Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Anaveristy ADA

Here is how my area celebrated . I did not attend because I was at school and was not told what the significance of yesterday was . Ironic because it is all special needs classes or well. here is the link http://www.smdailyjournal.com/index.php

Thank you George Bush Senior for signing the The ADA . As we say goodbye to this critical landmark in American History remember that we still have a long way to go to ensuring that people with disabilities are involved in all aspects of society.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy b day bro

  I would not trade  my brother  he  is the best

 swimming  summer 2001
Me  LBA and  Princess  shortly after she was born

  Laid  Back  Athlete  is  26  today  I can  hardly believe it    happy b day bro

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer School update

I know I am way overdue for this update but i will update anyway on CDS 2010.

I really enjoy CDS and with two weeks left. Iwill leave it behind for ever

Academically it is vary easy i have gotten A+ on a English test .( Mr.T look I did not just disrupt class but I learned the parts of speech. Lunch: I hang out with some boys and we play Sorry but we all eat lunch in the general area and I have a lot of friends at school. I am enjoying lunch instead of hating it.
I really miss my high school and old teachers but collage is alright. I am not sure how my other collage will go but will find out soon as it starts Aug 18.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Full Furstation

warning  this post contains a vent
  I  have the  hardest speech in my entire class.      Has been a statement   I   could have  said   from pre k to  senior year of  high school,without  frustration.  As  when  I  was  young    as long as  kids  played with  me (which they  did ) at recess, lunch or  free time.  As   I  entered  middle school ,   I     told myelg   that they  do not have a disability ( I  got  passed up in  speech class    and that was discouraging , but   not  to  bad)   and that lasted through  high school,  what also helped  was the  typical  kids who  could  understand  repeat things  to  the   teacher.
( Another reason  that inculsive  education has worked  for me)     But   as   I say it about  my current class  CDS 2010   my  Frustration level is  full.

I really like my first day picture of CDS 
The  thing is that  all of the students in the program  are young adults   with disabilities and   most of them   have been in SDC classes   in  high school.  I am  one  of the smartest   students  in the classes   and I  comprehend everything   that goes  on. It  should make  sense  since  I   understand everything that  I should  be able to express myself , but   that is not the case.  All the teachers   do not  understand me 100 percent  of the time and   it is  difficult   to   show them how  smart  and funny  I  really  am.   A good example  is  today  during   PE.

 We  were in the cycling   room and     coach  A (we had a  four coaches  today)  helps me and says  "AZ  you  make me feel   like     Cinderella," as he put my  foot through the  straps  on the bike pedals" Am  i the handsome  prince ."


 " No,"   I say You are the  ugaly troll. I have been  playing a lot  of  Lego  Harry  potter  on the Wii.
 The ugly   frog,"                                                   

"No   troll,"


 " No? " 

The other  kids  call out  but they do  not say   troll

  I got off  my bike and  wrote the  wrong spelling of  troll 

 I show  it to  coach B  "Troy,"
"No   troll
" Finally coach   got it." 

I walked  back  across campus  with  Coach  A and  we   talked about the  frustration i have about my speech during the classes in the class and he suggested  slowing down and   articulating.      Coach A  says that   he talks to fast and ask that we all  try to do our best and  slow down.    I can  do that but      it  still  does not  guaranteed that I will speak  smartly.  I   hate   speaking  stupidly I need more  ST   with a good speech therapist.

 got  pics  from  the flowing

 troll http://i.clevver.com/photos/229747/130/98/lego-harry-potter-years-14-screenshots-of-year-1-vignette.jpg

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teach your childeren well

Today  I learned a  great skill  in   self advocating.  I  have  had some problems  with    some of the kids and  staff  at  CDS(all the students have disabilities in the  program )   understanding  my speech and teasing ( more  on this soon)  so  I  made a power point on  CP and presented it to the class and  head  teacher.    It  went   well and  the  great thing was that   I  did it without  direct input from   other adults.  I did go  down to the  speech  center  yesterday   and  they    said  to  educate others  but    they  did not mention creating a   power point . I  am  feeling   proud  of my self and hope that any parent  reading this  who has a special need  kid   remember that   eventually they  need to  be    an  expert on there disabilities to  the  point where    they can  educate  others.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Soo you say u understand me eh

     I  speak   english  a  little spainsh  and  of course  Gibberish
   cool  cartoon   gotten 

  I  have a  hard time saying my  name and   speaking  clearly for that  matter   but I  think I  have  also grown    when someone does  not  understand me.

   It  started last  Th  as  I  went  to   a local speech  center to  sign  up  for speech  ( more on this   latter) and  I was talking to a ST and another  one  walked in  and  knew   of my  old  ST  from  high school  and so I introduce my slef and  she said   oh  and  I  could  tell    she did not understand me and  I  ask her.  The  ST   was  so impressed.  I do  have  a  sixth   sense    and  it is  so  cool. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

A tale of Two girls

  Two girls     are   big seven  year olds  today and   they  are both   kids  that i know  in  real  life .    

 C  my cousin       turned  seven today  happy  b day  cousin     I hope to see  you    this   weekend 

 A       is  seven   today and   she  has DS and  brain  cancer. i helped out  at a Special  Olympics  youth day and met her  parents     I  only have seen her once but fallow  her story online      so I want  to  say  happy b day   to her  as  well,

Happy  b day  girls