Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday grains of gratiude

1 School is out for the summer I have so much to do around here (blog make photo montages of my school career I am also going to be going to golf camp might be a camp conserlar. I am going to DC as well.

2 I got invited to a bbq by two girls who are "normal" To make it even more exiciteing these two girls were in my spanish class (no none of them have a brother with ds. If that is any indication about how social life senor year will be I can not wait. Of course I want to take spainsh next year

3 I am TRYING hard to fallow directions at home THE FIRST TIME THEY ARE GIVEN. It is time I start acting like a adult

4 My dad got me some books two coumputer games and 3 gamecube games.

5 Book gal turned 16 see below and wish her a happy birthday she is really studying hard for finals.Oh I am glad those are over for me.

6 Got a award for poetry and was honnored at school i will post more on this soon.

7 princess finshed her first year of high school

8 I have more time to look at blogs yeah

9 I have a come back later to here them espascily if y have a kid with CP

10 special olymipics young atlete photos are up guss what update will happen this week

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy birthday book gal sweet 16

Book gal has it tough she is in the middle of two kids one of whom is disabled (amm that's me but that is a whole norther post so what has book gal done well y will find out.

1 born in may met me begin walking all over the place .

2 Moved to our current house and if that was not bad enough princess came along.

3 got into everything loved to climb the stars cabin ts etc ( this sums of her toodlerhood ) saw snow for the first time and shocked grandma by running across the street

4 Drew on your wall Dad had read you Diego Rivera and you wanted to do what he did

5 Stared kindergarten was a elephant for a school sing along

6 moved schools met K and had fun dressing up and had a hard time learning to read (the irony)

7 Rode bikes with AZ;s class on Sundays had so much fun was so fast Ms S had to ride ahead with u and princess .

8 Had a really cool teachers loved science class

9 broke your leg and had to stop judo much to your liking

10 played Church b ball won a race with K and her fatheProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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11 started middle school at your current Private school

12 went to Disneyland and universal studios

13 became popular fitted in not as shy anymore

14 entered high school made friends with M

15 Went to china over the summer and fell in love with chemistry) ( how did that happened)

things you might do when your 16
16 learn how to drive get ready to take on the responsibly and start to think about collage

tried uploding pics but can not until then then y can watch her grow by watching the video below.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Salir Spainsh

For those of you who do not know salir means to leave. It is the end of the year but this year is different next year I won't be in Spanish anymore. I hate this . I have enjoyed Spanish just yesterday I watched a movie and played a game. I can change the speech from english to spainsh a movie and watch it I can understand what I read it is so cool.

Az if u love it why not go on to Spanish four

well Group work is the reason.

Ms H said i can watch movies or get a tutor but really I enjoy being in the class. I do not mean to be a nuisance to others but I have a right to learn. right ?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

news just in


happy mothers day

My mom has to be the greats mom  in the  world. She keeps me safe  and   conforts me  when I am  down.   right now she is in  Oakland  watching book gal  play  volleyball  but  we will celebrate   mothers day    later. I love  her so much. thanks mom for   loving me   while  letting  me grow and dream  I love you so much.

  ok   this is from last year but I love it all   the same.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

you have to read this book

From the kid in the corner to a great-seconded grade teacher: The story of Mr. Brad Cohen
Front of the class
By Brad Cohen and Lisa Wysoky
221 pages
St. Martin’s press

Receiving a teaching award is what teachers hope for. One Georgia teacher received such an award despite odds being against him. His name is Brad Cohen, and after hearing his background you might have your doubts if he could really teach, let alone do it in a way that is so admirable.
Cohen has Turrets Syndrome. Which meant that his days in elementary and middle school were unpleasant. Teachers and students would pick on Cohen. The reason being is that Turrets Syndrome causes him to make noises and sounds he cannot control. In the classroom Brad’s outburst and his inability to focus led many teachers to be frustrated with him and made him a challenge to teach. Brad had no friends growing up and to make matters worse his father and mother were divorced so much of Brad’s care fell on his mother, Ellen Cohen. Ellen Cohen who also had to deal with Cohen’s younger sibling, Jeff who was hyper making it hard to parent the two boys by herself. His dad was around on weekend visits and sports games, but like his teachers got frustrated with him.

Finally for Cohen, his life changed for the better when his principle asked him to make a speech about his condition, which was unknown due to the fact that Cohen grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Once he did Cohen got acceptance from both faculty and the student body. This and his previous experiProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ce helped him realize what career he wanted which was a elementary school teacher that would help all kids gains a love of learning, which he had never had. After coming to that conclusion Cohen graduated high school and collage went on interviews to become a teacher outside of Atlanta Georgia. His life story was documented in the book Front of the Class, written by Brad Cohen and Lisa Wysocky

Cohen’s book takes place in Missouri, Illinois and Georgia. All of these places had people that were not talent to the fact to his Turrets Syndrome. In the book Cohen describes countless of these occasion like getting kicked out of movie theaters to rallying the whole student body of Bradley University to boycott a restaurant near by. Cohen’s childhood was spent in two houses. The second consisted of a playroom but was hard for Cohen to adjust to because his mother slept on a different floor of the house.
The author’s writing style is fairly easy to follow, despite the fact that they jump around to different memories of Cohen’s life and describe how those experiences influenced his life and teaching philosophy.

This book’s biggest theme in overcoming obstacles. Brad had to overcome many obstacles to having his dream of becoming a teacher. Another theme in this book is achieving your dreams no matter what people say or other obstacles that get in your way.

In concussion Front of the Class in a great read. Kids who love him as well as adults describe Cohen as a great teacher. He is a hero who shows us that with a positive attitude anything is possible.

( Brad’s story was recently capered in a Hallmark hall of frame movie Front of the Class here is the trailer it is now to own on DVD)

I also have added his site &blog to my side bar as Brad's Blog not to be confused with Brady's brunch

Thursday, May 7, 2009

that was not supposed to happen

This title could be used to describe my life so far.

For example I have CP OCD and NLD that was not supposed to happen..

or I would not be able to walk... Well i can walk.

I will not run without falling. Now I have played on traditional ayso teams and play Church basketball,

for lack of time i am going to skip other events but I will come back to it in the summer.

I was not supposed to last a whole year in AP United History .. well I have and am taking the ap exam along with my fellow classmates tomorrow. I take the test with two things on my mind.

1 ) not Meany people in the typical high school population take AP history. I mean at my high school there are only four claProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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es of AP history. I am the only one with significant disabilities in all classes. It is a honor no matter what my score will be. It is a great honor. I have not had it essay ever but I am a fighter and have the odds against me but in the end I have against been alright. Plus on my ap practice test I got a 44/ 45

2) All the history I have learned.

ps luck will be ; good thing for me still. I have to hand write 3 essays which in it of itself is hard but with& nld it makes it a nightmare. I am more worried on this and the time it will take more then the essay.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the tots are comeing the tots are comeing

to Special Olympics Northern California which is my local SO. Kids ages 2 to 6 will be partaking in a Young Athlete activity day. I can not wait to volunteer.

to learn more watch here

i will post more after the games

Friday, May 1, 2009

Glass are dangerous

Why are glasses dangerous one might ask. I mean they are used to help one see no. Well today was a exception to that. You see I was in Spanish class being the kid who can not be quite. My teacher hates this I mean she thinks that questions from me are not always good. Well I admit there is some truth to that. I do like attention but also need help. So when Ms H looks at me at the end of class when I ask for a question I shut down and instead turn my focus to my pack to pack up for brunch. Two girls had prom pictures and talked to ms H and showed them to her/Well I was planing on seeing them and all so I finished packing up. Everything was almost put away except my glasses but as I tyred to put them in my backpack they accidental flew across the room. The closes thing i could say was fumbling because they were use off my face. Ms H turned around and got vary mad. I told her that I did not mean too. But in the RSP room the teacher said that ms h said i thew the glasses across the room. I did not mean to but hay I am a the same kid who dose not know social skills and was not talking the moment before when she tried to help me but if u read above I shut doown. I admit I was shoveing pappers into my backpack but I am a good person and I did not mean too. I am telling the truth I am not mean and I know that thowing stuff is not apportie