Friday, January 28, 2011

Chris Medina Audition HQ - American Idol 10

 more post coming next week but  this  will do  have a great weekend everyone

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr Poetry contest 2010

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 Happy  MLK day  everyone sorry I have not gotten around  to posting this sonner  I go back to school  so  i do not when I will be posting again  as I am  really going to  work  hard  and try to get some A's this  semester

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Return of Sunday Grains of Gradtitude

   So Sunday  grains of  Gratitude  is  back.  I have not done this for  a while,but I  read them   recently  and I  really liked  reading about the little things that happened   week to week  I  like   re reading them.

  1.   I survived  Winter break .  It was  two weeks between  my sister return to mine . These  two weeks  have  been  home alone  for most of the day  without a routine  so  it  gets  boring. I   did well but  am looking  forward to going back to school  on Tuesday.
  2.   I helped take  down the Christmas   stuff and did a great  job  by myself now all the boxes  are down.
  3.  I went  to a soccer game at my high school.  The team tied  when they should have  won  and  thus  Mr C  did not want  to  talk to me that much. That was discouraging but then  I am disabled   teen and  he had  a  newborn baby  and  his wife   but    at least I talked to Mr,MCG ( AP us history teacher)   Mr C wanted to  talk to one of  the older soccer player which  made   me feel invisible  but    i am disabled so it is ok.
  4.  I  got to see LM.  I went to his house  after the soccer game ( much too my dad not so best wishes) and on  Sat  I  got a ride  with him and his friend who also has DS.  We had a fun time even though they were messing  with me   (  our high schools are ,or in my case former high schools,) rivals.
  5.  I went to 2 basketball practice. On sat it  was rrc special Olympics and  today was the hmb  pre practice. I  think we will have a great season  .  At today's  pre practice I helped  one  a kid who is  my age with CP  sooo cool. This Saturday is  the first practice so  I will  take pics then. If anyone  who is reading this  and  lives in the area   hmb  is far but it is worth it.    
  6. I am doing  grains of Gratitude again
  7.  I went out to lunch with my mom Saturday afternoon.
  8.  For MLK  he  made  my life so much better .  As an American American  disabled  female  his work  impacts me soo much,  I watch  the Imitation of life  and it was  interesting  to  see  the hate between a child  and her mother due  to  skin tone.  I hated the girl by the  way   I was   that into the movie
 Happy Sunday

Monday, January 10, 2011

Deedah: the movie review

        How I got the movie 
to find out more about the movie  please visit

       In the fall  of 2010   I came across a  trailer for a movie made by  a sister about  her brother with down syndrome .  (This was  of course Deedah)    I watched it  over and over again   and wished I could have it  but I doubted that my parents would pay for it ( I have wanted the Child King for a while now but have not  yet seen it). I then found out about the blog and facebook group and I quickly  signed up for  both of them.  On the blog  in October -which is Down Syndrome and  Disability Awareness  month - the  blog  was giving away  a free copy of the DVD. I left a lot of comments   and  even though I did not win I still got a DVD for free due to my  "persistence and passion".    It was put in the mail  and  I waited  and waited  for the  DVD to show up. I would come home every day from collage and look in the mailbox  - which resulted in me taking the  mail in but after it came  the mail  was  not  that interesting  anymore - and  when it finally came I was  thrilled and excited  to see it.  Now a couple of months latter i have had the time to  review this movie.


 the  two kids from the film they are soo cute
  Like I said before Deedah  is a seven year old perspective about her brother with Down Syndrome.   The  two kids are -in the movie which was made  in 2009 so  they are a bit older now-  seven and five years old. Seven and five are  two cute  ages  and  these kids are no exception both kids are soo cute and fun to watch. The  sister is  the older one in the family with   her brother years behind him.   There names are John and Charlotte The name of the film comes from  the way john first said  his sister's name. John  was born with Down Syndrome  but the film  really shows how normal  his life really is.  John can   go down water slides, play mini-golf, and    goes to school in a inclusive program with  other   kindergartners.  The music  is  really  good , I found myself singing the songs in the film,  and  it  adds to the overall  positive tone of the documentary.  The documentary is extremely positive  from  Charlotte  perspective on her brothers disability. She  tells the audience   that everyone  has different  finger prints and  that her brother is   great just the way  he is.   John may have a speech delay but he able to articulate  his  disability as being UP Syndrome  instead of Down Syndome extremely loud and clear .

 The film also takes a brief  view on bulling.  This is where I think any kid   can  take something away from the movie. The film talks about  how bullying  hurts  even  if the Victor is disabled. It  gives kids   ideas  on how to deal with bullying and  how important it is to help  kids develop strategies  to stand up to those  mean kids.

  In conclusion I think Deedah  is a great movie. I wish it could have been longer.It  is 30 minutes  without bonus features) The songs are great and the kids are even better.  I think this type of video should be shown  in elementary schools   to help kids understand  Down Syndrome.   I would love to see more movies like Deedah  showing other  disabilities.  I think  movies like this have the potential  on how other kids  will view a child  with Down Syndrome.  After you see the movie there is  still the blog that  keeps you up to date about life after the documentary. I hope more movies  like Deedah  will be  made to show that all people with all types of disabilities  have more abilities then disabilities.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wrapping presnts with CP and NVLD ( aka without good fine motor control)

As u know if u have been reading I bought presents for the first time this year for all my siblings and parents. so that means wrapping. Wrapping presents with cp means that the perfect wrap job will not be archived but it is the gift the counts.