Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy thanksgivig

From AZ and family

I am going out of town so will not post

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday grains of graditude

1 Book gal made a club team that she wanted for VV and Princess has a club team from our high school.

2 I got a A on my teats in Algebra

3 I turned my project in for Chemistry on time It was a power point on Spin Bifida

4 That I went to our school play. I saw L who I have not seen since Halloween we hung out during intermission ate cookies and brownies

5 That I have been surviving speech therapy I got a prased last week
7 ug boots

More to come later right now I need to hit the hay

Friday, November 21, 2008

I am ok realy

 HI guys  sorry I have been  MIA  for  a while I have a lot to post about  but not  enough time to  post between school  

So here  is  what I have been  doing in school  I did  a debate for English on Monday and  preformed in a play of Juan Bobo in spainsh class on tuesday.    I  had    a fun time in Chemistry  last weekend   I have video   of it  for the blog.

Sorry i  have been  missing in action     after  Tuesday's posy  i  had a rough bout with OCD  and it is hard to post when I am  like that  Hopefully I will post some more this  weekend  and next  week 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veternes day

   Cousin J  C and  little  J ( the oldest )    2006-2007
This is my cousin J  who is serving in Afghanistan. he is the same age as Laid Back Athlete.  He has two kids  a newborn and a two year old.
 When we were little I saw  J a lot.    He lived in San Jose with his mom the arthur  of the bridge in the forest   My dad's   younger sister.   He was home schooled and  before his family moved to  Nevada  he was in a program to be a firefighter.   
 J I love you so much and I hope  y come home alive from the war soon.  With Obamma  taking over  in January I  have the feeling  it will  be  soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

After the bell rings

Now I am a disabled advocate in the making but I am also a board teenager after school. The reason being that I try ed out for the varsity basketball team and of course got cut. My Spanish teacher is the soccer coach but I can not play on her team because I have CP.

Acting is also out the question. My English teacher is not sure how the class will do in the understanding in me without questions on the overhead. I talk wired because I have CP see a pattern.

it not just school aged kids ( K-12) with CP NlD OCD . It is kids with down syndrome autism and other disabilities. It is hard to find Inclusive after school activist es offered in the schools. To make matter worse as you get older most community programs max out . As much as i enjoy the Special Olympics the program is not very inclusive and you are mixed with audits . disabled but adults nonetheless. When I was little I was able to play AYS O with kids my age and I was in a singing group and I had Judo that was with kids my own age. Even through ayso has a team in my age group I can not physically can not keep up so my dad has yet to sign me up. This is not bad because Golf at school keeps me pretty busy but it is still hard to watch my sisters have fun without playing,

I am takinge the anger and sadness that I have had over this and am writing anther book. It is a sequel to the excerpt that I posted Here. The idea is to create a inclusive after school sports and homework along with enrichment and advocacy for disabled and typical students from kindergarten till the twelfth grade. If only I had this I would be a happy camper after school.

If you have any Stories of heard of after school inclusive activities in your town.please post a comment with your story

ggot the pic from http://www.countrywhispers.com/school/old_school_bell_ringing_hg_clr.gif

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We interrupt Ability tuesday and a much needed update

Because History was made today  November 4  2008Barrack Obamma is the first African    American  to   become president.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday grains of gradtude

    I had a fun halloween I think this is my last year of trick or treating. I have had some good memories with it though. At school on friday  my Chem class watched a gummy bear blow up and played with some playdo type stuff.  I will  get the name and post it.
 I got tutored by my old tutor  MS D    You know the one  I had for Geometry  last year I  need  a Chemistry  tutor any  one want to help? 
 Boweling. Man  you  should have been there  I was on fire with my  final  2 score of 79 and  95   I know I know I am totaly asume no. Next time I will take a video cammera  so y can see  this super star  in mortion
   Book gal  made a club team  for v ball and is trying to get on a hgher one she is preaty good  I hope she has fun
 Princess  was called up to Varsty at school. This gave me the exuces to watch the game and hang out with some people 
    tomarrow I  have a mini day so  I am hopeing to post a school  update  nd if  nothing else  ancer the last wuestion  from the sicky post which is comeing down   toninght