Friday, January 27, 2012

rocky road

 So    the lack of blog post  should  single  readers that I am back in  school.   but  unlike  last semester  it has been  really  rocky thanks  to     OCD. 

  Anyway for the  good news 

basketball  looks   promising we have a tournament  next weekend.

 I love my biology  class the teacher is super nice more on   this  soon.

 I am  also  enjoying      most of my other classes    

 I  behind on homework  but if  i get caught up  I will  cach up on here .

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess who I met

  So  last  Tuesday   I  went to  San Francisco's  pier  at night. It was  nice because it was  not crowed or  anything  but  I  was not  there to sight  see.  I  was not there because I  like the city but yet I was  there to go  the  Aquarium  by the  bay   but  I was  not there  to see  fish.

 I  was there to see  a  movie  and not just a movie  but a Q and A  with  the  film maker  do  you  know who  yet?

    I will  give  u  a  hint   he is also a  father,

      He is a fabulous  photo journalist his work has been in   Time  Magazine

 got this from


 I was so excited to meet him and  listen to him speak.  He is soo good  with  presenting there were some kids there  and it was  really nice that   he  took the time to interact with him.     He  had  recognized me   and   during the presentation    asked  me  to stand up  and  I got a standing ovation.   I  really  loved   going  it was  soo   cool  because   I  finally got to 'meet' him .  Of course  we have been Facebook  friends  for a while  now.   I really love   having  IRLs.  I  was in my element  going to stuff  like  this  really  solidifies that I  want to  be a disabled  advocate   on the rights of inclusion of  students with disabilities. I am  norm,  something  I am  a part of   is   going to be having another  youth summit   and this  time  I will be attending.  The best part was that  the evening changed  people's   attitudes  and got the  conversation started. Thanks Dan  for  coming hope  to see  you again soon

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Poetry contest 2010

Happy MLK day

here is what I have to say to DR.King
Thank you Martin Luther King for paving the way for me. If it was not for you I would not have been born Thank you for laying the ground work for inclusion of those with disabilities wish you were alive to see how much closer we are to achieving your dream.

Ps when i do laundry I do the color load first then the whites

Friday, January 13, 2012

America 2012

   I  have never been   to CHOP which stands  for   Children's Hospital  of  Philidelphia   nor do i plan to  donate  a   penny to them?

Why   you  ask

           Meet Amelia she is a little girl  whose  needs a new kidney  yet her parents  were told  by  CHop that she  can't because   she  has  as  the doctor's  put it ever soo nicely.   can  you hear  I am  being sarcastic here  Mental  retardation and brain damage.

   This  is not  fair as a  advocate for those with disabilities   It feels as  if    we are  back to square  one  where   kids with   Intellectual disabilities   yeah    that is  the right  term    are  put into  instutions.       Socity  has  come  to a census that this is wrong yet   a  DR can  still  say fthis  in  2012     that is not fair.

    As a person  living  with CP  I  feel  deeply saden by the fact that   this  can still be said in  2012. I have been  preaty lucky so far  in that  I have not  needed  and surgryies and   would  hate to think that someone  would say  no  to me  because  I  was not fit  to live.     Isn't  that  what  Adolph  Hitler  did    in Germany   nearly  100  years  ago.  Isn't that  what   slave  owners  did  to blacks  when they treated  them  like   horses  during  slavery.  yeah  that is  exactly  what    they  did but  we  now look  back on that with same.   



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cerebral Palsy is not hopeless

        I have many  memories  of  watching  60 minutes .  It has been  a tradition that    has    been    happening for a long time in  my household . I loved seeing Andy Rooney   at the  end    and  I am sad that he died.  He  passed away   the  day of my softball  torment  last year.

 So  On  sunday when     I was   on  face book and someone  posted that 60 minutes  would speak  about CP  I   do what  I normally do. I  sneak  into my parent's  room and  watch   TV as was the  case  Sunday  night.  I  really  like  how  60 minutes so far has  portrayed  people  with  disabilities   up  until this  point  but     the piece was a  exception.

    The way   the reporter  talked about  CP painted a   very sad  picture  of   my disability.  The  story starts  out  with   phrases   such as   "hopeless  disease."  Sorry  but   I  have    CP  and no it is  not  hopeless nor a disease, its  a disability.I  invite  anyone  who thinks  that Cp  is  hopeless   to come  spend  some time at my  place.   Laughter  is  a common thing in  my house  and  I  have  played sports gone to school   attend  college.      I  am  really funny .  yes  I have a disability  but  it is not the  end the world.

 This  brings up the  whole point  of the   article. The article talks  about wanting to "cure"  CP and   other disabilities  using  illegal stem sells.   I  find it  wrong because  I have  CP and  I  do not  want to be cure of CP.  It is apart of  who  I  am .     It is not  hopeless  nor is it the end of the world.  My advice to  parents of  kids   with CP is     step  back   take a deep  breath  and do not    go to other countries   to get stem cells  because    having  CP is not that  bad.  As  of    January  2012 stem  cells can not help  Cp   yet    CP is not  hopeless.  I  am  living proof that therapy   and lots  of  love  will do  wonders. For whatever   reason I  have  disabilities    and you  know  what   I am  normal. This  is  my  normal.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sixth grade part one : orientation

 I  remember   going to school  for  orientation.  I would be  in  Pod  2.  My  sixth grade  class  was  split up into  Pods.   This  meant that   a group of  kids  would have the same  English Math  and Science class.    This  would be my first time rotating  classes as  well.  This system seemed  to be a good  idea  because    all the teachers  were  next door to  each other.     This was  also a good  idea because the kids in each  class   had the  potential to become  great  friends. I  stay   potential because    it  never  really worked out.    Due to social skills problems   I never really  had  friends without   disabilities   from  middle school on up.     Let me say that   at least I  knew  everyone  name by the end of the year.

   During ordination I  would  come to find that my  pod was the  cool  advanced  pod.    Our  pod  had  a mascot   the sea horse   which    none of the other  pods had as  well  as fun math.  I did not  do  very  much  math that year  instead we  did art  projects   it  was   cool.   My  teacher was  very  old   in  fact  back in 2003 he had   some  former students   children.   He is now  retiring at the end of this school year 2011. I  was the only  one from  my  family to have  him.    Book gal  went to a private school and Princess   was in a different  pod.    He   had  some  disabilities but  that  did not prevent him from teaching math  science   and PE as well as coach  sports.

 Anyway  after orientation I went out  breakfast  with  DD, we were  friends all throughout  middle school,    I  had    no idea   what w to as    to come that  year.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My MIddle School Memories Introduction

  Hi guys      I  just want to let you know that    I  will be training to  blog about  my mid school     years from the best of  my  memory.  There are a few  reasons  for doing this.

   1  The  people  I started  blogging with   now  have kids that are  almost middle school  age

2  It was a  rough  years  for   me

3 I hope  my story can  improve   other   middle school, or  future  middle school  students.

  So   have a  great  weekend    and  be sure to  tuin in  Monday  to read  about  orientation to   sixth    grade.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Something that has been on my mind since the new year o

      So    we had a  New  Years  day party at my house   yesterday.  I had a great time  ; however    some  one said  something about Dick  Clark

  Dick Clark   and  new years  eve  have been    a  package deal   most of the time since  i  was born.      , It is  only  recently that  I  became aware  of the  person who  has  hosted for a long time   apparently  to  long   for some  people.

 here is  what I heard  by two  people  say about  Dick Clark.

  Dick Clark  should not be  on  tv anymore.  I could not  understand  him.

   First off  Dick  Clark  had a stroke   that caused  his speech to be slurred  but  HE  IS  THE ONE  WHO CAME UP  WITH THE  NEWS  YEAR  EVE.  When  he started  if  ,40 years ago  he  was  abled  body the only thing  that happend  is  he  had  a  stoke.  What would have happend   if  Dick Clark had   the stork  around the time he was born ie  Cp,  Well  back then   his  parents would have been advised to  put him  in a institution  and    the   New  York  new years   thing would have not existed.

 So  here is  my option  on the matter.   Mr.Clark should get to contiue   bringing in the new years as  long as  he wants to. It is  a good   awareness    for people with  strokes.    Having a stroke  should not hinder  anyone  from   having   a  fun   New  Year.  Happy  New  Year  Everyone