Wednesday, December 31, 2008

reviewing past Resoutioms and makeing new ones

These might seem familiar they are from last year on the eve of 2oo8

1 Behave well in school
2 Learn how to drive

3 Develop
emotional maturity
4 Become more independent

How I did

1 Yeah still needs work

2 Did classes this summer still need to get a permit
3 better still needs in improvement

4 No not really

This years resolutions
1More independent. Make my own lunch for school clean my room stay organize and do laundry once a week Happy Mom

2Stop talking to myself / yeah it's a bad habit that i need to break I do not want to be doing this in collage ( This is probably the hardest one on the list

3Keep room somewhat organized

4 Mange my homework time better ( You might not see post around here that much )

5Learn how to drive

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One lucky tom boy

  Last night Mom dad and I do what most teens(and some kids do) perfecting my   Christmass gifts . Nomally  when  we go videogame  shoping    I get one  game but  thanks to  showing this to my  Mom first   I got that and Two other games     Nintendo DS game.  Yeah I am one lucky  tomboy.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Grains of gradiude

Hi guys well I really have a good excuse for not posting this week. I had a dis heating email on Christmas eve ( of all days) and I am not sure what to make of it. I think someone played a prank on me through this blog which got me into a sticky spot with the email . but I am going to post grains so here it is. I had a great x mas I got DVDs and videogames and book gal got a sowing machine Princess got a new camera and Book gal and princess got a huge puzzle which dad princess and book gal enjoyed. The whole day was spent in our Pj's that we recived the night before Chhristmas eve,
I was able to see DR 6 who helped me after reciveing the email mentonied above he stayed realy late just to see me.
We have had Zoe for four years ( On wednessday) she is a great friend and although i do not do my duty by her she is a fun dog who I love so much.
I saw Marley and Me the day after XMas with Mom and my sisters. It is realy sad and made me appericate zoe even more. We visted a family friend yester after a basketball game( Book-gal's) the kids are getting so big and the boy and I had fun playing a golf game
LG called & offered to help with the email

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Great 2008

Sunday grians of graditude

I am out of school.
I did well on finals my grades are not to shabby ether I have mostly B and one A and C.
I was able to meet ms D early on the day on the final. She was supposed to come the night before but could not any way it was nice to review and now i am done with mr G class yeah
Christmases is on Thursday it is my favorite holiday.
My parents had fun At the colors of Christmases
what are u gratefull for this week

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite final flashback

  Hi guys just a  mid week up date  I am  in  finals     which end on friday .   I was  going to  do WW  but since it is  almost too late for that I am going to post my faverite final memory  which  thanks too dad  never  deleting his  email  is still intact so      Enjoy  this memory that  have  only done  once  Bold  name  are  changed  for privact

  December 4 2006 15 years old and a freshmen (ninth  grader  in  high school)
I am writing to congratulate AZ on an exceptional Spanish oral interview. She spoke accurately, appropriately and with a good accent. She understood all of my questions, and literally did not make ANY mistakes in speaking! This is both unusual and impressive- not many students  earn a 100% score on the oral interview, and she certainly earned it! She should be proud of herself for her focus, hard work and strong intellect. As usual, she is kind, a great participator, helper (to me and classmates) and listener in Spanish class. !Felicitaciones  AZ!

 hopefully I will ace  more finals  in the near future 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Grains of gradiude

1 My mom had a great meeting about me for schooled. To break it down I am working at a different high school in a Autism class twice a week. I have known the teacher since freshmen year. I am going to have someone to help me at lunch. ( Although I think MS H is happier that I won't be bothering her that much. 2 I went to a doctor appointment with my parents to help me speak better. I met two speech pathogenesis who are better then MS F. The ENT recommended some mes and we are going to try working on my IEP so I am actually learning something in speech
3 My parents wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I know so Meany families are divorced or the father is not around at all. With a disabled child chances of divorce or higher I am so glad that my parents are still together after 18 years I love them so much
4 I got to see My high school.( I might as well call this my main HS see above) I got to see my sister old teacher Ms P who was the main reason that Princess dose not using the word Retard . I know I know I need to tell the story later ok

5 we took X Mas pics tonight and now all the Fall pics are loaded on the computer . Next week I plan on making a montage of photos from 2008 Since i have neglected to post photos this year

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Grains ( or do I mean Monday)

 hello blog readers sorry for not blogging in a while  school  is busy and     the lack of comments have slowed down my blog  thus I am not motived to add more to the story of   teenage hood    I know I am   a day behind  but  I wanted to do a graduate.Keep reading and y will see why.

 1 I had a fun thanksgiving. i have not posted   a grains  since  I know I am  behind. I loved spending time with  my mom's family and It was good  to see H and   everyone  again. We also went to see  Twilight  on Friday after going to black friday and  had a blast. I  enjoyed hanging out with J friend  D  

2  I got a fourth place  ribbon   in the special Olympics  boweling  i had fun  even through I came in last 

3   Book gal   sang at Fifoli and my mom    got to go see her, 

4  My dad  did not  get hurt  in the crash on his way  to work  last week ,His car got  it pretty bad abut he came out  alright  I am so glad.     he  has always made a point of buying safe cars I am glad   he did his homework on that  car. Did I mention  I want that car when I learn how to drive,

5 I am  going to  watch my school's  soccer game and I hope I met  DJ younger brother( see below)
6 Christmases is almost here I love that holiday  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a overdue update

I am in a new science class . It is chemistry still but with another teacher who turns out has worked with kids with AS this is a big bonus

remember when I posted about Proving people wrong well I have . I will no longer be in integrated math

There is a girl in my Spanish class who brother has t21 .
here is how I frond out.

third period my table mate talking about basketball I got mad and jelous so I went to the back. I saw a poster on the wall of a girl in a wheelchair who died I was instantly remined of the girls mom .I used to help out where I took theaphy. By luck or fatih I =asked the classmate who we will call DJ if she knew the author of the poster. ( the little sister of the girl who died)
DJ did from a place that helps special needs kids that her brother went to. Of course I asked what his problems were and she said DS. Talking more I frond out that she lives near me and her brother loves basketball and is six. I hope I can meet him at one of the soccer games. DJ is a soccer player for MS H team.

Oh yeah I am in a boweling torment on satuday in Milpatas