Monday, December 31, 2007

As the year draws to a close

Christmas 2006 left to right Baby, Zoe, man mid-sis, me (sitting down)
Christmases 2007 Man ( green and white t-shirt) Baby (in green) mid-sis (In red) Zoe
AZ(in black)

Look how much we have grown