Sunday, August 21, 2011

Softball Sunday

 My  first ever SO event 2005
            Today  was softball for me.  Our  team did well  we got third  place  meaning we  won   one and lost one.

   On the way back to my area  I heard about the violence  at the     49ers  game.  For those outside California     there   had been an  similar attack on the fans at a  Giants   Dodgers  game  earlier this year.      These  two attacks  make  me reflect on something.   The  world should be more like  a special Olympics competition.    take today  for example.   During the  game we are all   want   to win.     Athletes  are   happy  when    their  team  wins and  get sad when their  teams  lose.   The major difference  is  what happened  off the  field.     People  have  friends  on the  opposing  team ( yes  some  of this  results  from  athletes  move  to  cities)  but  this isn't  always  the  case   during  lunch  time   a  athlete    came  around  to  ask  us  if we  wanted lickerish.  This  athlete    was  not  our  team  mate   but it  did not matter    the  person   had lickerish  and  offered  to share it.  Couldn't the  world be  more like  that     Have    a healthy  competition where everyone  tries  his or her  best  but   at  the end of the day  watch out    for each other  because   it is  just a game.   Please  remember this    the  next time you are  watching  professional sports

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starting Strong

  I have been  in collage  for two days now  and  things are  going well.    I  feel a lot  more cofident in myslef  and  my abilities this is different  than  last  year.  Progress  is happening 

  Me  a few  days before  starting collage

  Let me  give u a  run down of  my classes 

   Statistics:  I had the first meeting  yesterday  and   it went  alright  espacaily because   I had a  friend in that class.   I sat by him   and did  class work  with him and another person.   The  instuctor seems  very nice  but  she   will demand a lot from us.   Every week  with have a  reading    quiz which seems odd considering  that  this is  a math class but it is  vocab and   I took the first one  tonight  and  I only missed one (on my first  try, we  can  take  it up to  two times) so  I  will take it again   most likely when  I   done  writing this.   One of the big  projects   that kinda freaked me out was  writing a  mathmatical esssay luckly   it is with a partner  and  she has not assigned it.

 English   I took this  today. I already knew the teacher from  my first sesmester.  i  may  swich  to the teacher  I had  from  last sesmester if  she  takes  me back.   I  would like to  take this class  again because  her class is in  a computer lab full of  macs and I  know  quite a lot  about that considering I own one :) Obviously this is   to be contiued

  Adapted  PE:  WE  do not   start  yet   but  I will    be  going in for assessment tomorrow.   Since   all  the   students  have disabilities    PE  is my social time    plus   I have fun  :)

 Film making:  Another fun class that  I  enjoy.     I think there   is  someone  with DS and  another person  with AS. The  teacher seems  nice   she also  does voice over.  This class    might prevent me from   playing  Special Olympic Soccer this  fall  as it in the late afternoon  I  do not know  for sure  yet so  again to be continued 

   I finished  all my homework    for math  yesterday ( we also have problems for homework as well as  reading quiz) and  have been  taking    the bus    I plan on  getting  binders set up on Saturday   and  i have   a softball game on Sunday to end   the season   My  ocd is a little to high for my liking  but hopefully it will settle out soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Recap

Hay guys so just a quick note to tell you that tomarrow i go back to collage. I will be around however I am going to try to concentrate on my studies (you know not leaving homework til midnight) so my blog and FB may be negeted we will just have to see.

The summer camp job did not work out this summer but as you will see below I still had a fantastic summer.

I will try and do my best to post around here and read blogs. If I get comments that will motivate me to post hint hint hint :)

Princess started senior year but I did not get anything out of her as far as teachers go. I am not giving up I hope to document her senior year on this blog as the year goes on

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little different but it is still normal to me

    First and  foremost  today is  Princess's 17 b day  happy  b  day  princess.

   One of  Princess's  friends called  last night   to  ask  my mom  to   have a surprised  b day  party.     So  my day  was  spent   getting  ready for the surprise  b day  party.   Throughout the course of  the day I  talked  to  book gal  (who is  doing well thank you  very much)  and  i mentioned to her    it would be  cool  for me to have a surprise b day party. But then I  thought about it.  I do not have many of my own  friends and social situations are  hard.    Princess's  friends   and her  went out   to do stuff  I have yet to  learn how  to drive.    I have  average  friends, flocks without disabilities, but   for me it seems   to hard.  I  can  really  be  myself more around  my peers  with disabilities and  adults.

 Flash forward to  shopping for a card for princess. I found one that said   that sisters  know each other best.  I picked it up   because my dad and I (Mom is in  DC hope u  are  reading this mom ) had a lot to do.   The  card said  that sisters  know  each other best.   Yeah   maybe   typical sisters  know  each other best and  have  the same friends but that is not me. That is  book gal and   Princess  they are inseparable  and   their  friends   are  friends   too.   I know  about their   relationship  because they now  always  fb  each other  I am happy for them  but sad  at the same time.

  The  actual  party   the  girls    let me surprise them  and  cake  was  nice.  I  thought  I   had an allay in one of the girls  who does not come  over here that much.  I  told  her  jokingly that I  had a crush on  Mr.T (they  went to the same high school I   graduated from ) and  she  told the others  and they  laughed.  I get so confused  socially I mean  do  i make fun of myself on  purpose to fit in   Do I talk about boys?    I do  not  know  it is  soo  hard on me.

 After   they kicked me  out of   Princess's room   I  went to my neighbors house   and brought back  my  friend D  (who has  Autism and is 24)  and  we played  Lego  Pirates of  the Caribbean on the wii.   I  enjoy playing  wii  with D   and  it  showed    me   this  I may  have  a disability and  not a lot of  average  friends but  I have  lots of friends    on Facebook and    among the disability com minty. My life  may  be different then a typical  teenager  but  it is  my  normal.  Stay  toon  for more

Monday, August 8, 2011

About United Cerebral Palsy of the Golden Gate (UCPGG)

I am really happy I found this I hope to start UCP hoops in my area

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My abilities abc style

This post was inspired by this post from   Ellen  who  blogs  at  Love That  Max in the post Ellen ,who was sharing stories about the 2011 special Olympic world summer game said Special Olympic is great because it is about abilities not disabilities I agree so much that I am going to post my abilities abc style

A I can get an  advocate for people with disables
B I can be beautiful
C I can catch a ball
D I can dance
E I can explore
F I can have fun
G I can go golfing
H I can hold a baby
I I can invite people to hang out with me
J I can jump high
K I can  kick  a ball  
L I can get licked by my dog
M I can make a movie
N I can be nice
O I can overcome  obstacles
P I can be proud of my work
Q I can be quick
R I can  raise money for a cause I believe in
S can swim and ski
T I can text people
U  I  can  understand   things 
V I    can    play   video games
W  I  can  run  really fast in the water 
X I  can sign  my name on the  X
Y  I  can   yack  people's heads off 
 Z  I can  takes  some  Z's

  What  can    your child  do ?  how  about  you  leave a comment  and  or  post about it and let me know  if  i  get  enough  pictures      I might make a  short   video  montage  

 Ps in case  you missed  it    a  look at the  2011 world Summer Games

Monday, August 1, 2011


    Two  days ago my   sister  book gal  left  for   collage.  For those of you  that do not know  Book gal is going to  UMass Boston to play on the volleyball team.    She  left  early Saturday morning  and   my mom is  still  with her   getting her  ready to move into her dorm .

  I  have    mixed emotions about  her  leaving  . I  mean    we  go back   18 years  and a few  months.  I have  seen her   mostly  every day  of her life  and  now she is     across the country from  the family.  I am  excited that  she  is  going to continue her education while  staying  fit and  get to explore  a new  city  new  people  and new experiences. I am  sad  that   she is not here  anymore  every day  and   can not hang out with me  but    I  am pretty sure  I will  see  her   for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

    I am also  reminded  that     my middle sister and  I  have  different skill sets.    I should have  moved out  to go to collage  this  past  year  and   my parents  should  had  helped  me moved  out.     Its  as  if  Book  gal is the "oldest"  out of   the girls  and   I am the youngest.   Book gal did not have to move out to prove that though   when we are  all at home  I need  the most help to   house hold  tasks  such as  doing my hair  and cooking   I  have yet to learn to drive    and  my siblings  have .    They let me tag along with their friends   Its  just a different   life   and  even though  I  got to experience many  numerical firsts    ie   first to  graduate  high school  first   to  turn 13  the big things   my two sisters  get to experience.   I   think it  must be  hard on them to have  to  be the  oldest  to me  but that is  what the  cards.

                 For those of you that have   childern  Have you  seen  this  with your kids?

  For  people  with disabilities   How  has  sibling relationships  worked in your homes?