Friday, June 26, 2009

End of a era

So last Friday was my last day of Standford golf camp I went two times this summer and one time last summer. I had fun and learned a lot. Last year go ( My school coach ) told me i improved so much I wonder what he will say when the season starts up in June

For those who are new or did not read this blog last year click on the golf label and read last year golf camp post . There is other cool stuff as well.

I am in DC today and will be back Monday night so i might post then or Tuesday morning

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tru confessions thursday

I love this movie it stars Shia LaBeou (did u know that he started acting on Disney Chanel). It is about twins one of which has a developmental disability(La beou). The twins enter high school l. The life is full of typical teen against but things change for the family when a video contest leads the typical teen to make a movie about her brother.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Special Exposure Wednessday : me in a bag

pic from chemistry
I think Mr .D liked doing this to me

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Special Exposure Wednessday : mid evil party

Earlier this month i went to hmb for the annual spring dance I had fun well as much fun as u can have if their is a click of gals who are mean to you and you do not have the self esteems needed for ignoring or giving up trying to work it out. sigh

yay me

my prize candy
It was all mine

I think I still have some candy left.
the dance was on June 6.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday grains of gratiude

1 I am in golf camp Coach S is not their but I am still enjoying it I won two balls already I am doing it this week as well

2 Mom had a safe trip to Chicago

3 My mom's mom and uncle T were able to take me to golf camp on friday . T had to go to her grandson's graduation from middle school. ( how is that even passable). Mom was in Chicago and dad was working. thank you uncle l for taking me I had soo much fun.

4 I won two golf balls

5 I found some cool stuff stay toon to find more

6 I was on television last night on Comcast for Special Olympics i will tell more later The consulars at Standford want to see it and i am sure u all do to, It is a small part but the rest is good .

7 Saw the sneak peak of the propsal in one of my favorite towns. I also saw up with my dad i give both movies two thumbs Up lol

8 book gal is out of school she is fun to have round the house and she and her best friend love hanging out together

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bear hugs for people who have CP

This idea was inspired by this project

The main idea is that a Afghan travails to a family whose member has Down syndome. For one week the Afghan is the families and they are encourage to take pictures with it around there town

so what is the bear hugs thing

The bear would travel to a family who had a member with Cp and they would keep a journal and take photos and could even buy a outfit for the bear. Sounds cool right so now i need your help. If you have a blog or do not but are interested let me know .

If you do blog

post about it with a link back to this post on the blog. In order for this to take off I think i need about 20 people who are interested throughout the world. I also have to ok it with my mom and who knows maybe bulid a bear could give me a discount.

Monday, June 8, 2009

You are never to old to be a artist

On a summers day. Or in my case last Saturday. The weather was nice so book girl and Princess decide to go in our backyard and do sidewalk chalk by our sports court I tried getting a pic of all of our steps but mine was the only one that came out. My theme was finding Nemo

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy B day mom

ok so my mom grew up in the 60's so I will impresse u guys by doing history review

Civil rights act was passed

Kennedy was president

Vietnam war

But the most important event was the fact that my mom was born and raised in the 60's

Happy B day mom


Monday, June 1, 2009

Nicks first day of fourth grade

Nick is a typical nine and a half year old in many ways. Nick has a dad mom little sister named Kelsey and an older brother named Tommy. He loves sports videogames, pizza and Saturday cartoons on television and he also happens to have Cerebral Palsy, which means he has a hard time walking

Nick also enjoyed summer vacation but that was going to end tomorrow because tomorrow he would be going to Aaronson Elm entry school with Kelsey. Kelsey would be in kindergarten and Nick would be in the fourth grade.

“ Nick wake up wake up wake up it is time for school. Nick’s mom said”


Nick opened his eyes and looked around his room he counted down from ten

Nick pushed himself up into his wheelchair and made a way for his dresser. He got his shirt on and picked up his pants and wheeled himself into the bathroom and using an electric troth bush brushed his teeth.

Nick got dressed with some help from his dad with lacing up his shoes, putting on his socks, and pants. Then he went downstairs to eat cereal Nick Loves creel

After breakfast nick and keyless and Tommy stood by the front door to take first day of school pictures. Nick ‘s brother was going to start middle school in the sixth grade Nick waved goodbye as his brother caught his bus to the journo high.

Nick’s parents took Nick and Kelsey to school. At Aragon elementary school all the kids were arriving, by bus, bike or parents like nick and Kelsey were. Nick wanted to speed off to find his friends from the third grade who were also going to be froth graders with him. His mom and dad wanted nick to go with Kelsey to her room, so he sighed that big brother sigh and wheeled to the room

When Kelsey got to her classroom nick saw that she had his old kindergarten teacher. I Ms Paroling he said

At the playground for older kids nick found his friends Bring Steve and lily ; playing on the playground. Bring was doing the monkey bars Steve was climbing on the wall and Lily was jumping rope. Nick could not do these things but he was glad to see his friends having fun.

When the bell rang nick mom came up to him in attempts to push him to class

No mom I am a big boy now I can wheel myself to class so he did

Nicks new teacher for the year was Mrs.Franlile her husband was a firemen who worked with nicks father so he knew her very well and wanted to have her for froth grade.

Nick saw his desk and a black backpack so he secedes around for Maxwell who was nicks personal helper. Nix’s friend brain said he was lucky to have a helper. Nick also taught that this was cool.

Hi nick give me some skin said Maxwell

Ok nick said. ‘How was your summer

Great how was yours

Awesome I went swimming played at curacy chasse and visited my grandparents

Nick was happy to be back at school until it came time for circle time. All the other kids sat on the floor nick had to sit in his char. He did not mind thought in fact he just pretended he was on the floor next to his buddy Brian.

After r circle time came reading time. Nick loves to read he espial loves to read sports Today he read a poem about froth grade and correct the mistake.

Nick favorite time of day was recess. He loved playing with the other kids Nick welled himself down to the basketball coots to play a game, Nick can play basketball from his wheelchair in fact he is the only one in the froth grade that can make a three point shot

After recess came math time, Nick hated math more then anything. He played a game about getting to a hundred and he did ok

Maxwell seemed to noticed that a new boy was feeling uncomfortable but did not bother to tell Nick, He was having success in math something he did not have often,

At loch nick gobbled down the cafeteria food and talked with the other friends about what they did over the summer.

After lunch Ms frankly ducted that the students should switch seats for history. Nick was fine with the idea until his new tablemate kept staring at him,

“Hi I am Nick,“

“ You talk,” the boy said in shock. “I thought cause you were in chair you cannot talk.”

“I can I just can’t walk that well.”

“ Sorry I have not met anyone like you, I used to live in Chicago but my family moved my name is Patrick.”

“I know it says it on the desk,” Nick punted to his desk where a picture of compass was next to Patrick’s name.

“ How did you end up like this?” ask Patrick

“ Well I was born with something called cerebral palsy. I cannot walk very well so I use my wheelchair to get around. I do not mind it because it is something I use to help me be independent.”

“Cool but why is your dad here.”

Nick giggled, ”That is not my dad that is Maxwell. My dad is a fireman who works with Mrs.Franlile husband. Max job is to help me out like when I need to stretch my legs from this wheelchair. I think of Maxwell as someone that hangs out with me because he is so cool. He has a son with cerebral palsy who is in collage.”

“You can go to collage.”

Yes sure can. Then I want to be a announcer for the NBA.”
Settle down guy’s time to start the lesson said Maxwell

At the end of the day nick mom picked her son up from school and when she asked how his day went Nicks said that he a fanatic first day of froth grade, Even though he had someone ask him why he could not do things Nick made a note to himself to invite Patrick over for a play date

what do u guys think. Nick is a fictional character that I wrote summer school when I was around nine years old . My hope is that the concept could be turned into a seres of storybooks that will teach kids about others with disablities and for kids with disablities to give them someone who they can realte to . My hope is that Nick will be a seres featureing others with disablities. in the back of the book my ideas is to have Do you know featureing storyies about kids with disablities around the same age as nick.