Saturday, September 27, 2008

How rude

I have had a hard week this week folks OCD got sew bad that I missed not one but two days of school. Is that what this post is about ... Nope it is about what happened one period directed studies which is my only special ed class (cept for workability which I missed due to OCD ) Here what happened I was taking my US AP history test in the resource room by the computers I was having a hard time tracking and foundering because the teacher was helping DD. Why did that annoy me y might ask. DD and I used to be friends To make matters worse her mom yelled at me twice. DD is white short and wears hearing aids. ( If y know me in real life don't use her name for posting a comment) It is ether by pity or dare I say it racism but the teacher helps her more then me I get soo jealous . so I ask the teacher for help and she says I don't need it but she will helps me do it independently and she stands by me for a bit. I keep working so she leaves and DD who fined her HW comes near where I am working hard on the AP teats and sits down on the coumputer. I ask the teacher why she sat near me and DD says to me "Az mmmmm mmmmm that what y sound like " what she has the never to repeat me I tell the teacher finish the test and get water. MS P talks to DD and she leaves without apologizing and Ms P told me that DD did not say sorry for her . How rude Now for m y title it is parenting advice It is common to apologize. If y kid is talking and if not teach them the importance of sorry. Sorry for me means I know what I did was wrong and it hurt your feelings. All kids need to learn sorry even those with disabilities.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Grains of gratiude

In one word this has been a terrible week OCD is extremely high. I closed my yahoo email and will not be opening it any time soon.
Any way this is what I am thankful for
I am in Algebra 2 for a trial peirod .I was in this math class that I did not like It felt like I'd be waiting my year there so we had a meeting on Friday y AS my mom put " How did we go into the meeting in hopes of helping feel better and try harder in his class and came out of with me taking algebra. it's all thanks to the math teacher idea thanks guys
I got new golf clubs after school My old ones were made in the 60's or 70 will these help me hit further we shall find out soon.
Talk about the irony My ST that I am no longer working with told me not to play in the SO and my AP teacher wants to see me play like he watch other kids in his class volleyball right now . He wants to see me bowel on Sunday He is soo nice and he is funny which is the best medicine for me .
We went to Yougutoe today it is basically a frozen yogurt buffay the ice cream was really good it was all Princess idea

Book gal got seconded in the game and both her and Princess's soccer team played well they lost but it was exciting to watch. My mom Italy buddies had a kid on the other team and sat with us.(the age group prohibits cheerleaders on the players side) it was fun although annoying when we let in a goal they cheer oh well we just had to be twice as loud

My dog I know she is so cute I have some video that I might share soon

PS If you guys can send me prayers for a decent week (no OCD) that be great

Friday, September 19, 2008

midnight musings

    I am  wtill awake  but with  some  good  idas  these  are  brief   b/c  I wrote this at midnight and I have  2 test    today   friday    

 asl  signing club

photos at  school  others  without  disablites  great for older kids

 disabklity awaness at my school

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 I know  I know time to get  off  the  coumputer and  count  sheep

Monday, September 15, 2008


Book gal, H, AZ, princesses thanksgiving a while back

keep my cousin H in your prayers she is going through a ruff time and is now at my grandma's house. H I love you soo much and would keep your chin up and I will see y this weekend Sorry I can't say more I think I am saying to much already Anyway keep her in your thoughts this week

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

SUnday grians of Gratiude

Wow I am 17 I am in my last year of teen hood I can't believe it can you. I had a great day yesterday and a lazy Sunday today ( aren't there always) here is what I am thank ful for
1 My birthday I had a great day yesterday. Thanks for all the birthday comments

2 Mom and I went out for lunch on friday due to a short day after Back to school night . After a crying fit by yours truly about not going To S high school to give MS A her poem we went to Fresh Mex.

3 I did the second science problem on my own tonight .
4 That princess's leg is getting beater . She hurt is during her soccer game yesterday but is recovering nicely her first JV Volleyball game is this Thursday so I hope her leg heals by then.
5 My mom and dad are giving us the sun room as our hang out spot. More on this later
6 laid back Athlete might get a job as a TA at HMB high school where my hoop buddies go I hope it works out so I can come and help out some time and hang with D
7there is a new boy from england that just joined my Science class . I am hoping we can become friends

8 LG called now she lives in southern CA We were able to talk about school and stuff I am havening problems with A so to be able to speak to her about how I was feeling was great plus she remembered my b day

Saturday, September 6, 2008

17 years ago today an advocate for the disabled was born

 that would be me 
yeah thats right today is my 17 birthday  and in honor of that I am going to  tell y a positive   event that happened to me over the past  16 years 
1   celebrated  first b day with  friends and family and  enjoyed being the  only  child  during the  week. Laid back athelte  visited on weekends
2 became older sis to  book gal

 3  moved to house  I am currently  in and became    the  sister of   Princess
4     attend pre school  (SDC)    loved   Pocahontas 
5 started  an inclusive Pre K  

6 Learned  how  to  jump rope     from my K teacher  and did hippo theaphy
7   stated playing piano
8  went skiing  for the first time and fell in love with the snow 
9   partook in  a project and fond  that I am  a great actor
10  after meaning years of being Woody for Halloween  I  was a  clown
11  started playing   basketball with my church and then 

12 started  middle school  played softball   on   princess and book gal's  team. I was the eldest on the team

13     got Zoe for  Christmas and  partook in  my first Special  Olympics event   Swimming

14   graduated from  middle school.    had a big party  to celebrate then went to  visit  Mickey  Mouse at   Disney  land 
15     went to hawaii and swam with the dolphins   started  blogging and golf 
16     completed a driver's ed  class and got   nominated   for a computer  by one of  my blogger  friends
17 I  hope to have IRl's.   Do a lose the training wheels  bike camp and  do anther year of   Standford  golf  camp.  I hope   to  make  progress on a video about NLD and    give  my  poem to MS A  IN PERSON

(Uncle M  r and me  summer 2008)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

to my smart and super fomer spainsh teacher

By AZ Chapman
When I was a wondering girl of fifteen

You greeted me with opens arms
We got the textbook that day
And you offered to let it stay

  In the classroom.
Over the months time I became a expert in high school hood While learning Spanish in a way I understood With dolls Mr.Potato head and songs That I loved to dance and sing along With winter came a grade of gold A solid A that I held with pride.
Spring Semester was a pester Uninvited parties ,maps and new changes There was one place that I felt safe On those lunch time days when Laura and I came your way I was happy as a lotto winer
  Because I had found acceptances Instead of being shunned because of my disabilities You even offered a treat If I always stayed in my seat In tenth grade

So whenever you sing a Spanish song with your new classes Know that I would like to have been there to sing along

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