Monday, September 28, 2009

On your mark get set blog

Yeah it is that time of year again. October is coming up which means leaves change color , days get shorter, Wood and Buzz go on screen in 3-D


Get It Down; 31 for 21

come back on Thursday can not wait to read all those comments. U do not have to have DS to participate leave me a comment and go sign up on Unringing the bell

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sorry but u can not come oveer to my house today

because I am sick. I have been sick since yesterday. I have not posted much because I have not had any comments. You guys can help me post more by leaveing me a comment. I love to read what readers think so if u are a reader but not a comenter just type something it is not that hard to do

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun for all Friday

 Hi  blog readers. If u  have read  Another give away u  would know that starting  in October  I will be sharing my memories from birth to  first grade. In addition to this I am starting fun for all Friday a series of  post to all of my inclusive activities that i  partook in outside  during my childhood which will lead up to my days of golf  for  my high school it souled be  fun.  The fun  starts today  

    In the house  we  live in now we  have a lot of space downstairs and when I was young it was called the playroom.  I loved to play in there with my sisters. My parents didn't have a special  time for me to  play  apart from book gal and princess even though I was disabled.  I always had lots of fun  because  I could play  along with my sisters,brother and cousins when they  visited needless to say  I'd love  our playroom and complained the most when mom converted it to the dining room when I was in second grade 
playing in the kitchen
Batter up  (OK so  it is just me  but i  am still sting it because  someone else took the pic and  my sisters could have been  close by )  

 next week   more pics of the play room  including the one at our old house 

Thursday, September 17, 2009



Saturday, September 12, 2009

A another give away

A Ellen's blog   To The Max  for  the  Including  Samuel  DVD.  If  u  do not remember I  posted  about  it   in  April.    if  u do not  win remember  u  can   watch it  on   your local public  television station. The  great thing about  this is ,unlike  educating peter   this  movie is  up to date on inclusion. I have not yet seen it  but I  can not wait for it  to come to my local pbs station.

 Speaking about inclusion i have decided to  try to post about my school days    starting next  month   which is  Disability  Awareness month  until  I graduate in  June 2010.  I am excited about it as I  hope u are  to 

topics  in October  will include   

 preschool  both  typical and special  needs 


first grade 

plus  pics of me in  various  costume  from  my  trick or treating  nights 


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my birthday, ocd & other stuff

hi blogger readers i am sorry it has been a while however I am here to update u all on life.

On Sunday I turned 18.I know my birth story was just a title I wanted my mom to post about my actul birth day. Stay turn the earliest it will be posted is this Friday

OCD: it came back uhh just when I thought it was old news. Last night I could not sleep. If anyone prays can u send prayers on my behalf to Northerner California thanks

no soccer Yeah the coach will not let me play more on this latter when ocd levels out (see above)

I made the practice team for golf.

I am liking English and am being more socal at lunch thank you Clayton for the confidence booster

Disability awareness club is up and running (@my highschool) seconded meeting is on Thursday.Please pray I get over ocd by then

sorry for not posting in a while. i have lots of cool ideas that I am going to try to implment so hang in there

Friday, September 4, 2009

A new Nick story

Tommy thinks back
A nick adventure book

By Az Chapmen

“Mom,” said Kelsey

“Yes princess”,

“Can I invite Jackie over to play? “

“ Sure,’

Kelsey dilled the number on the phone. Her teacher assigned telephone practice so Kelsey knew what to do. She dilled the numbers and waited Jackie were excited to come to Kelsey house on Friday after school.

On Friday morning when Kelsey mom took her daughter to school she talked with Jackie’s mom and enchanted phone numbers. Kelsey and Jackie were excited to go to Kelsey’s house

Kelsey and Jackie enjoyed a nice lunch of chicken fingers and. Jackie chose to be princess Jasmine and keyless loved playing sleeping beauty. They played on the playground that was the neighborhoods which was located across the street from Kelsey house

Kelsey and Jakie were saving there princess when a yellow school bus pulled up in front of Kelsey house Jackie got curious

“ Kelsey,” Jackie asked, “why is the bus at your house.”

“Oh that is just my big brother he is a fourth grade.” All kindergartens knew fourth graders got out later then they did. “Lets keep playing we have to cross the faming pit to save the boys.”

“Ok ,”

When the bus dropped nick off he went to meet his sister’s new friend. He rolled himself in his wheelchair,

Jackie had crossed the monkey bars as nick approached the play structure Jackie got a weird feeling inside when she saw him. Nick seemed to have water coming out of his moth. Nicks feet were even scarier. It was as if someone had handcrafted them to the seat. She told her best friend ,’‘Hay I do not like that neighbor of yours he is scary.”

“Who,” said Kelley?

“ Him “ Jake pointed to the kid in the wheelchair.

“ Oh that is my brother.”

“ Tell him to leave.”

“Nick can you go home.”

“ Why,” asked nick

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get out of here she is afraid of you

Nick left

That night before bed Kate got a nock at the door she opened it and in came Tommy

Hi little sis


I heard what happen today


You know you hurt nicks feeling today

I know but I could not help it Jackie is my friend

Nick is your brother,

Tommy nick is weird. I hate it that he drools or he can’t do stuff like you. Nick is my brother but he is hard for Jackie to like him

I know I know something happened with nick when I was your age. TJ did not like nick at first when he fries met him

No way said Kelsey who knew Tj and nick got along fine

Yeah but when we were little nick had a walker and severe seizures so tm was freaked out, I

What did you do?

I stood up for nick saying that he is my brother who I love and cherish him. He is my best playmate

What did TJ say?

He said fine and gave nick a chance and now he gets along fine listen Kelsey There is something me and you have to do. We have a brother who has a disability, he is funny and smart we know that he knows we know that others di not we have to teach others that he is normal because he is He is his own normal ok

Ok can you read me a bedtime story?

Sure and the two siblings read a book and Kelsey went to sleep thinking about how next time she would act different next time she would tell Jackie or whoever lese shied around her brother to give him a chance because he is my brother whom I love

come back on sunday for a special post in honor of my 18 b day