Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bad news

Well for those of you who are woundering where I have been here is the post u all are waiting for .

what happened

date April 16 ( Day before a ten page report is due)

place home

people dad

what happened . I come home from school to find that my dad has put a lock on my computer like a parental control. He says my grades are bad and I spend to much time on the web. I can not get onto my face book or Meany websites . In fact this was supposed to be block but by a twist of Fatah it is not thus I am back to blog suffering yeah . So if you miss seeing me on facebook wait and when summer vacation starts I will be back . IN THE MEAN TIME VISIT SEA SIDE SCARVES

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something needs to be done.

Ok so this week I have been thinking a lot about a new program for students with NLD or Aspergers. You see the hardest part about nld or As is that we have normal to above norm when it comes to books. Unlike Meany learning disabilities are problems start when the first lunch bell rings or if it is time for group work. there fore a traditional sped class would not serve us well. What we need is a rsp class where two or three times a week we work on scaly skills/ life skills and we can then go to the regular education class for our subjects . Some classes like Spanish or a class that requires a lot of group work could be co taught by a geanal ed teacher and rsp teacher that could just work with NLD and As kids by breaking down group work so the kids can graduate feeling that they can successfully work with peers with out causing a big problem. With me I think this would be a grate program. I do not like being labeled as "the hardest kid to teach ." I hate seeing my mom and dad's sad faces when they hear what a nascence i have been at school. I really don't. This program needs to happen so kids with nld or As do not suffer and there teachers can enjoy teaching them. I am hoping with Obamma in the white house for the next four years we will be able to start some "tester programs" in the middle and high school level.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Poem for the web

(Me in Disneyland next to my beloved childhood movie icon the aliens summer 2006 Princess is next to me )
Do not stereotype me

Just because I’m disabled
I’m not a science fair project so please do not stare.
Ask a question?
I do not mind
And have the time
To spare.
I’m not trying to talk weir d so do not take it as such
And I am not slow hate and I it when people think I am.

Just because I’m disable
I don’t enjoy teasing or bullying so think before you speak
I’m not a product of an accident that should not have been here
I don’t just wonder around aimlessly
And I don’t know any one with a disability who dose.

Just because I’m disabled
I’m not a baby even if I wish I were on hard days
I don’t have a sickness or illness
And I don’t plan to be a burden to my society my whole life.
In fact I want to enrich my community

Just because I’m disabled
Don’t me that you are more perfect then me
Smarter then me

Saturday, April 11, 2009

who said Hunting and baskets are for little kids

well I am here to tell u that is not always the case. Easter is tomorrow and with that comes egg hunt. Egg hunt are fun but who said the fun must end when you turn 12. I am here to tell y in our house we have a money hunt how dose it work u ask let me tell you. the plastic eggs you know the ones that pop open are all you need and some eager tweens or teens. Have someone hide the plastic eggs and let the teens go lose. At the end make sure everyone gets a even adamant of money.

for kids or teens with special needs It is critical if they look or move slower to give them a head start and have someone help them this is what normally happens with me for past egg /money hunts
I hope these tips help everyone have a fun and safe Easter

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hay guys I have a cool news storys to share with y all but not right now . Now I need a huge favor can u guys look at SEA SIDE Scarfs we have not been getting any hits and LG is getting well frustrated please help her get the business off the ground Thank you

Monday, April 6, 2009

what happends if people with disablities are given a chancee

all three of these young men need to start a foundation because not all disabled athletes are not as lucky. These coaches took a chance and that means a lot. I hope this trend can spreed across the world this is inclusion at it finest

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday grains of gratiude

Wow I can not belive I have not bloged on sunday for a while yes I still remer how to do it so here it gose
1 Princess got braces and she likes time, Her ortho has a cool office I hope I can see it soon,

2 book girl has a lot of freinds. She had spring break last week and had fun with them. they all went to see monsters vs aliens.
3 My job is going well on monday I got to help out in the workroom which is like oT for high schoolers with disablities so fun.
4 Have a chem tutor who is really nice
5 Not compleaty cured from ocd but am soo darn close fingers crossed.

6 Hannah Montana comes out This friday
7 got to have a photo shoot a cupple hours ago ( like Ms A did with her new school for the website guess who had fun waching that ) with J and her friend I played wii and piano. Princess played v ball and painted her toes and book gal read lol.

8 Zoe has a green squeky ball that she enjoys playing with. It is so much better for her theeth then rocks but she loves them.
9 Actualy got to do a sunday grains of gradiutde

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where is the esay button

In Spanish three (or how we call it 5-6) there is a lot of group work, So that means that if someone has Nld or As teachers would be at a loss as to what to do for u. I am not the easiest person . Do I yell and scream when I do not mean to,. yup. Is there poof ?Do I love getting my way? you bet. Do I mean to be destructive or the hardest kid in the class? No. Do i like making people happy and have good intention's? Yes Well a weeks a go I had group work and there was a substitute teacher. right there is a big bomb about to go off. We had to make a comic strip about high school life, We are lea ring about relating to people Yes I know the irony. I wanted to do a story about the SO coming to my school. My partners did not want to but told me to work by myself. I thought about it and I ? myself but the kids said. " Ms.H will be proud of u because u are doing a 2 person job by yourself." " Turn it in we will get points Ms H will not be mad It will be ok . alright is getting s 0 which brought your grade from a- to a b - Ok .. No I feel so mad I feel betrayed and because of the fact that i am the hardest kid she has to have taught . Ms A where are u? Ms H dose not be live me. I feel lost and confused I do not want to fail high school, Life is hell right now today more then anytime this week becacuse she added the grade into the computer and my partners the liers walk off with a poster on the wall and a A. I drew stuff on the paper My drawings are vary basic so she can recognize them but who get the 0 me. I am not lying nor trying to make things up. I am so lost and it not fun. I got to go start my hw if I chose to do school tom arrow.

pic is of me in eight grade watching Princes's b ball game march 2006