Thursday, January 29, 2009

School parternship program

Today I got to represent my high school in the first ever special Olympics youth summit for the bay area. I was the only Representative from my high school . The day started out with leadership and what it takes to be a great leader. ( friendly nice lovable were some I remember) . We listened to Soren speech about the dread r word had a scavenger hunt and I got to share about what it's like to have the best of both word: having a disability and being smart, but at the same time being so isolated from my peers at lunch time.

In the end each school got together to make a leadership plain for spreding disability awareness around the school. ( the students were special and typical high school and middle collage students) I was the only one from my high school but after some encouragement came up with some idea. The best one is a disability week ( or day) for the entire student body along with helping at a young athlete day in may.
I had so much fun and met so Meany new people. ( and saw some some b ball friends from HMB). I am exacted to get more people at my high school aware about disability awareness at my high school. I am hoping that students ( and staff )see that we ( disabled individuals) have more ABILITIES then disabilities .
to learn more about the program visit this
website and poke around it is new and improved stick around to here how it goes at my high school.

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Monday, January 26, 2009


78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Now back to hw

ps I was surpied that is was not higher then this

what did y get

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday grains of graditude

1 Obama presidency . The lesson this has taught me is the little person can still mean. Throughout history African Americans have been the underdog having to fight for civil rights and all.. I am so proud to be an American, My mom went down to she her grandma and I am grateful that she lived to see the historic day. It was a big deal at school as well, They set up viewing stations

2 The comments on down for the count thanks guys. Now to get Mr. W to keep his promise to call my parents

3 went to the high school basketball game they won in the last part of the I hung out with DJ and my old b ball coach( His kid is on the team, I miss playing regular b -ball I love SO but I miss playing in the general sports teams. this coach was so nice he coached the a team but let me practice with the team.(I was on the B team) He saw my love for the game and made a big difference in my life. I can not wait for the next Friday night home game .( guess where I will be LOL)

4 Spanish I am making some huge socal skill progress, On Friday I worked well in a group and a day before I worked on a worksheet by myself. I hog the teacher time a lot but this week I did not. MS H is trying so hard to help me on socal skills ex: eye contact and group work. She is so up beat and positive she thinks I can do more then work at Safeway when I get older.

5 Mr D is so nice to me , He has encouraged me time and time again to reach for my dream I am even trying hard to do my chem hw which is something I never do.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not just a tv Show anymore

   Corey in the house is   a spin off of  That's so raven.     My cos ins sisters and i watched this show    when it was on the air. It aired on Disney Channel  and was.  maybe it is because   we grew up or   the main character is a  male  but we do not watch this show.   I have seen some episode's though to know  this . The main  plot is that  Corey and his dad live  in the white house   because his  father  cooks for the president.     Well    kids no longer have to   turn on  Disney channel to  see a African Americans   in the white house . They   will  be able to  watch the news   because     Obamma  along with his  wife and girls will be in  the white House in less then 24 hours.  this is soo cool.   i have been watching CNN   and it makes it appreciate  Obama presidency even  more.  My  history teacher  calls it   history goose  bumps .    Tomorrow is history  in the  making   my friends  no matter  what race you might be. MLK would have been  proud   if he were here today.  His   dream  lives  on   in  Obama.
 to learn  a little   bit more about this  watch this

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 and here is what I wrote last year on MLK day

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Down for the count

No I am not  sick or tiered  I  have lost my inner drive to do well. On Thursday was my IEP and guess what guess  what   I get do   in   fall summer   2010  live in a group home and  work  at Safeway because  I don't have the skills  to live on my own and  interact with people.   Mr  W   said this at my meeting    he   talked to my parents  and  told them  to sign me  up for  services for  job training   and a group  home. 

 I have been  in  mainstreamed since kindergarten. Has it been easy ? No.   Do I  have  social skills    problems? Yes.  I am  smart  yes .  So much  for   independence in  09.  I can't  believe he said  these things instead of  giving me hope.  He saw me the day before and  he did not even brother to tell me   so I could be  papered   or   better yet sent me  out of the room I  feel   like    giving up.  It is Saturday night I can not  bring myself to do my homework.   i mean  why   try  if  I can not  do it.  I talked to LG    and she agreed  with  him . She is not my  friend anymore .  I  wish  i had someone   my age to   support my hopes and  dreams. MY dad says let it go.   I can  not let it go  it hurts  it not what i planed when I was little. I wanted to be a mom. Now  looks like  I will be   a   child  forever.  My only regret   is that  people tricked  me  when  i was  little.  yeah   I am down for the count

Friday, January 16, 2009

my big mouth

Well guys my mom's  plan for Tuesday was to call us in sick to watch Obama's swearing in to the presidency, however, thanks to my big mouth  my history teacher said     it is not an excused   activity so guess  who  is attending school  Tuesday.  It is not all bad though  because  my English and Spanish  class will watch   it  at  school.  The staff is  setting  up TV stations  in the library, theater   and  lunch area.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guess what thursdayis

 hint    3 letter  word

  at my school

 I miss  some class

    Here is the    the answer

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Glitter Words[ - *Glitter Words*]

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inclusion can work & computer can help


 I want to  help out   here    and maybe  work  here  when I get older    I  know  someone who knows these   2 boys ( they are brothers )    I hope I can meet them and    help out here in the summer t

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Abilty tuesday

 My ability is writing  For me writing is a great way to express the pain   and feelings that I  feel. I learned about the writing   process though WWS in  second grade.    In  summer school   around that same time   Nick  was born. Nick   was a kid in a wheelchair who went swimming, had  friends over  to his house , and  had a great day.     I read one of these stories to my summer school class  in  elementary school and the  teacher said it was like a Arthur   book  in that it had lessons  in every book.   I would enjoy writing more Nick stories and  creating a  PBS or pre school  hit  tv show  about a disabled  boy adventures in  mainstreamed   elementary school  boy  and with my new  laptop and  princess  drawings  the sky is the limit. Well not today..   I start school today and have a feeling that I will  need to  open my old textbooks  when i get home  from school today. ( I typed this  Monday night)
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday grains of graditude

1 Got a new computer I wanted one for soo long try a year. I did not get one under the tree but got one today what a treat and just in the nick of time I have it for homework school starts this week.
2 A new year that my mom thinks that I will shine not only that but it will be historic with obama and all
3New year's day was spent at book-gals friends open house we all had a great time 4 My target trip see below
5 We went to visit my mom's family for the day Saturday, we hung out at my grand parents and one of my mom's friends came over I loved seeing her new baby I held him at least 3 times not to mention I enjoyed seeing my mom's friend again .

Friday, January 2, 2009

Telivison Pays off (one last story from 2008)

  Princess and  Book gal love to watch  CSI and dective   type shows.( I belive  NCIS is their current  faverite we have about five  in a row  on DVR) anyway On tuesday   Book gal  had a basketball game  and i wondered  over to the snack bar  to get a donut   after mom  said not too.I snuck out   to eat it washed up and  pretend I had only brought  chips and a Gatorade. In the car Princess says  "AZ  you ate a donut"

Me "No

 Princess Yeah  you did you just ate it outside and then  you  washed up in the resrtroom.
 Bookgal:  you do not have  proof

Princess: yes I do Az has croums onm her  right side of her jacket 

 needless to say I was  busted

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