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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dreams are Dreams

since bear nessicties has worked

but tomarrow will be difficult because i have to go to work or else I can not go to basketball why n difficult because due to acting out once I now can not work in the afternoons which means I have to work during school hours missing two classes and my routine beng changed. I did not get to choses what i want to work at or when there are jobs after school with help so now i am going on a job hunt.

I am going to leave you with a poem
( me when I was almost three although I act three I am not three anymore)
Dreams are dreams
Teachers and job coaches
  I know you want the best
but what happens when you are gone?
  I have to have the ability
to go after my own dreams
and make my dreams live on
Everyone deserves to dream
clam what he wants
Dreams are dreams
goals or goals
satisfaction is satisfaction
but if you try to put people with disabilities into a mold
It like songbird dies in a golden change
A trap that I do not wish to fall into
I want no cage of gold
  I want to be as indecent as possible
so please will you try to talk to me
   I may feel frustrated
but please understand
It is due to the warrior spirit
I have had to acquire
to protect my own dreams
Dreams are dreams

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I passed go

 and got  $42.72. Ok so  not in the game in life I got my first paycheck today I will post video  later.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

three feelings in the form of a stop light

Green went to my job today and did well
Yellow do not like the job
Red have a essay due tomorrow and I have Saturday school

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pizza and Presents

So yesterday I went to the intro to a work group. MR W the same one who was at my IEP is spearheading this. If I stick it out I will get a award for my hard work. I did not want to go because I taught it was a trap and I did not want to work where I was assigned. ( a whole other post needs to be done for the justices of the topic)

So I went in and saw pizza and presents. It turned out that I would get one present and i ended up eating 3 pieces of pizza.

We played a game in which y pick a present or steal one someone else had. The first time I went I got a t shirt which I did not like. Someone else liked that shirt so I ended up gotten it stolen. By that time my dad had picked DD and she picked a movie that I wanted. I then proceeded to steal it after some else took my t shirt. All in All a fun day was had by all.

Next time we get to go To a local resterant for a behind the scenes tour. I will