Monday, February 28, 2011

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 A Movie Review  video  

 My  middle school years  bullying  video


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what would you do

 This show comes on  abc  Tuesday and Friday nights
   I gotta hand it to What would  you do    for  useing  TV to  teach  people how to be good citizens  which includes   how to treat people with different ablities.   Last night's show  was no exception, on that episode it   showed two  people with disablties ( a little person and a lady in the wheelchair) and  people 's  reactions to them in the suppermakert.     Both of those clips are worth the watch;however, I want to take a look at  the one of the person in a wheelchair


  People with disabilities are  not  hopeless  and do not need help all the time.  As I said  earlier people with Disabilities  do  become  adults  and   the public  has to be reminded  of that.  Recently  one of the basketball players  mom(  I play  on the special olympics team)   handled  my money for me  even though I  am able to  handle  my own money.  In that case I did not mind   because  I knew the lady and  i know she meant  no  harm   i  told  her after the fact.   That is why you need to ask people with disablties for help  before you help because  they might  be able to do it themsleves

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

If you could walk in my shoes

 From the  TV movie  to kill a mockingbird also a good movie
"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view--until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it."
To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus Finch to daughter Scout, Chapter 3

 I loved  reading  To Kill a mockingbird   if u  have not had a chance to  read it  Now to move   mediums from books to   Television

 I am soo happy that this is finally out  I am  thrilled  I got bullied in elementry and middle school, What happened in middle school is below

I remember when I was little and my dad told me that "Sticks and Stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you. Well I don't think it is true... Wait let me rephrase that it is . Princess and book gal have a easy cry baby that would me. My dad says that I am too sensitive and tells me to ignore it. That is the bad advice that you can give a victim of bullying disabled or not .Still don't believe me okay here comes a story

In sixth grade my mom and dad through that I should have one class in special education called RSP. it basically is a study hall with a special needs teacher who helps you do the work. Well in Sixth grade I had a guy in my class who always said I was a loner and no one played with me. I told the teacher and she said to ignore it because he was from a bad family and needed attention. Well I never could ignore it and I spent the remainder of my first middle school year yelling at him back and froth.

The school thorough I had behavior problems so in seventh grade I was put into a RSP room with a strict teacher and mean kids. Man did I hate that class. There were three other kids in the class who teased me and like the guy in 6th grade all of them came from middle class families trying to make ends meet. What made it worse was that there was a nice RSP room with good kids who teacher was nice. I also was the only one with my teachers on my RSP teacher case load The nice one had the others.

On Wednesdays were the hardest day of the week. The teacher had meetings that day and we were under supervision of a sub. One peculiar Wednesday a girl said that the entire 7th grade hated me. She was training for a peer helper and the class was talking about me and how much they hated me. My aid talked to me and sat by me during my next class and we talked to the head teacher(Who is a great guy that i had for math the next year) who told me that they had been talking about how to treat someone with a disability and my name came up. Someone did not learn their lesson.

Words do hurt and schools need to be aware of this and help those getting teased and don't tell them to ignore it . Think about it this way if your son/ daughter fell and scarped his/her knee you wipe it up right. Well bullying is like that only the cut is invisible It's a cut to the child self esteem

me and Lauren potter from Glee  she is spearheading the campaign I  am trying to get involved with this campaign

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sick Valintine

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    you guessed  it I am  the  sick valentine today.  I have been around a lot of sick people  the past week  including both  Princess and book gal  who are  mending but still feel bad.   I thought  I would come out of this complety fine ( as I have a good immune system)  but on Saturday night my nose began to clog and  the coughing began. Sunday I slept all day   and am   taking the morning  off  from classes  but will go to the  night class (  which is tonight    it is my film class   and  important lectures will happened and   I need to be there)

 I hope  everyone   is  not  sick like  me 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Grains of Gratiude

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  anyway grains of  graditude 

  1.  My flim class is going  well and so is english  and history of my country
  2.    My basketball game went  well yesterday I got a buzzer shot  and another shot. I am not sure if the videos will get up here anytime soon   If any one is friends  with me on fb  the  link is up on my wall.
  3.    The wheather  has been nice  this week  it makes  walking to school   much easier  and   although it is  winter  ( no snow ever falls here  much to my dismay.
  4.    For  plants vs  zommbies
  5.   My sisters  did well in volleyball
  6.   that the   packers won the Superbowl.  I actually watched  more of the game then usal  and was glad that the packers won because my brother is a huge packers fan

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I hate keys

  Hello guys  I want to say first off  Happy  February   (my favorite month of the year)  the ressson for not posting  is  the fact that the comments are not rolling  so   before u leave  could  u help me  out  my commenting. 

   I hate  keys  I mean the  word itself was hard  for me to say for the  first 12 years of my life .  I have a t for K substitution so I  said the  word  Tey and   I would  get a minus  from the ST  not fun times.Now that I am older  I can say  key  but  I have to slow down and really  focus on the   K  sound but that  is just the beginning  of  my   key troubles.

   last  Wednesday  when I got home from school i went to use the key to open the house up.     I  can get the  key in and  turn it but  the key  gets stuck in the keyhole making it hard to get out.     Last Wednesday I manage to  get the key  to the garage out   but then  the Garage   door that leads into the house was locked.  I  then  call my dad and he says to try the sliding glass door   I do  but then the key  gets stuck into the door  and  i can not  get it out nor can I open the door.    I  proceed to the sun room in my backyard  and my  dog comes  and stares at me. This is funny cuz my dog spends a lot of time in the sun room    when we are away.    Now  she looks at me   from inside the house at me in the sun room   where I stayed until my sisters  came home.