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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

   It seems  like  yesterday I  did a  2010  year   in  review  now it is  time to  do  it for  2011  and  before you  know it  will  be time  for a 2012  year in  review.  I  honestly love  doing these it is  a chance to  reflect on all the  great  things  that  happend    during the  year  so  without  further  delay  here  it is.

 January 2011:   I  had a   my  first  long  winter break  and  started taking college level  classes   at  my local  community college .  Book gal   started  her last semester  of high school.
 C, me and R  2/2011
February 2011 :    I  made  a  buzzer  short  my  cousin  came to vist
 March  2011:    The  college  thing  just  clicked  for me.   It  took long enough

 April 2011:       I   actually  aced  a  college   essay.   I     competed  in the Menlo  Games .Book Gal gets  accepted  to UMass Boston.

May  2011:  Book Gal  turns   18. I  go to a job   intake  but  it did not work  out  yet I  had  fun  in the process. .

My  Dad and I  fourth of  July 2011
June 2011:  Book Gal  graduates  high school  we  celebrate with  friends and  family,.  My grandma comes   up and  My  parents  grandma and  me    take a  day  trip to   Monterey.  I    became a  Hope Solo  fan   watching the Women's world Cup.

July 2011; Celebrated    our country  independence   day  in  sacramento  with my   mom's   family Book  gal  leaves  for  college .  My  big  brother turned  27  and my  dad  had  his  b day as well
   "Sexy" minni mouse Halloween  2011  
 August 2011:   I  saw  my  old aid in the park,  Princess turns   17 and starts her senior year .   I    begin my  second year  of  college.
  September 2011:  I turn   two  decades   old   how   did that  happend

 October 2011 :   I  met  Steve  Wampler and   rocked out at  the 25 annual  bridge school   concert.     I also attended  my  first buddy walk

  November2011:      I  got  to be a goalie in  the  special olympics  tournament   and watch   power soccer at the Ability  expo  in  san  jose .  Princess   became  the  first     African  american   to win  homecoming    at  her high school

December   2011 :  My parents  celebrate 21 years  of  marriage . My  dog has been  in our family for seven  years  Christmass  eve   I enjoy  Mario  games on my  three Ds.  My mom and I had   a Comical  Costco  trip.

  Me and  Santa  at the Christmass  tree farm   December 2011 

Disability Awareness  post  that  you  do not want to miss

Stumbo Family Story

   Having  CP  is not the end  of the world
    Value of  my  Life 
    My  name is  AZ not  az

 Happy New Year  Everyone

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let's chat

  hay blog  readers   AZ here  i have a  question for you guys that  is school  related Finals  are coming up  and  I have  a question  for those of  you what  do  you  guys  do  to help  you  not feel overwhelmed

Thursday, December 1, 2011


So   I was  working with boy on a film project.  It is all about  zombies.  In the film  there is a voice over.    I thought  because of the voice over was   the host   who  asked an  question then  answered it  I   thought it be better to have a different   voice   and scene no one was there I  volunteered.   I used Audacity to  record  it but he  thought we  needed  a ' normal  voice aka  not  A  Cerebral Palsy  voice,

  In  class  that day   I  told my  suggestion and the teacher  agreed  but said maybe I could do the lines on  camera. Now let me tell you about this teacher,  They do voice over for a living. They  can do cool things  with  there voice and  have done numerous  voice  over,  Now  for me    with me speaking  gibberish and  all  I get jealous really  jealous.  I  wish  I  could speak as well as they do. 

     Our  film class  is not  specific   special need class, yet for some strange reason we have a  bunch of students with  disabilities. Some of my fellow classmates  are  on the Autism   Spectrum disorder  some have  learning differences  and  one  has Down Syndrome, she is  a funny one  in class and   both  the student and this professor get along  really well.

  Then  there's  me     

    Me  with some  video class  last semester February  2011

  back to the  class.  The  teacher was  talking about  next week.  Now  this  is a media class  so we do not have class every week.   So  I asked  her  something along the lines of   do we  have  a mandatory class next week? 

She did not know what I was saying   none of the other students  knew what I was  saying.    Its  like  running into  a  invisible wall and not  being able to  figure out  whats  blocking it.   I  deiced to leave the class room  cool off and try again.   I talk to the teacher does not   get  it  right away. When she finally  gets it  I say finally  and  she  heard me  correctly and walked off. She thought I was being disrespectful. I was  saying  Finally for me  not  for her

     I  have  been  in school  since August and  the teacher still has a  hard time understanding me.    Yes  I have  CP    NO  it is not her  fault but there  comes a time  when I  know  someone a while  I  kinda hope   I can be  understood.  I  i am looking ahead  to next semester where  I have a professor  who  understands me a little better.  

     If  my  professor  actually end up reading this  ( or anyone dealing with  CP) 

 Understand that   I  want to be able to  speak  clearly
 Not   your  fault  nor  is it mine 
Once  I  get the message  across  I  feel  better  and   may say finally   it is not meant to  be sarcastic.  In  fact if  I   offer to help me  say it  clearly its  in the  moment  Speech  Theaphy.

 This is the first  post  apart of  CP  connection go here to find  out more about  CP and tune   in for the next blog post 
Stumbo Family Story

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The value of my life

   It all started   on  Monday  night which  is my English  class. Now  i   want to say  i really like this teacher  she is  nice and has  tolerated   taught me two  semesters now. 

  We  are  reading a book  by Toni  Morison called Sula  in the book  a mother  kills  her  son  after  he  comes back  after  fighting  in the  war and  has  a addiction   to  drugs.   After  discussing this  fact   the  teacher asked us  to  write of all the ways  it was  moral  or immoral  for  the character to kill her son.   After writing stuff down   we discussed it  and  someone said  it was  ok to kill  her  son  because   he can not  take  care of himself.

    It  hit me like a fist   I am   20 years old and  still live at home.  Many  people with disabilities  spend their  adult lives  under supervision of  others.      Dose  this mean that  we all  should die.   I asked the teacher and told her  to  erase the  point that  it was invalid  yet  she left it  up there.     I  know  the character was once  able bodied  and    had  regressed to  a infant level but   that sould not mean death  right.   I  voiced  my option  and ended class on a high  note with laughter

 Tuesday:  I  went   to an  online  support group for people with CP. ( IF  you  want to know  what group   message me  below)  I  then saw this  link to a research  of  scientist  trying to stop  brain damage  which results in  CP.    Now  i am  100 percent  against that  abortion  because  of  disabilities is wrong and   i am not supper religious.  This  is  not  right  what  they are trying to do to my disability.    Why  used the word  damage  or  broken.    I am not broken  because   of my disabilities.  I  have speech  differences  and  movement differences and   behavior differences, yet  i am not  broken  far  from it. 
  As a  young person  i am   trying to find  my place in the world and   how  is  anyone with disabilities   supposed to develop  good self  esteem  if   scientist  are  saying that   I   was a mistake that   should   be  avoidable with science .  Having a disability  is  a part  of me  I do not  know differently.  Do  I  wonder what its like  not to have a disability?    sometimes  yes.   Would  I  want a cure for  CP?No  way.   I know  I do not  know what it feels   like not to have a disability but  come  on  guys  you  mean to tell me that it the best thing in the world doesn't   everyone have problems.  struggles. 
I wish  if science was  being done to help  people with disabilities   speak, move  learn   easier instead  of  abortion.    I wish people  without  disabilities  would stop lowing  the achievement  bar  for us.     that would make a  bigger difference.

      What do u all think

Monday, October 10, 2011

Got my Statistics mid tearm back today and I Got

  My  tag line is     not only am i  in Statistics  but I am  thriving in it. What a great way to start my week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stressful Sunday and imput on what u want to read

 Hay guys   today is stressful Sunday because i  have an essay due  and a mid term  I will talk about    more about school this month  but   I was   wondering what would u  like to read about 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starting Strong

  I have been  in collage  for two days now  and  things are  going well.    I  feel a lot  more cofident in myslef  and  my abilities this is different  than  last  year.  Progress  is happening 

  Me  a few  days before  starting collage

  Let me  give u a  run down of  my classes 

   Statistics:  I had the first meeting  yesterday  and   it went  alright  espacaily because   I had a  friend in that class.   I sat by him   and did  class work  with him and another person.   The  instuctor seems  very nice  but  she   will demand a lot from us.   Every week  with have a  reading    quiz which seems odd considering  that  this is  a math class but it is  vocab and   I took the first one  tonight  and  I only missed one (on my first  try, we  can  take  it up to  two times) so  I  will take it again   most likely when  I   done  writing this.   One of the big  projects   that kinda freaked me out was  writing a  mathmatical esssay luckly   it is with a partner  and  she has not assigned it.

 English   I took this  today. I already knew the teacher from  my first sesmester.  i  may  swich  to the teacher  I had  from  last sesmester if  she  takes  me back.   I  would like to  take this class  again because  her class is in  a computer lab full of  macs and I  know  quite a lot  about that considering I own one :) Obviously this is   to be contiued

  Adapted  PE:  WE  do not   start  yet   but  I will    be  going in for assessment tomorrow.   Since   all  the   students  have disabilities    PE  is my social time    plus   I have fun  :)

 Film making:  Another fun class that  I  enjoy.     I think there   is  someone  with DS and  another person  with AS. The  teacher seems  nice   she also  does voice over.  This class    might prevent me from   playing  Special Olympic Soccer this  fall  as it in the late afternoon  I  do not know  for sure  yet so  again to be continued 

   I finished  all my homework    for math  yesterday ( we also have problems for homework as well as  reading quiz) and  have been  taking    the bus    I plan on  getting  binders set up on Saturday   and  i have   a softball game on Sunday to end   the season   My  ocd is a little to high for my liking  but hopefully it will settle out soon.