Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am thankful

I am doing a research assignment on institutions for people with disabilities in the United States. That right guys We used to have institutions for people with disabilities. The article I fond described terrible conditions for people with disabilities. I am forever thankful to the people who helped closed institutions. I am also saddened by the fact that this is not talked about in United States History. This was a major movement, yet it gets no attention this movement has history and it needs to be taught to all kids in school. We do not forget to teach about Segration of minorities or Hitler  and the Nazi's   anyway  food   for thought
  Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The value of my life

   It all started   on  Monday  night which  is my English  class. Now  i   want to say  i really like this teacher  she is  nice and has  tolerated   taught me two  semesters now. 

  We  are  reading a book  by Toni  Morison called Sula  in the book  a mother  kills  her  son  after  he  comes back  after  fighting  in the  war and  has  a addiction   to  drugs.   After  discussing this  fact   the  teacher asked us  to  write of all the ways  it was  moral  or immoral  for  the character to kill her son.   After writing stuff down   we discussed it  and  someone said  it was  ok to kill  her  son  because   he can not  take  care of himself.

    It  hit me like a fist   I am   20 years old and  still live at home.  Many  people with disabilities  spend their  adult lives  under supervision of  others.      Dose  this mean that  we all  should die.   I asked the teacher and told her  to  erase the  point that  it was invalid  yet  she left it  up there.     I  know  the character was once  able bodied  and    had  regressed to  a infant level but   that sould not mean death  right.   I  voiced  my option  and ended class on a high  note with laughter

 Tuesday:  I  went   to an  online  support group for people with CP. ( IF  you  want to know  what group   message me  below)  I  then saw this  link to a research  of  scientist  trying to stop  brain damage  which results in  CP.    Now  i am  100 percent  against that  abortion  because  of  disabilities is wrong and   i am not supper religious.  This  is  not  right  what  they are trying to do to my disability.    Why  used the word  damage  or  broken.    I am not broken  because   of my disabilities.  I  have speech  differences  and  movement differences and   behavior differences, yet  i am not  broken  far  from it. 
  As a  young person  i am   trying to find  my place in the world and   how  is  anyone with disabilities   supposed to develop  good self  esteem  if   scientist  are  saying that   I   was a mistake that   should   be  avoidable with science .  Having a disability  is  a part  of me  I do not  know differently.  Do  I  wonder what its like  not to have a disability?    sometimes  yes.   Would  I  want a cure for  CP?No  way.   I know  I do not  know what it feels   like not to have a disability but  come  on  guys  you  mean to tell me that it the best thing in the world doesn't   everyone have problems.  struggles. 
I wish  if science was  being done to help  people with disabilities   speak, move  learn   easier instead  of  abortion.    I wish people  without  disabilities  would stop lowing  the achievement  bar  for us.     that would make a  bigger difference.

      What do u all think