Thursday, February 18, 2010

Transition to adult life

I have been wanting for a long time to write about how i feel about leaving high school for a long time and Ellen's post about her run in with the lady with Down Syndrome gave me fuel for my story here it goes.

All high school seniors there is a big fear about what lies ahead. Think about it from the time you are five and six you go to and from school Monday through Friday come home are under adults supervision while you are at home. In the case after high school a new routine takes place one that involves growing up and moving away from home or getting a job and going to community collage. Normal people handle this well. My brother did and now he is back near by ( well now he is in AZ) but he still lives at home with his mom.

Now through in CP ,NVLD, OCD and a fear about the future it is hard. I personally do not want to levee high school and leave the familiar that i have had since I was a newborn. I am not that independent and the aspect of a roommate in collage scares me. The fact that i have normal intelligence means that I can not stay until I am 21 which means fall next year I am going to be lost.

Now that I am a senor my parents and i have to plan for the rest of my life. This has to be the scariest part of transition as the future seems like a big black abyss. i am so scared like i have ever been. I love things to stay the same so these next months are going to be scary. I know i do not want to live in a group home and although I want to live at home next year I doubt I will always be comfortable living at home so I will need to learn how to live on my own. I want to get married and have some kids so I can coach there teams help with scouts etc will that happen i sure hope so. I want to be a self advocate and an author for the disabled and make the world more inclusive but i will need some help. I hope some adults at school will continue to help me as I transition from there but until i leave in May I am going to enjoy every last minute of my high school experience. My advice to all parents is to enjoy the kids as they are kids and listen to them and help make their dreams come true.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day memories from long ago

Well on friday I did not get any candy lays like last year but there was a rally and to my delight I got to play knockout and lost. Knock out is a basketball game in case u do not know. Anyway Happy Vanities Day well a day early. I might post pics of what I do tomorrow on vanities day with my mom (as my two sister are playing V ball in las vegas with their travel team anyway happy V day everyone.

I remember when I was in elementary school I got to celebrate the holidays with my class ( I was complete mainstreamed in grade school) we would make little mailboxes and bags and everyone had the option to make valentines day cards. If you made some back in elementary school you had to give them to everyone which I think was preaty standard back then.

In sixth grade all the kids from my grade( I was in middle school) got to go to a party in the gym with the whole pod that was very fun.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A perfect example of Inculsion.

time 12:20 Augest 9 2010
place English classroom belonging to Mr T who is an general ed teacher a bunch of students inculcating AZ
who has NVLD and CP making group work and public speaking hard for her to do.

Mr.T was talking to his students about Orthel
lo and to start out the unit he was taking a abbreviated script for groups of three to act out. Mr.T knows how hard group work is for Az so he says that she is Director and has to find out the tone of the play. AZ loves the idea because he told her it is kinda like AP work( he also teaches to Senior AP- English) and she has always wanted to take. About ten minutes latter the class reconvines and he sits with AZ and togeter watch the play ( a actor who will remain nameless) got near the director but he moved back much to AZ's delight) Then Mr T asks AZ a question and she got it wrong but it dose not matter what matters is that Inclusion happened and she was one happy girl at lunchtime. Mr.T is genius

Why did it work:
Mr .T knows that social stuff are hard for AZ & IT always ends in frustration of monopolizing the
project. He also knows that Az loves a challenge and wishes that she was in AP. He put 2 together took the script and wrote tone on it in certain points for her to do while the others were practicing the same scene. He then helped check her work when she was done at his desks. The result is one happy well ran classroom and a kid who can grin and say that she was an director today and had fun doing a special job.
AZ 8-10-09

Saturday, February 6, 2010

You have to see this movie

comes on tonight on hbo I can not wait !!!

now to set my dvr and do some homework

ugh homework well that is just one of the down sides of inculsive education.