Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy B day Book Gal

 she is 18  an adult   

 will write more soon   have a good  weekend 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh hi old blog

   Hay guys  so the     resson  for the  lack of  post is that   i have a had  a bad month   with finals  and sports    it was not    the best so  sorry    I  have had lack of post will  make up for it soon    just leave a comment   and   know that    I will be getting  back in the swing of things     late  this  week or  early next  week

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogging Against Disabilties Day My name is AZ not az

   First off  I want to  say  hi to anyone who  is new to the blog. Thanks  for joining me   for  Blogging Against Disablities  day.  A  little about  me  I am  19 year old  collage  student with CP and other disabilities   i have an  articulation  disorder  as a result of CP I  reside  in  Northern California witch is in the united states .

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2011

ok  now  for the post

  I am in collage  like  I mentioned before. it is a community collage    and i am going until I  can transfer to  a  four year, i do not have a intellectual disability people but  apparently not everyone thinks that.

 I want to say first off that the students in my classes  have been great   they treat me as an equal and help me  not  friendship  outside of class , but there has been small talk outside of  class,  which is fine by me as i want to graduate   asap to move to four year.

  there is  a girl  though who gets  on my naves and  the irony of it  I  met her when donating to  some fundraiser to Japan.  She  talked  to me as  I was a baby and  I did not think of anything of it at first.   But then  I  left  my iphone at the booth  and that is when it all started.    They called my Dad   to them that it would be in student  rec room and  my dad of course  told me.

Seeing me  at a table , the girl, who i would say  is  not to much older than me, says in this high pitched  voice  that is  normally used on infants  "oh honey you left your phone in building __ OK  you know where that is ?" Come on  I   am standing near the  building and  I am not a baby.

The  only thing that maybe celebrates  me  from this  girl  is  the fact   that  I  had  a stroke  before  i  was born.   I am  a 19 year old women  after all.  I am  in collage   not kindergarten  why do people assume that disabled  people are automatically kids.  I am not a  baby  I  can hold a baby I was a baby but  that  was  in 1991.   I am a high school  graduate and  one  of the best writers in my class  of students  who  do not have disabilities   so  all  i ask  is for respect  thanks

  my high school graduation picture  taken  late summer 2009