Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Gal is comeing

  book gal is  going to   U Mass  Boston  this  fall.    She will be playing  volleyball  at the school. the school  has  a good  coach   I am  so excited for her   thought  i would  share with you guys

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Surpise the writer is disabled

  English  class

    professor aka  P
  P:  AZ  i  got   good news 
 AZ : What
  P: will tell u later
  Az thinks about  what the surpise  could be
AZ: I  can't figure it out
 P:  My  daughter, a writer,  read  your essay and said    that  she writes  well

AZ:   Did  u tell her  I was  disabled 
P:  No

AZ:  you should  because she will be  blown away

 aside morel 
  never  underestimate   what  a person  with  a disability can do

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Menlo Games 2011

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 favorite  event  of the year

  I will be  uploading    more  pics soon

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting better

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 In  high school  I was the student  that  was the teachers  hardest to teach
   in collage   two professor   have said that is not the case.  So   either   they have taught worse  students or   I am  improveing 

Monday, April 4, 2011


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For the longest time I did not see other  stares.  I think this is do to my  nld but my sisters  and parents  notice staring  and if  it  caused  on my offense, such as an outburst which I still have  on occasion, they are  quick to  tell me. last week;however, I noticed staring  two times.

   It started  when an  autistic man  was   acting out at my special Olympics   track practice. There were a group of kids  just  gawking at him and  I told  the  girls that it is not  polite to stare  i do not think  they  understood  me (no  ST  for me yet) but the  coaches  of the soccer team  focused them  back up again and i had to get back to practice.
 Then on Friday  when  I was having a sandwich at this  place near my house.   A  kid was  just  staring at me.  I would  have to guess he  was about ten  years old.    I gave him  a look that told him to leave me be and he did  but then  I wonder  did  I do the right thing? Should  I have told him about Cerebral Palsy and answer  some of his  questions?  I think  I was  taken aback because   up until this  point   I had not recognize staring.  What would you  have done ?

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