Thursday, March 1, 2012

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  Today is  the  annual  Cerebral  Palsy  Connection.     I am  here to tell you  that     instead  of   getting  one day  of  stuff  on  CP. I  will be  posting  four  weeks worth  of  Cerebral  Palsy  information  about  my  life.  I will  be   posting about my  middle school  Memories    some  video    from  life as a college  , and  some  flashbacks     from the   past    20 years.  In case  you are  wondering  why      four weeks worth  March  is  Cerebral  Palsy  Awairness   Month   along with  the  all to  important  Spread the  word  to end the word. So  please  book  this  page  susbie   and do  whatever you need to do  so  you can  get   to this  page for the next  four weeks Mon-Fri.   I will not post  on  the  weekend. 

Stumbo Family Story

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