Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday grians of Gratiude

Another week is over.  It  has not been easy and    but   I have some  highlights.  I hope everyone  is haveing   a great   Labor day weekend  now without futer  a do here is   what i am thankfull this week
1I had so much fun   yesterday(seebelow)      Mom  did too  I hope  we  get to meet up with the new family    again  soon 
Book gal   along with Princess  are on the volleyball  team. I got a A on my Ap US history    quiz as well as made  the golf team

3 I don't have school  tomorrow

4I  am  in the same room as  I was  with MS.A  for spainsh and the new teacher   Ok so  she has been there    for a year is nice  too. 

 5I  joined the Recyleing  Club at my school . I went in to talk to my history teacher    during lunch ( who is guateed to make  me laugh  everyday) and the club  was   meeting / After the presdent talked I  cold see  the good it  did so I am  now  signed up for the club, I might also do photo  club  if the  news team is not   up this year,

6  I  did  well on a parter  project   for spainsh    this is  a huge   gain from  last year 

7 Ocd  is finally settling down     I hope it will be good this week as my  birthday is comeing up  on Saturday

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eight adults and fourteen kids

Tonight we are hosting a family friend get together. It will be black doctors who happen to work with my mom and their kids. Mom is doing this to introduce a new docker to other black doctors. The family has 4 kids under the age of six. Tonight ought to be fun

who said who said kids can't make a difference

I say I say you got to see this.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A coach who premotes inclusion

      I am soo lucky that  I have a coach  who truly  believes  that anyone can    play and support there school.    This year  golf had a  a lot of  new comers so I thought I was  history.  GO is  not cutting  anyone but for finical  reasons  he is not going to  take everyone out for  matches  or    practice on the course. Go   has   a  good heart he   knows  about   my changes  but is  willing to do all he    can to  help  me  learn the game that he loves.       A lot of   coaches   have    cut me but  not GO.  I am thinking of writing a poem to him explain how    he  has helped be  belong  but   that will have to  come  latter.    

got pic from

A great day

 Hi guys you are probably wondering    how today went and I have one  word for you GREAT. My mom and Dad talked to  my special education  teacher( who  assist  me in mainstream  classes)   and   she  is going to switch me  into algebra two  but until then I get  two periods with her which meant that I  got  90 percent of  my homework done today.     I also  talked to my science teacher who told me that I took  tolerate out of  context  he felt really bad  about what happen so after lunch he gave me some cookies and was almost in tears. I know that he likes me and I think I will   give him the befitting of the  drought.  I   am  hopeing that my mom will  contact  ms A   for touting in math and spainsh it would be great to see her again   for help.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I feel betrayed

    Hi guys  I  would love to have typed that  my turning over a new  leaf  in  school this  year is going great  but  it is not

 Let me start off  by saying Monday through  Thursday    started off  great.  I was playing golf  and  writing two  essays   ( that is 11 grade  for you)   seems  good  right wrong.

 There  is  a new kid at school that is  my grade. He is  in my chemistry class  and  I thought  he make a great friend . Well I learned that he  is popular and   thus      the kids  proubly told  him to forget about me.

 Well I diced to tell him about my social stadus in  a  blunt  way  yesterday and he  said he still  wanted to be my friend. All went well  until the end of science  class. As I was packing up   I heard  my teacher say  "They  tolerate her   and help  her   but she is a great kid."      He only said this  because   I was listening  in  on stuff they were saying    behind my back,

 I  can't  believe what happened   might I remind you that this is the same teacher that I had  last year   who was nice  and helped me  out last year. He  diced to   tell the new kid (who he knew I was  trying to make  friends  with) to  Tolerate me  instead of  Aceapt  me,  He  made  a big stink  earlier  that he was going to treat me  like any other  student  but then to  say   others tolerates me   come  on  he really     wait the  post dosen't  end there  when I asked him  what he meant   he  his  kid felt  unconformable  to  me  because  he  never met a  girl like me  before,  what      When I confronted him     he said  the teacher  brought me  up  and the  teacher won't tell me the whole stroy .My mom emailed  him when I literary came home in tears 

 Ms  A is not back this year  and the Autism  class is not at my school anymore   thus I  have no where   to  go and no one to hang out with. Please keep  my family in  mind  over the weekend  because  my ocd is acting  up  from  my math  class.  I have not had a day as bad  as that one  since night  grade  just before   i got OCD 

Monday, August 18, 2008

AZ and Princess are going to school

Thanks Jan for the idea mine is based lossly on the Owl and the Pussy cat went to sea by Edward Leer

AZ and Princess will go to school in a beautiful sea blue van.
they will take some pencils and some binders in a backpack.
Princess will look at her sister sleeping and on the foor of her room and say

"AZ wake up wake up it time for eleventh grade
get out of bed you lazy bum so you have time for hair to get maid,"
Az gowns and moons a lot but steps on the cold floor and realizing a new chapter is about to begin
Az will get dressed in some jeans a cute blue shirt and say
Princess my lady can you pass me some paste to bush my smelly teeth.

Princesses and AZ will go to school in a butiful blue van
Princess will be starting school in a new land
where grades do count and might be wondering around in a haze for a while
Because high school after all is all so new

AZ and Princess start the first day
the first day
the first day
the first day
of school today

Sunday, August 17, 2008

SUnday grians of Gratiude

Summer is coming to a end with school starting tomorrow and all. I am so not looking forward to it . Where has summer break gone it seemed like yesterday I got out of school.

1 I had a fun summer that required doing nothing most days.

2 The Olympics on tv are fun to watch did y see how Phelps won by less then a inch so cool.

3 I play golf with G O on Monday I can't wait

4 I got my hair done Mom was working today so dad and I drove up to city to get my hair done

5 Baby had a nice oretation on wednessday

6 I am so close to finishing my essay for History

7 I might win a computer go to Jan and Nash's site for details

8 My family boycotted the movies this week. I am hoping ben stiller will apologize

9I have two great ideas for suces in school

a) a handy dandy notebook for questions

b) restricting my blog time Mon through Thursday I will miss reading and blogging but I hope to have time to post every Sunday at least. Please Pleasas still comment though.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I never thought

that Ben Stiller funny nice man who played the voice of Alex in Mada scar would make a movie that hurts many who have disabilities in his new movie Topic thunder

I also never though that Fox News could have a clip that was intelligent and good. A few days a go Mr Shriver along with Ringer Star Edward Barthel who played in the ringer told the US that retard needs to be changed to Respect.

good one I know EDDY my friend y need to be another movie to show the world all u can do.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New nick names

If you read Baby's birthday post you would know that her new nick name around here is Princess. How did I come up with that you asked let me tell you why,

On her birthday I woke up to her doing a scavenger hunt that Mid-sis put together the night before and on her head was a crown this remind me of her second birthday picture where she is wearing a crown sp her nick name is princess

Now for mid sis her name is going to be book gal. Mid sis love to read in fact she takes books everywhere she goes. It is not uncommen for her to eat a meal with out her so her nick name is book gal.

Az is going to stay Az no surprises there

the man I am going to change to laid back athlete. Man has it easy he is 24 and has no job. He lives with his mom and trains for baseball ( he wants to be come pro) but surfs and hangs out with friends so his new nick name is laid back athlete

Amazing golf short

On moday was the last day of Special Olympics golf. I think it is safe to say that I have improved a lot. we were doing some chipping and the target was a bag which held all the practice balls. I hit a golf ball inside the bag How cool is that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Grians of Gratiude

1 Baby had a nice b day today. We went out for dinner and played on the sports cought and had fun.

2 The Olympias in Beijing, they are fun to watch and the swimming makes me want to do swim team again.

3 I got my wii back down

5 Rode home with R who told me what to expect in eleventh grade.

6 I am almost done with reading a book for school hopefully it will be done by tomorrow or Tuesday so I work on my history.

7 Hopefully R will come and hang out at our house this week.

8 I have one week of No school

9 finished drivers education.

Please wish Baby a happy b day on the post below
and Don"t do the movies this week visit Jeff's blog for more details.

Happy birthday Baby

Today is baby 's 14 birthday and in honor of that I am writing a positive thing that happened to her over the last 13 years.

1 Had a family gathering at our house.

2 Got a Babbie car at grandma and grandpa's house on your birthday

3 Went to highlands pre-school. Played with your friends on the tire swing and thew up . Then your pals helped you cover it up with the tanbark

4 You mid-sis and her friend went inside on st patricks day and saw a Lepercon pee in a bag.

5 Won Keep San Mateo butiful contest in kindergarten.

6 Played t ball with Mid-sis on the others

7 did your homework by yourself before me

8 Performed in Girls just want to have fun with mid-sis and I.

9 went to cloma with your fourth grade class

10 Got in the news paper for locks of love then you finished up Grade school,

11 entered sixth grade and went to Disneyland

12 Won the AYSO yearbook cover

13 Got a I phone and went to Italy with mom,

14 you are about to start high school and you are hoping to make JV basketball and volleyball

Happy birthday baby i love you soo much and I know you fight with me becuse you see me as no different. I don't always like it but hay I don't think anyone dose . I hope you have a great day today. You are not a baby anymore so for now on your 'name' on life and times will be Princess,

Thursday, August 7, 2008


On Monday I finished Bay cities driving school and was so exacted because I had a blue paper that shows I completed all my days and ready to get a permit. I ran out to the car and got embarrassed by one of Baby's friends who I did not know was in the car. We drooped her off and headed home. On the way home I said that I was sorry to baby to which she said . "It's okay I just tell them You have a problem.'"

I said I don't have a problem she then said the prefix dis means taken away. It dose but I do not have a problem. I tried telling baby that problem has the connotation of needing to be fixed.

Why dose this matter I will tell you all why. My disabilities make me AZ the kid that so many people care about. I am a writer I am a good student and yeah I have disabilities big deal. I wouldn't want to be normal I'd be different person with a completely different personalty.

The world see people with disabilities as a problems. here is why. People use the word retard with out caring. (Go see Jeff blog for more info on this in the media) People abort kids with down syndrome even though they have a lot to give the world . That is why I started blogging and will continue to do so to show people that I have more abilities than disabilities

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ability tuesday :Augest 2008

  It  is that time  again time for ABILITY Tuesdays/  Man  do I have   something great  to   share with you guys  Before I  start    I  want to  give a shout out to   MA for nice artwork   you are a great  artist. 

My ability for this month is my great ideas. I have a lot of them. Here are some of my ideas. I could write post on each one but I am LAZY.

1 You know how I have NLD well not a lot of people know about it that much so these next three ides promote NlD awayness and give kids a buddy
    a) You all know of the Buddy Walk why not do something similar to promote NLD awareness. A mile long walk with games, advocates as well as food.
    b) Terrific Teens: this directly relates to my last for Ability Tuesday . Why not start a program that pares people form the time enter middle school( sixth to seventh grade) till they graduate from high school with a young adult (25-30)who helps them transition into adulthood. This would be a great thing where kids could spend monthly meetings with their mentor and friend with others like themselves. the kids and mentors could work together to earn something like a friendship bracelet with rainbow colors. This can lead kids with NLD to go to collage

    c) a video that talks about NLD from specialist and school aged kids. This would help get out the message of what NLD is about.

2 A Magazine for all parents with kids with disabilities in the local towns and school. This would have stories as well as where to go for therapy from area to area for parents and people with special needs.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I might Just Try again

Remember how I bloged here how I can't ride a two Wheller. Well, I was looking online around mid night when I came across Lose Your training wheels. This is a program that uses adaptive bikes in hope to teach kids with special needs how to ride a regular bike. This has to be the coolest idea that anyone has come up with( well except the whole Video game thing LOL). The best part is they host one here in Northern CA just past San Francisco. I missed it for this year but I just might be able to convince my parents to look into it or if I am luckier maybe my pals in HMB will bring it there which will save me the gas and time . I found a You tube video of it here it is.

My Seconed Award


Stella gave me this a week a go  and I want to  give it to  more prople

Deb: Here is   women  who  is smart   insightful and  always comments around here. Thanks for commenting all the time and hosting  Ablity Tuesday    every month     that reminds me that  I have more abliites  then disablities
    Jeff : This   guy  is a Obamma  supporter  and on top of that is a great  advocate for his only son  Nash.  Jeff  wants  His son    to have oppertuines in  life and   started a  group   that called DADS      for fathers  with a child  with  T21 or downsyndome
 Jacks Mom:   She is  a good blogger  who   dosen't  post  much  lately but when she dose it all  worth it Stop  by her place to read what her   kids   Jack and little sister   Morgan
Kei: She  helped me  with my report oninclusion   and   despite not useing her pics of her son Will    I   loved hearing what she had to say
 Shannon  She  comments  around here  often. She  was one  of my first blog  regular commenters  t and I  have gotten to know her and her kids well
     Lesile : She is new and has taught me a thing or two  about charge syndome
  Jacolin   She  is a mother of  three   kids  one of whom has cp  that I  have  inspired and  posably  meet    latter this month

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Grains of gratiude

1 That we had  such a good time on vacation

 2 Our sports court   aka the surprise   is all  done  

3 I  finished reading my Summer reading book reading  book  for   English  now all I need is to  finish my essay a short book and  learn the presidents in  order Any ides on the last one

 4 That cousin H and Uncle L and  My mom's mom   stayed with  us  most of the trip we had so much fun together    More about our  trip     this week  

5   That  I had comments to read    when I got  back. Ok  so I checked them on Thursday in  the Cal  Paley   bookstore and on friday just before leaving  It was  so  fun to read the comments

6 tomorrow I  Finish drivers education and  baby Starts  First  step at the school.      With any hope I will have my permit by next Sunday how cool will that  be.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am back

  Hello blogger readers AZ here and I am  back from  southern  CA .  I did not make it to Disney land    but had a great time  none the less.  Pics might not  come   this  week  but stories  from the  trip  will     Including  the Earthquake and  collage  visits.           I will post that in a few days. I have  read most of  my beloved  blogs but have not comment  I   will get to commenting   tonight or tomorrow. I t  feels great to be back on line.