Monday, June 27, 2011

In America ?

  Pledge  of   Allegiance

 I  pledge  allegiance to the flag  of  the  United  States  of  America
   And to  the republic   for which it stands
 One Nation under God
 With  Liberty  and  Justice   for ALL

    All  means   everyone     even those  with disabilities.   What  happens when people forget 

                 Let me tell you a story.   Lets say  that you are  13 years  old  but instead of hanging  out  at the mall and    middle school  drama   you spend  your days  in a facility  because  you are hard to handle.     One  day on a field   trip  someone  with authority sits on you until you die.      You are in a van  but the driver  does not  get medical care  for  you.

 Seems  like   the victim  was kidnapped   right

   wait   you are in a care facially    why

As a person with behavior  issues  and  disabilities  my heart   really breaks  for this little  boy.    I  hope  there  are   not other  people  in   America  like John  but  the  sad  fact  is that there are most likely others.    I love    being  a American    there are lots of  benefits   from living here  but   I am not happy  with  the story.    Does  anyone have  any  ideas  how we  can  fix the problem?

   For  more info on  John  Carey  click  here 

 and    here is something   that  Tim Shiver    wrote in  regards to   John

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day

  Something I like about my dad is that he   seems to know everything  He is  soo smart and  cool    My dad loves  sailboats  and  baseball  Sorry  he is    taken   Happy  Fathers day Dad

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just want to have fun

           this post is  a vent u  have been  warned

  Even  though  I am 19 years old   and the eldest  sister. I feel  like  I am  nine and have two older sisters. The worst  part is that   I am done with high school  but never went to a house party   or a school dance.

   Things are different  for  my two  sisters.  Book gal and   Princess  are   known to be out of the house a lot. They have lots of friends that they hang out with   and  I am stuck at home.  I am  soo bored  and the Wii  and internet  only helps  to a extent.  I am soo lonely .   I do not know why this should bother me  because  I have  been  lonely for a while  now  however it does.

 me at a friends  house making cookie December 2010
 What can  parents of  typical  teenagers   do  to help  people like me out  is  to encourage  that   they  call up    others with disabilities  there same  age to hang out with.   I know  i am  difficult to hang out with but  if  I  lack  practice  of being around  peers  I  will never  learn.     Just because I am disabled  does not mean that I  do not have the same diseres   as other teenagers  do. i want to go out of the house without  my parents and have a  good  time.  I want  to have a  fun summer  getaway.  I want something to do.  Will all the  things  typical  teenagers  do  be  right for me   no  but allot of them will.   For example  I  can not  go to   to a 18 and under  club  but  I   would  like to go bowling   or  go to the theaters  to see    Harry Potter at midnight.  I  may not   want to go  to a horror   film   but  i  would  enjoy horseback  riding  or     a amusement park.      What  I would love    is  if  someone  invited  me to do something  and  even  if  it was not  something  I wanted to do     It would  be a step in the right  direction.      People  with disabilities   just want to have fun

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happenings at home

 hay  guys  so   I  have not been   blogging  for a while so here is whats up 

1  My   sister ,  book gal,   is  graduating from high school and will be moving to Boston.  The  ceremony is  tomorrow  and    we have a house party    on Saturday.
 2 Princess is a senior .  She   took the SAT's  on Saturday.  I  felt kinda bad for her because her  first week of summer break  was spent  taking a  SAT prep course.  The same one  I  took    but never  used   i   now  to go  CC  sigh 

3 I  got a job at  a basketball camp.  Note   it is  not a special needs  basketball  camp,  A  regular basketball  camp.  My mom  tried  to  get me connected to a job coach for adults with disabilities  but  I  wanted  to  get the job on my terms. I  was a camper  at this camp  in middle school and loved it.  Their philosophy is  to teach  campers  how to be  better  people  using sport as a vehicle. ( sounds  familiar   right think Special Olympics ) One of my memories of camp is   having  to  ask to go to snack  using magic words  and lots of high fives ( again special Olympics)     I am supper excited.  I will be blogging about it as   I  get more info on it ,

4 My mom  had a birthday yesterday  Happy b day mom

5 My dad's mom is here for the  graduation  tomorrow  this  is really cool as she is in Texas and we do not see her that often.   Yesterday  My parents grandma and I went to see X Men  great movie  more info about that soon