Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

  Today marks the last day of  Get it down 31 for 21 and I am proud to say I posted every day.  I am glad I made it    and glade  not to have to worry about posting every day.   Happy Halloween here are some pics from  past costumes  I am nothing this  year   it shows that I am  growing up.

Halloween 1991
Halloween 1999
Halloween  2000

Halloween 2009


Saturday, October 30, 2010

A new type of awaireness

  Breast Cancer   awareness month is  October as  well. This is important to me because my mom's cousin  C died of  cancer  2003.  my mom  used to have  her family over  around the holidays  and I enjoyed that because  her husband used to play video game which was fun.   She left behind  two kids  a  girl and  a boy   who now live with her husband. i have seen them once  a couple of years before.    I wish she was still alive.

Friday, October 29, 2010

sorry guys but he was not the first

 Chris Bruck   may have been the first actor with Down syndome  but  do  u know he was  not the first person to be on prime time tv. The first was a women  with Cerebrail Palsey Geri Jewell . She  was on the  tv show called  the facts of life.   Here is a  clip of her work   on the show

Thursday, October 28, 2010

No school

   Tomorrow I do not have school   I  normally have one class on friday  but the instructor is sick .  I hope  he gets better   but I am  happy for the day off. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is Italy like

 Please note    This post will only make sense if u know  Welcome to Holland  by Emily peril Kingsley.

  I was born in Holland.  A land of windmills and  trollops.  but sometimes I wonder what is Italy like Most of my family  are Italian  so naturally I wonder what  it is to be Italian too.  I land of pizza and history. 

  I  wonder what it feels to be able to  speak the Italian dialect to  be so easily understood most everyone around  seems to know how to speak  it fluently. Like the  land in which it originated  in Italian seems so grand . I have tried  and tried to speak it but still people do not understand.

 I wonder what it  is like to be from Italy.  To blend in with the crowd. Too not have to prove  myself worthy   and that I do know what  to do.  I wonder what is like too ride a moped  with the wind through your hair. I will never know what it is like to be from Italy.

  I will never know what it feels like to  be a full bread Italian , but I have a rough idea.   I have  met many people from Italy and  have played some Italian games learned some stuff  from the banks of Venice.  Some people  call it  a  Inclusion ,but to me it is  more then  a word.    can help me understand   Italy and it;s people which is so important  because Italy has so many people  and sights and a sounds : while Holland has so few. I learn to be  a Hollander  alongside  the Italian  because  there is so much in Italy to discover  and the more I discover  maybe my parents   dreams  of creating similar thing will come true.   Holland has it  tulips  and is known for it slower pace  and I was  born into  this but   when it comes down  to it  I  still need food  shelter and lots  of love, Because   if I can not get the full   Italian experience I can get the whole experience of love

 Left to right   book gal princess  laid back athlete mom AZ  dad  spring 2007

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in the Day

  I loved that sweat shirt  u can not tell but it had  woody and buzz on it

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A chunk of chapter three

   the backround is Alixes  Bounding  a teenager  with CP   is now a freshman at Algond high school in Medowlake  which is a town in the unitiied states. She wants to try out  for  her high school's basketball team.

Jim Stickler    was  what you  call a   highly  respectable  coach .   His  teams  were the ones that won championships and  his  players were the ones  who got  the scholarships   for collage  and  news  reports  in the   Meadowlake    times newspaper.  He   was a   alumina of    Algon High school and in his day  been  MVP in  football baseball and basketball, now  as a  coach and  head of the athletic department   he  wanted to  keep the   Algon high school  altheic  program  to the same standards  as     they had when he  went there  in his  youth.  This  year  he   was drafted  to coach the  ladies  varisty basketball team  as well as oversee the  freshman and sophomore  basketball  progam   too.

 Tryouts  were   the week after Halloween  on  a  Wednesday.   On that Wednesday  he was assigned to  cheek  in the    junior varsity  players.  So far it seemed  to  go well a  lot of the freshman  girls    had some  height and    fairly  good academic records, Jim had spent the   Tuesday night  looking over the  players   grade  as  was  standard  proitcall for      players  to sign up to clear  grades   before trying  out . It  seemed to be  turning out to   be a successful  normal  season of basketball  for the  Algon   Saber  Tooth  tigers     that was  until   a freshman  showed   up.

  She  was   skinny and     tall   jim would have  guessed that she was around  58  with honey colored  skin and  a  orange  t shirt    shorts and shoes.  A  promiseing  player  indeed     Jim tought  as  he asked “Name,”

“Alecus,”  Jim header  her  say  with doorl. His heart sunk    the girl  was not promising    she    seemed  to Jim to have belonged   in the special  education classes  , a sped  student.

 Sorry   what  Jim said and    strained  to decipher the  name from the  anomaly  speech

Althus       said the girl 

  No    the  girl  yelled and   tried again with little  success.

       Do u  guys  want more   before the end of the month  let me know

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Calling all readers

   So today was the day of our local Buddy walk that I  again did not  make.    I am hoping that  I will  not have to be an odd one at a  walk   because  I am hopping to plain  a Cerebral Palsy walk  this March ( march is Cp Awareness month)     I have a place in mind  but I need your help esp  if u  help  organize a Buddy walk.  How do u do it     A good  place to start  anything  please leave comments  so  I can get this thing rolling

Friday, October 22, 2010

Smarter then I Speak

What if I told you that you had to watch people kick a ball back and forth for an hour and a half? Would you agree to   it?  Would you enjoy it?   It sounds rather boring but millions   of people worldwide enjoy watching soccer.    The difference is that the kicking of a ball has purpose    in game of soccer compared to watching people kicks balls back and fourth. The purpose is a goal that the players are trying to achieve   for there team.     Similarly, in life goals   severe as a purpose outside of the victory that is felt upon achieving them.
      Goals are different    for different people   in various aspects in their lives.   One of my biggest goals in life is improving the clarity in the articulation of my speech.   Speech has never been something that I could have taken for granted as a result of me being diagnosed as a toddler with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy   is the result of having   a lack of oxygen before, shortly after, or during birth.     Because     I was born prematurely, the   likely hood of me getting this chronic illness increased.    As an infant using my mouth mussels    to eat was a challenge and to this day my speech is unclear and I   always bite on my drinking straws.  I cannot say all the sounds fluidly in the English language but understand everything that is said to me.  This is really frustrating for me   and to make matters worse I am my hardest critic. To me everyone’s speech sounds clearer than my even those with disabilities.   Due to the reasons above my speech clarity is a goal that I have.
             Goals are the gas in a person’s engine, in that they provide the drive for people to work hard.   When I was little ,I thought that if I worked really hard that when I was an adult I would speak normally.   I did not mind speech therapy back than.  I went and worked hard and did things that the speech teachers asked me to do. I tried so  many techniques from lying on my back trying hard to say sounds to having stuff   in my mouth to   work to strengthen my mouth mussels. I did not mind working hard because my thinking was   I had to do this in order to speak like   grown ups do. Looking back on it, I would say that it was hard work   but   I complied   with the grueling work and stuck to it in hopes of  achieving my goal. My fuel  was my goal and with it I  forged  ahead with speech therapy. 
               Just like in cars, without goals   there is no inner fuel; thus there is a lack of motivation to work  hard  . In seventh grade my speech teacher told me that I   would always have unclear speech do to Cerebral Palsy.    The speech teacher and I got along well   and I trusted her so I took the information   at face value.   The remainder years I had at speech therapy though the school system   were a waste of  time for me and the speech pathologist. I no longer   had a goal   so the work became extremely frustrating. During my junior year of high school ,I stopped going to speech therapy for a while.   I had a class that period that I went to anyway so I went there instead of therapy.   I was taking   Advance Placement  United States history from a guy who had a hard  time understanding ,me and I   once  I  told him that I had left speech he got vary concerned for me and encouraged   me to return to speech.   So I was back to sitting across   from   my speech pathologist    understanding to put my tongue in the roof of my mouth and being unsuccessful. I hated speech therapy after seventh grade because the light that was supposed to be at the end of the tunnel, me speaking clearly was no longer in site   so the work became grueling and painful for me to sit though.   On the rare occasions that I did work hard the vain mussels in my neck popped out , yet   it seemed pointless  because my speech would always be gibberish. It became a chore to go to speech therapy because  I no longer had a goal.                    
              Goals  are necessary for  people to  make hard  work meaningful.  By the end of the  fall 2010 semester I want  to  achieve   the  goal of  getting into speech therapy and working  diligently  at improving the articulation of my speech.  I want  to  do this by  enrolling at  Peninsula  Associates  , a speech center walking distance from my house. A big barrier to achieving this goal will be  being able  to afford the  assessment  and  speech lessons.  It  may also be  hard to focus if I  have  a lot of homework   or other  stuff in my  mind.   I can get around the finical barriers by getting SSI  or  getting my insurance pay for the  therapy. As far as the attention barrier I can try to  get focus as  I am  in the waiting room, and plan ahead by keeping up to date with my school assignments.  Now  that I know  speaking clearly can  be a goal to me,   recent research  shows the brain in more plastic than my seventh grade teacher  thought,  I think I can improve the diction in my speech so that   I could work  in any profession  I chose  ,as well as being a advocate   for  people with disabilities.   

Thursday, October 21, 2010

have an essay so I am going to post this

 Due to CP  I think I like Inculdeing sam better but we will see  I wonder if they will have the video at the walk on sat

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sad soccer story

  As  some of u know this year I  am playing soccer  for the local special olympics. it has not been working out so great. 

See there are two teams  on the pratice site  the  A team and the b team. I have been playing ayso for  a long time on the regular leagues(U6 -u14) I also watch my high school  soccer games and I know a thing or too about  soccer. I would classify my slef as intermedite to  pre advance  in terms of soccer skills. The coach does not so she put on the  lower team  the first pratice   with the hope that  if I coraporated I would be on the A team.   

Well yesterday  the head coach was'nt at pratice  so two nice men filled in. I did my drills and stuff and come scrimidge  I  tried to seneak over to play. The others got soo mad  telling  me i was not on the  team.  Most of them are friends with DD and it did not help that two weeks eariler  at bowlingI  got mad with DD and put  mutiplea ball in the guter  and  yesterday's pratice was the first  time  I had  seen everyone and  some new people got  anoyed with me.   Let me tell you right now  people with intelicual disablities can remerber bad things.  

 I ended up scrimigeing on the lower  team yesterday and did great got some goals saved some goals  on defesne too. When the coachs called  quits  I headed over to get some soda and some guy told me " Hay,ifyou play on the A team everyone will quit. "

 I got mad  partly cause I was caught off guard .  I had played on the b team  I was playing good. I started yelling i do not understand. Me and the guy have gotten along well up until this point. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How am i doing today

  feel like a lonner

 this song keeps me company though  enjoy

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wendy on wheels

so much for the Nick series. this is a better  series  considering  it is  in print already. Will nick ever become  a series I do not know now that Wendy is here  I doubt it,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Wave the resson why it's needed (I spy az and her enimies too)

can u spot  me  in it  enjoy the  video  pics are  taken  from  the last  two  years .  U  can  spot  E as well   do  u  know  what one he is?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Remeber this

time 12:20 Febuary9 2010
place English classroom belonging to Mr T who is an general ed teacher a bunch of students inculcating AZ
who has NVLD and CP making group work and public speaking hard for her to do.

Mr.T was talking to his students about Orthel
lo and to start out the unit he was taking a abbreviated script for groups of three to act out. Mr.T knows how hard group work is for Az so he says that she is Director and has to find out the tone of the play. AZ loves the idea because he told her it is kinda like AP work( he also teaches to Senior AP- English) and she has always wanted to take. About ten minutes latter the class reconvines and he sits with AZ and togeter watch the play ( a actor who will remain nameless) got near the director but he moved back much to AZ's delight) Then Mr T asks AZ a question and she got it wrong but it dose not matter what matters is that Inclusion happened and she was one happy girl at lunchtime. Mr.T is genius

Why did it work:
Mr .T knows that social stuff are hard for AZ & IT always ends in frustration of monopolizing the
project. He also knows that Az loves a challenge and wishes that she was in AP. He put 2 together took the script and wrote tone on it in certain points for her to do while the others were practicing the same scene. He then helped check her work when she was done at his desks. The result is one happy well ran classroom and a kid who can grin and say that she was an director today and had fun doing a special job.
AZ 8-10-09

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The I Phone family

 Our Family is now an official I phone  family.    Princess got the first  i phone  for Christmas a while back then  Dad ,  and Mom joined  in.   Book gal and laid back athlete  got theirs this past summer.  I had my first full day with it  today. It is sooo coool

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

16 years ago today I started pre school

  The  fall of  1994   marked a  beginning of an  era for  me. You see , due to my CP  I was  eligible for free   pre school  though my school  teacher . The  Key word   is  free  so  off to  pre school I  went.

There  was a catch ,   this  class  was  a SDC class  for kids with  speech disorders. My  teacher, I am  going to call her  Teacher  J , was a  wonderful teacher  who  helped  me out a  lot . I later  met up with Teacher  J   right before    I   started  high school  at  my  Jr.High   graduation party in 2006.   I am  getting ahead of my self  here so  why  don't we   take a  look at  the first entry of my pre school  journal.  This  journal  was   used   as a  communication  between mostly my mom and  teacher J  with input from dad  just to  keep it  interesting.

 please not  [  ] are my commentary. while  the stuff written  like this  outside the[  ] are my  comprehension of  what was  written. Names  are  changed  for privacy reasons.

   Original Date Written    October 12 ,1994. by   teacher  J

 Greetings  AZ's  parents,
         Well we're on our record day. AZ  got off the bus and joined it [ I think she  ment  in]. She  crise especially  in the  early morning requesting, "Ma Ma". In fact she is with  me holding my arm and leg as I write to you.
         Transitional times  seem the most difficult.[to this day this  remains  true] - From one activity to another, classroom  to  playground - classroom to  bathroom. We  chose not to go to  the library today keeping the  routine  constant.Overall she is  adjusting. It's a big  leap for a child. I've  been though it w/ my own  3. We are loving, holding and  caring  for  her.

 Teacher   J

 I  of course   wanted to  share something with my parents as  well so  I drew something  that looks like  this

  This is  from  AZ    teacher J  wrote  above the paper [  I  drew something   similar  but   the  picture  is not  from  me  it is  from  this  site (]   Mommy and  Daddy  I love  you.

 PS :Perhaps you can send a favorite stuff animal,book or toy ,so she could hold on to it, reminding her of home. think about it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I am norm

  Back  in  January  when  Mr T  was a  daily  person in my life and   collage was just a word  there  was a  event  that i did  not  get to go  to.   Dan  Habib  (the  flimaker of  Inculdeing Sam)    was nice of  enough  to let me  join in and  help with  what they started at the event.  i have  "met "  so many wonderfull teenagers  who  are also dedicated to  disability advocacy.  

 the  campaign is  I am  norm . In that people with disabilities are normal.    It is  geared  for middle schoolers  For more information   visit here,

  The  birth  of    the project

 My  video  based on  the  I am norm  theme song


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dad's words of wisdom

 " There  will always be evil  in the word, try  not  to  create more of it. " more or less  anyway

Saturday, October 9, 2010


 Okay so  i was never in this program  I was  able to participate  in the typical AYSO  more on Ayso with me  coming in the future

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun night

  Tonight   I went  to  my CC  beging sign langue class. My friend  N   is a student in the class.
 The instructor is a deaf  Asian guy. He is funny  we went on a scavenger hunt. I  had so much  fun. Will post  more tomorrow . I might take  the  class  next semester. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I still have this one wish

  Originally written  November 2007
 One wish 
by AZ chapman
  my dad  me  and a family friend  on my eighth birthday  fall 1999
 I have one wish 
it may never come true 
I wish I had a friend or two
 Friends they spoil  you
 they got your back
   If   you  ever got attack
 I want a friend because I too 
  like to be  lazy sometimes 
 just like all teens do 
I am tired of fighting
 tired of being strong 
  I don't like fighting all year long 
 Sometime I wish I  could just hide in a cave 
  so I wouldn't have to be brave 

I have one wish
it may never come true 
 I wish I had a friend or to 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get it down: Forever kids?

    I am  19 years old.  With me  being an American  i am  considered  an  adult? or am I?   
 Me  spring 2010  I am 18 in this picture but am I a adult? no  not yet
Now  if  I did not  have any disabilities   the  answer  would be  at   yes  I am an adult    no questions  asked.  But add a disability  in there and  the     word  changes  back to  kid.   As of now this does not bother  me as i  miss high school   and  do a lot of things  like a kid ie live at home   do not drive   mom and dad  give me chores  and the like.      I do not think the word adult will scare  me though and I think  I will  take more  offense  to the word kid  more and  more with wisdom and   time   after high school.

   now  lets  talk about other with  intellectual  disabilities  it  may  be  me  or is it  that people will often  refer to them  as  kids  not  meaning  any harm.   It is  so much  better than the R word   for sure.  But  to say  they  are  kids.  I am  not sure about this so  i will look up   Adults in the   dictionary  this  is from  Dictionary .com

a person who is fully grown or developed or of age.
a full-grown animal or plant.
a person who has attained the age of maturity as specified by law.
 There  is no  mentioning  of intellectual abilities  or  going  off  to  work  or completing  collage  or any of that  so why should  people with disabilities be called kids  is it hard and  some times  it seem like they are children  ?  Sometimes   there are  people  I know  with disabilities  who  fit  this .  But  they are adults   in age.  They   can  vote   ( provided there in  a Democratic society)  can  work   and  do leave high school.   Disabilities   should not  hinder   the word adult being   associated with them.   We  may need help  flinging  adult  roles and  living on our own.  But  the definition does not   state that does it?

 While we are on the subject of kids  I was a cute one right?
  The  reason why I  bring  this up is   from my history  lessons  and family stories. You know like how white used to do it to blacks   back before the civil rights movement  when  white addressed  blacks  as  boy, or girl  and    blacks had  to address   white adults   as  sir  or  mam.   Just a  thought  most of  you  reading this  have disabled  youngsters  so you  probably do not have to  worry about this  yet What do  you think?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Get it down: A great idea

 So it happened  yesterday  as  I was   sitting at home   on the computer   reading a blog  of a friend of mine who  has  brain cancer.  Her   dad  wrote that  she loves to  watch herself on the computer  so  I  thought   wouldn't it be cool if  kids adults  and  teens could watch a video of  the good times   to  escape what  happened  to  them in  the present.  I know u  aren't supposed to  live in the past  however  old videos  of me   before  OCD seem to help me   when I am in a bout (  heeling vibes  please  still in a bought)    what do  u think    making  videos   of past memories  for  cancer patients hospital  patients and  people  with  OCD and  temporary  conditions.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get it down: orange part one how it all started

    this  has been  my  favorite type of  soda for a long  time 

 Whats  more  is  that  from Monday  to Thursday of this week I had  a least one   soda.  What  type  of  soda  well it is  orange  soda  of course.   Not just any orange soda  but  Fanta   orange  soda.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome guys

  To  get it  down   2010  this year  I will be writing  about   life  with  CP Nvld and  Ocd  and   new this  year will be how  it affects  transition to  adult life.  It is a weird time  really   for  any person  but  especially   if u throw  disablites  into the mix.  This  month should be interesting  I  hope u  enjoy the  month.