Thursday, February 26, 2009

Calling all readers

there has not been a lot of comments which frustrates me. If u are reading this plesase leave a comment so I do not feel so lonely over her thanks

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday grains of graditude

1 I had a basketball game today. We had fun and I was a great passer. ( yeah this is totally surpassing when y think about how well i work in group). We got a bonus and had so much fun. We got first place.

2 J and Jo Elle came down to visit us on Friday. This was really nice and I had so much fun. little J is so cute and his brother is cute too. He was standing using my fingers. I can not wait to see them in April.

3 I am on the final frontier to mastering OCD.

4 My mom came to b ball practice on Saturday. It was fun to have her watch me even if she talked to DD's mom. She is not so bad ether. She was kinda nice to me today.

5 Mr C and hopefully Ms H are coming to watch my next torment.

6 The leadership teacher at the high school loves my power point on how I would like disability awareness to work at my school.

7 For my family. They are always here to help me when i need it, I love them so much and now on the eve of me finishing OCD for a while I just want to say thanks. Princess's classmate passed away and it made me think of some of the hard times i went through as a freshmen and how they helped take care of me. Thanks guys for believing in me though thick and thin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Special Exposure Wednessday : Eating my first ever made cookie

Q: Why cook AZ?

A: I had a Spanish project and we (My group and i) had to do a how to project and they are using my pics and speaking for most of it. Turn back later to see the rest of the photos

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines day

To celebrate why not watch. Mozart and the whale about two adults with Aspergers who fall in love . It is on You Tube with Spanish subtitles. But not to worry it is spoken in English.

note this is not suitable for kids under 13 hence PG 13 has cuss words a bedroom scene and suicide with pills

Speaking of Aspranger/ Nld guess what happened. I was sitting in Spanish when all of a sudden I got2 candy negligee. I thought ms h gave it to me and accessed her of doing so. Her face got all red and tried that if she got me one she would have to get everyone one. I found the person at brunch. ( kinda like recess in high school however with out the sports and such. I think he has had a crush on me since freshmen year. We took History together ( before i did AS) and he annoyed me so much that the teacher ( who now has princess) had to move him for my sanity. He is a soccer player so I might see him around next year see below.

Also what better way for me to celebrate Valentines then knowing that cousin J arrived home at midnight on Friday from the war .

got image from

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Off of the sidelines and into the game ?

Well today was my high schools last soccer game of the 08 -09 year . It was a senor night and Sophomore night and I was there doing what I do best cheer on my team and pick up out of bounds balls to hand back to the players to throw them in and make sure the ball is by the goal and kick the ball around at half time. I have been to most of my schools high school soccer home games and even videotaped a game. I wanted to play in a senior night I talked to the varsity coach and he said that he heard of J mac and did not see why he could not provide me with a similar chance. I asked him if he just said that to be nice and clam me down. He told me it is a possibility over and over again So maybe just maybe I can have a senior night. that would be totally cool.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thank you shannon

for my blog makeover didn't she do a great job I love the ne life and times don't you . thanks Shannon I love my new blog

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Friendship theif

(9No this is not a title to a book or short story, This is my life as I know it right now and it sucks. Well it all started last week when my neighbor D told me that he rides his bike to DD house Who is DD well she is short and deaf and white, We used too be friends but now we are not ON Friday D came over and we were talking while playing Gutar hero and DD came up, D said that she is soo nice to him and he is her friend and what not. "

I known her way longer. We were in dippers when we met D says she is mean to me beeaucse I betrayed her.

What that is not true . DD has told the other kids at the SO to ignore me beacuse I betrayed her. I have NLD alredy I do not have the socal skills and on top of this there is a lie going around with who else knows what. I talked to her ( Ok so I yelled( and DD and A who used to be my friend with LG stood up for her and then laughed as I walked away. I am so mad and sad. I do not understand why people always always stand up for her and never once for me. i am not asking for much just someone to tell her that. AZ is so nice and if you make her feel bad then I do not want to be friends with you anymore. It hurts and the rasson why it hurts the most is I can not understand why someone who is so mean can have soo meany friends. We must live in a preaty twisted world if this is true oh wait it is high school. Please tell your kids to stand up to others for bullying and name calling. I feel as if I will be an outcast forever.

and to make matters worse my back has been hurting since saturday.