Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

    2010 was defiantly a eventful year  for me.  It was not a great year , it was  hellish for meany months, but   I got though it and  hopefully 2011 will be better . now  here  comes the changeling part    finding something positive to say about every month.    

 Me  (in white) handing the ball off to E( in purple

   January 2010:    I met  E, my best friend,  at basketball and   got second in the MLK  writing  contest

 February : I  played knockout in my high school rally and was  ball girl  for my high school.

 Me signing the pledge  March 3 2010
  March  : My cousin has her baby  girl. My school did Spread the word to end  the word  via the  club . I got to speak in Mr.T's classes and he signed the pledge.   I signed up for my high school track team and    joined the special Olympics track team  for the first time.

 April :  I  got honorable mention for  a poem and got dressed up and went to prom

 May :  Book gal turned 17.  Had DDAC's first ever end of the year party.   I graduated high school at 18  with  an award  for community service    I also enjoyed  the senior Activity day  even though it was wet.  

 Dad and me  on Mount Tam
 June   Climbed to the  top of mount tam.I began my collage career at  CDS  2010. I  enjoyed  it and made a lot of friends.

 My fourth of  July  face paint  I got from a carnival
July Celebrated  fourth  of july  by getting   my face painted

 August: Princess turned  16 and got her liscence. T  left our family . I  started  comminty collage

September  I  turned 19 .   my team won gold in softball.  I  did the Joe Jonas fun run and  helped raise money for Special Olympics.  I celebrated the first ever EKS Day

 Lauren Potter and me October 2010
October :  I pet Lauren potter from Glee  I craved a pumpkin for Halloween  but did not  trick or treat. I also moved  the wii  into T's old room.

November  watch book gal win CCS   and make it to state. Celebrate  Thanksgiving  and helped  cook for the first time.

 December  Mom became vice chancellor of diversity at  UCSF.   Mom and  Dad  had their 20th wedding anniversary. I went to the Alumni soccer game.  We had a great Christmas (see below), I  bought presents for the first time  this  year   Zoe  got  a rabit and  she celebrated    her sixth b day

 I hope everyone  has  a  happy new year and  a great 2011

 I love this photo of my dog    and the thing is  that I  took this fall 2010

 ps  here are  some disability Awareness post that I like that I wrote in  2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

the tree  before presents on X mas morning
  Hi  blog readers   I am so behind in blogging   so  I will  try to catch up starting with Chrismas recap.

 New this  year I  bought presents for everyone so I had   a try at wrapping  presents.  They did not turn out so well  wrapping  wise  but  that is a whole  other post i will  try to put up in the next three days

  On Christmas eve  my  parents and i  went to Christmas eve  mass  and    looked at Christmas lights. When we got  home  my mom told me that  we did not have Christmas pj's   It was  disappointing  but then she surprised me  (thanks  mom)\

    I got some video games closes   movies   on Christmas morning  I then proceed to play   one of my video games, Donkey Kong Country Returns, until we went to our friends house for dinner. 

Christmass Card 2010  i
  Like I said  I have lots to blog about so stay with me  I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a great new year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

comeing soon

 hay blog readers  so  I have been on break (since  thursday night)    i have had  some fun and plan to use the time to write some post  on here  on the follwing

  CP montage

 Refelctions on independce

 Deedah Review

Holiday posts

   A book review

 stay toon i have a long  break   You can help me out by commenting on what you want me to do first,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Unifed sports

 we need to get this into schools around here

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tunes thursday

 what is a great inculsion song  click here to find out

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Balll helper : asking and thanking

After coach C told me last year that I would not suit up i was preaty bummed out to say the least. I decided to ask coach g. Coach g was i admit the last person I though would ever say yes to the idea. She had me in PE knew that I acted out, but yet like J mac I asked and prepared my slef my saying that i had had 99% chance of helping out but I was happy when coach G said yes the result is .

Fall 2010 I got to be apart of a team. I had a small job, it could have been done by players or coaches but it meant the world to me. I got to sit on the bench and cheer on the team. I was able to listen to strategy in the team room shake hands with the teams at the end of the game. Get into a quad basketball game for free ( not a supper big deal but a nice benefit) I was on the team and what was great was that other people at my high school knew I was on the team and treated me like it. Did i get to suit up? no but I was on the team and more importantly I had something fun to do Fridays nights which is what every teen deceivers. Whenever I saw ms G I thanked her after the season because she took a chance on a kid with CP and hopefully if she is presented with other disabled kids who want to help out she will remeber that it gave me a lot of happiness on those Friday nights

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pulse Pen light

 This is what I pick up   in the Assertive technology lab. It is  called a smart pen. It  records  audio and sound. I am essentially taping the lecture  and can bring up cretin points  on my pen by tapping   on the paper It is hard to explain so i am going to  show you videos of it

 This video is cool because I  worked on the K sound when I was  in speech therapy.    I also sometime subsitute  t  for K

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life and times of a collage student with disablites

Well guys welcome to Inclusive school week on my blog I am going to try to post something every day this week about Inclusion and how beneficial it has been for me as a result. Lets get started. here are some pictures of my day as a collage student.

I ate this once when I couldn't find waffles

A typical day for me starts long after my sister go to their high school. I wake up around 9:00 and jump into the shower to begin my day. I get dressed and head down stairs where i take my morning medication and have some brekfast. If we have any waffles in the house I will put them in the toster put way to much syurp on them and gobble them down while watching my shows on the DVR. If I am done with breakfast by 10:45 I grab my hat and head to school. I enjoy the walk to school it is about an hour give or take but it is good excersise I have to go up a big hill but the only the first third is steap. If it is late I take a bus or my parents drive me, if they are home. I go to the local Comminty collage which i am hoping to change and start over as a freshman at a four year school next fall.

First stop for me when I get to collage

The first order of business when I get on campus is to go to the Asstive technology center and get Something cheak back tomorrow to see what it is . I then go to my class which starts at 12:10. It is Intermediate Algebra. I sit up front in a seat that is reserved for me, The sign that is in the picture is taken off but no one sits there. The instructor is a guy named Will (not his real name) He is really nice and has high expectations for me. He does not think I a pain to teach and trust me enough to let me lend money. After his class I head upstairs for an English class with Jone( again not real name) the class is pretty easy for me. It is a step below collage English but I will be doing Freshman English in January. I have two friends in that class who went to my rival high school but we get along alright. I also have an old friend that I had in high school when I was friends with DD. I thought that collage would be so scary but Mr T was right I would be fine.

Tuesday post will be on what I pick up at the office

If you have a child in middle school make sure you tell them about the I am norm video contest happening this week for more info click here

Thursday, December 2, 2010

For She's a Jolly fellow

  Mom to AZ and AZ  Summer 2005 on their way to the Grand Canyon
 For she's a jolly good fellow that no body can deny.    Nope it is not Mother's day  yet  My mom got a new job at  work. to learn more   go here