Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A unexpected annoyance

 Hay  guys  sorry I  have been  missing  in action  but i have  a  request  if u  read this  can u send me  healing  vibes  because  my  ocd is back and is a  strong as  ever  Dealing  with  relapes are the  worst

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No book but a new blog

  Hay  blogspere   How's  it goin   I  do not have a  book  today   due to collage but a new blog of sorts  it is   new and   up in comeing ,but I  plan on  working   on it  this weekend  so stay  tune 

 here is  the link


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Collage Carrer comenice again

   This  time  I  took the bus .  This  time     four  eyes   ( two  people)  were  wet. I had a  meeting with the assertive  tech   gal  who  is  nice  than  I  had   APE  which  I  hated as well  due to the fact that   the   guys  could not understand me. I   went   off campus to  buy some  McDonalds  had  Math  and English  than walked  home. I   hated   the day  today  I  do not feel  ready and really wish I  was  still in high school.  What will tomorrow  bring    I will  let you  know.

  In  other news   Princess got her diver's  license and    she  has    Mr.T's wife and  my good pal  Mr.C.  She  began    school on  Monday.  Book  gal  starts   next week  


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tell a story Tuesday :We have come this far by faith

   Last week was  my  sisters   b day so I did not post  but  this  time  I  will   talk  about a great  book that i have  read recently  We have come this far by  faith 

This  is   the  true  story  of , Dr Darrel  Pone ,a  African American  doctor  with Cerebral Palsy.   He  grew  up  during the civil  rights  movement  and with the love  of his family  he  became  a  rehabilitation  doctor.  My  mom   recently  met  him at  a conference  so I  got this great    book  with a signature  from  Dr Pone    as well.  How cool is that 

Do  you  have a  book that tells  a  story  about  the disabled   experience

Friday, August 13, 2010

Laughter is always the best medicence

  the  story:  In  speech  one day  my speech teacher  Ms.F   in a effort to  see that  I am  not the only one who speaks   badly    told me about a deaf  lady who  was a  stand  up comic.  We  looked on  youtube   heard  her speek  the   bell  rang  and  I had   Mr.T    next period  so  i    rushed  to his classroom   and forgot about  it

August  2010: I am   web sufeing on  youtube and frond this  and  it  hit me that this  was the same  lady  Ms.F had  told  me about. I watched  it and all  I can say  is that her experince   is  so similar to  mine. My favorite  part  is     about the   red ballon and Mike. This video will make  you cry  laugh    and  be in awe.  Enjoy it my  friends

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess

 Today  Princess  is  16.    She will not be having a sweet 16  party  but   she  got a car. The  type  is a Subru. She will  take  AP  Us  history  this  fall   ( like  I did)  along with  her other  Junior  classes. I can not believe    she   is a  Junior.    It seems  like  yesterday  that I  was a  junior and she was  a Freshman  Happy b day   Princess

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah

Most of you who read this blog also read Sara's blog. Sarah is a young women with Down Syndrome who is 21 as of today go by to her blog and wish her happy birthday

pic is from http://www.lux-limo.co.uk/limo-articles/21st-birthday.jpg

such a great story

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That explains a lot

    The return  of   ms A    will be  in this  post.

    Some things I learned  about Wisconsin  while in her class
   All you need is Cheese 
    Badgers are  cool
      Cross country skiing   is  fun  way to  enjoy  the  snow in Wisconsin

   MS  A  was a great teacher.  She  was a  teacher  who  got  me and  was  willing to  help me.  She along with  Mr T  will  go down as the best  inclusive teachers  at my  high school. ( Or  in  ms.A  case   during the  year  I had her)  Since  having ms  A  I  have  always  thought since  having  her  four  years a go   that  Wisconsin had the  nicest people in America   and   after  four   years  of  waiting  I have   some  evidence to  support  my hypothesis.
    Here is the  evidence

   Now  if    could  make     my town   like  Madison in terms of   public  education

got  image  from


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tell a story Tuesday

 I am  going to try  and start  something     blog  world  and  i need your  help. I am going to  try and   recommend  books on the disability  experience.   If you  have any   good  books  in this  category  leave a comment  and who  knows   your  recommendation may lead to  a  post on that book   now  for my  first book  Accidents of  Nature.

 Accidents of  Nature   is  such a great   book  it  is about   a  teenager  with  CP who  goes  to a camp  for    all  kinds of  kids   with disabilities.  Set in  the  summer  of 1970  it     talks  about    stereotypes that    the disabled community  has to  face.  The  characters  are   well  written and  their are a lot  of things to think about  after  you  put the  book  down.      This  is  by  far  one of the  best books on disabilities  I have ever  read