Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Comeing

fun begins on Friday    think about it  #1 days with AZ and fam 

 fun in the fall

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day

Me Running the 200 hundred in the Special Olympics in  Spring 2010  I am the one in the middle

Today is the first annual Eunice Kennedy Shriner Day As a Special Olympics Athlete and as a friend who is officer to best buddies for two years now.( You rock LM are u doing it again senior year) It was a important day. This morning I went to the Young Athlete Day and they had lots of stuff to try out more than in others past. They had golf basketball bowling trike dancing and crafts as well as soccer softball hockey an obstacle course I had a lot of fun today. I also might be attending the bay area buddy walk for the first time this year. Book gal and Princess had V ball and Princess's team won second.

Before I go I will leave u with what I blogged about last year

Got some good news some bad news and something to bringing it all together
Bad News : A big disability advocate died today. Well this morning Eunice Kennedy Shiver died . She was 88 years old. Eunice was the founder of the special Olympics. She believed in all people even those with disabilities could succeed. She made it possible for the good news.
Good news; I have my drivers permit today one of my summer goals archived .
I am vary lucky to have been born in the 90's . In the 90's Life Goes On was teaching people that people with disailitie had more abilities then people give them credit ADA was passed.

 Me and my sisters  1995 left to right  pricess,Az and bookgal
Let's imagine for a minute that i was born in the 60.'s In the 60's most people with disabilities were locked away in intuitions or kept at home. ( my dad 's friend's brother had DS ) No one thought they could do much and could not contribute in a manful way. Imagine a disabled teenager from the 60's without IEP the chance to mainstream to be independent. Then you can understand what Eunice saw and deiced to do something about it thus the Special Olympics was born.
As a special Olympics athlete and a disabled advocate (in training ) I have a lot of respect and thankfulness for the work Eunice did. Special Olympics use sports to change the way people see people with disabilities as people (as Clayton puts it ) with different abilities
I am glad I was born in the 90's and have been given chance after chance to be the best person I can be .

I am glad to have grown up in the 90's and 200s a time where it is possible for a person with a disability to go to mainstream school, play sports, discover new sports and use them to mainstream into typical sports at there high school, go to collage , and even get there driver license. Thank you Eunice shrive for working so hard to befit people with disabilities rest in peace.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A award

 So  yesterday at Special Olympics Soccer practice    I  got a award for sportsmanship. I  was one of the first  three to  get the award for the 2010  season. I  had a great time   getting that award  it  feels good to   get  recognition for something positive

I  got the   pic from

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joe Jonas fun run

In a week I will be running with Joe Jonas to benefit Special Olympics Northern California. Our region desperately needs the funds so we can have better uniforms , more sports, and expand our Unified sports. I need some help. My goal is to raise 1000 dollars and right now I have 170. Donate and with my permission blog about it on your blog thanks

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Monday, September 6, 2010

My b day blog

Hi guys just a quick note to say that I turned 19 today and I am typing this
From my new ipAad cod was bad today but I hope I am at the bout will update soon.