Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Senior year

Hi blogspere sorry I have not been around much but if the last post did not give you a heads up I started school last week.How is it going alright dose it feel good being the big kid on campus . yeah .Oh yeah after the Summer you had you are back in Spanish right no way . I miss it thoughSpanish book from the level I would have been in is about the coolest thing ever. I am hopping to fix this soon. I am also asking for some prayer request tomorrow is my golf tryout . I did horrible on Monday scoring sevens on a four par .It is really stressing me out a lot I am going to do my best and see how it goes. I relay want to be on the team, On a positive note soccer meeting was today we are going to have fun this fall playing on Wednesday during a period how cool is that. tomorrow I have a collage meeting one of the collage representatives will be on campus. i think it is from University of Colorado,and i also start money management (after trying pre cal which was to hard but hay I am not that thick)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

got some bad news and some good news and something to bring it all togeterher

Bad News : A big disability advocate died today. Well this morning Eunice Kennedy Shiver died . She was 88 years old. Eunice was the founder of the special Olympics. She believed in all people even those with disabilities could succeed. She made it possible for the good news.
Good news; I have my drivers permit today one of my summer goals archived .
I am vary lucky to have been born in the 90's . In the 90's Life Goes On was
teaching people that people with disailitie had more abilities then people give them credit ADA was passed.

Let's imagine for a minute that i was born in the 60.'s In the 60's most people with disabilities were locked away in intuitions or kept at home. ( my dad 's friend's brother had DS ) No one thought they could do much and could not contribute in a manful way. Imagine a disabled teenager from the 60's without IEP the chance to mainstream to be independent. Then you can understand what Eunice saw and deiced to do something about it thus the Special Olympics was born.
As a special Olympics athlete and a disabled advocate (in training ) I have a lot of respect and thankfulness for the work Eunice did. special Olympics use sports to change the way people see people with disabilities as people (as Clayton puts it ) with different abilities
I am glad I was born in the 90's and have been given chance after chance to be the best person I can be .

I am glad to have grown up in the 90's and 200s a time where
it is passable for a person with a disabled to go to mainstream school, play sports, discover new sports and use them to mainstream into typical sports at there high school, go to collage , and even get there driver license. Thank you Eunice shrive for working so hard to befit people with disabilities rest in peace.

Friday, August 7, 2009

postive thinking dose take you far

A week ago today I finished working at a summer camp as a CIT. I went for two weeks missing a week in the middle for bike camp. You may be wondering how the post got this title well I am about to tell you.

I want to flashback to early June of this year.I was fresh out of high school with my lowest grades ever and had gotten kick out of Spanish. I always had wanted to be a camp consular so I called them up and got a interview for later in the week with a guy named Clayton.(not his real name) and Natale( not the real name again. I told them the truth about my lack of social skills and thought I had blown it big time. Clayton called me up not only to say I got the job but that they were thrilled to see me.

When camp started things got tough I had a scaly skill to learn and Claton and Natile both
wanted to help me. I admit it I shut down and I said they were nice to me and I did not want to ruin it and I should go home. Instead of giving up they helped me through it and roiled played with me.

the second week I did bike camp more on this later

The last week I went Clayton and Natile wanted me to switch groups
to a group with older kids. i was not up for the switch as i hate change but after a lot of persuasion i adjusted well to my new group. (On Friday ) last Friday anyway Clayton called each cit into the room to be evaluated. I did great dispiProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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what ms H said.

This summer has been magical in that I have grown. I have grown because I was around people who believed that I could be a successful CIT . I can not describe how that makes a difference. I think the easiest way to sum it up is that if you around people who are positive and believe in you and will not give up on you then you in turn start to believe in yourself. Clayton was a guy who no matter what the problems I had tried to stay as happy as possible; and for that I want to thank Clayton and Natile for helping gain self confidence. I know it will help me out in the future.