Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Grians of Gratiude

1 That mom and baby made it safely back home from Italy
2 I had fun at D b day party It was video games galore and fun with /coach G and some pals from so b ball it was great too because I live near by and could walk home if I got mad or needed something

3 I survived while mom and baby were away
4 I took the time to clean my desk It is looking good and hopefully will stay like this until school starts
5 Softball I went to help out for the first time this season.

or yeah one more thing

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catching china Mid sis china email to my dad

this was sent to my dad a week a go right before she left I though y might want to hear what Mid sis is up too.

bold words are changed for privacy purposes

Hi daddy,

I'm in China now. i'M NOT SICK AND i'M HAVING A GREAT TIME HERE. new experince for me but its' so much fun and I love it. I miss everyone and I'm buying lots of presents for you guys too. The best part of then trip so far was the water villiage called the venice of china and teaching the children at the school. It's fun to walk around because I'm like a celebrity here since small villiages don't often see americans. The kids are so cute almost too cute and they're so well behaved. It smells a little funny form the pollution but it's fine because I got used to it. Are mom and baby gone yet I don't remember because of time/day difference. The memory sheet I'm making with the kids and G is awsome and turned out perfectly! Do you , AZ, T, Mom, Baby,Man want anything in particular. I love you guys and I cant wait to see you again. Enjoy your summer you guys .THe weather is overs\cast so at leats you guys have warmth....


So T and I went boweling today. We had so much fun we played four time s and she won all four time. I lost because I play without bumpers thus I get a lot of gutter balls. On the bright side I got a new high score of about 85 overall I had fun,

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Meeting

 Today was the last day that I   saw  my DR?(Ok so  he  is  a therapist  but I like to call  him a doctor) .I met DR?   last year  when OCD started.  In the past year  we  have grown  close and  made  echoer laugh  and he helps me  with  my   OCD  and  help me  though  the ruff  Teenage  years.   Today I met two new   people    who  could  possibly   replace DR?   and they both seem   nice but  there  will be a special  place for him  in my heart. I have improved a lot  over  the  corse  of a year and  he  has been a key player to help me  progress.   DR? thank you  for    being   there  for me  and my family when we  really  needed it I will  miss you so much. I hope your  studies  go well in Colorado.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Make up your mind already golf Last day

For anyone who knows me in real life you will know that I have a hard time making up my mind the same was true yesterday at golf camp. It started out good I mean I was one of the first to arrive and put on sunscreen and warm up. Then came the news that we were switching groups. I have a tough time with change . I watched as my old consular S took her new group out to play on the Junior course and got into the back of Coach D cart and drove off to the real course . I got in mated by the fact that the first hole you had to hit down a mouton and wanted to go back and be with my old consular in the little course. I told coach D who sent me to mini golf on the practice course. It turned out S group was on the big course already.I was put on a team of babies which I hated so I asked to be out on the real course again. The coaches did this and took me back to Coach C who only allowed me to put. I out up with this for a couple of holes but wanted to play like the regular kids but S wanted me only to put saying i should not complain due to the fact that I switched so much. I got sad and started saying that i was stupid and coach S tried her best to comfort me by letting me hit a chip on the fairway for my last day of camp. I made it up by being really polite when i got my ice cream sunday to end the fun week of morning golf camp

For parents of disabled toddlers and or elementary kids it is vary important to help your kids make decision and stick to them. My mom and dad tried hard to teach me this growing up and I have gotten better for drinks .It use to be so bad that my mom and dad had to decide what I ate or drank at a restaurant. As for me it is something that Is a work in progress. To the staff at camp I commend you on being patient with me and coach S for helping me see that I made a error but did not ruin the camp . In conclusion golf camp was fun and staff were great and next year if I go I will just go with the flow something I learned yesterday on the last day of Golf Camp

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is in my pocket?

was said by me to my consoler S

"A golf ball?" she asked.


"A divert tool?"

Not quite

A golf ball


AZ what is it

A Camera


After coming home and taking a nap and watching TV It was time for me to make a video with the pics here it is

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hay hold on a sec I am not a baby you know ( Golf day dos)

Today I got dressed and ready to go before T who nomaly wakes me up so needless to say I made it to early on Wednesday . I saw my consular that I had yesterday  see below    who told me that we were in different groups based on a ability I ended up in a group with all little kids which ticked me off so i talked to the director and asked if there was the sliest chance that I could move with kids my own age because I did not wand to be with babies. I then proceed to the golf cart and got a lift to putting we played some games and the n the director got me and moved me to a group of kids who were around my age and guess what I had my old consular. I was so excited because she was really nice to me yesterday. We did chipping and  long shots 

                              (Me with ball tonight  ignore my hair as mom is not  home and I did not feel  like bothering  T)
Something good that happened today was that I got a golf ball from a trivia question After I got it I tripped over a bucket of f golf balls but was laughing because I won. The a little boy who was in my group and was annoying all the girls though it should have been recorded and put on you tube or Americas funniest home video. He told the head consoler and after hearing what really happen she scolder him by himself and he behaved himself after that so fingers crossed he will behave the rest of the week (The camp unfortunately ends on Friday)                                 

After camp I enjoyed a taxi burger. Later Dad took my neighbor D (that I met four years ago in SO swimming ) to see kungfu panda which was pretty good.After that I went to open gym for my high school varsity team and played many rounds of full court basketball which was hard but fun and I ran pretty fast I don;t think I will be as lucky as Jay-Mac or B rad and make it because the coach dose not seem to want to do something different.

Wordless wednessday : My dog Inspires Greatness

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Golfing I will go

Today before mom left for Italy she took me to golf camp and after coming home I found a letter telling me to describe what I do over the next couple of days so you guys are in for a treat this week as I will end up posting everyday until Thursday or Friday and most of next week.

So today I started Stanford golf camp after a quick hug good bye I
was off. The camp ranged from kids 7-18 and is a half a day. I ended up with the 12 and older and socialized with the other girls who are around my age. We did evaluation on long distant and short distant and played a putting game. We then repeated the stations with some coaching. when we got to putting again we played a game that I lost because a boy was talking to me. (GO go a head and laugh)I got to ride in a golf cart which was fun and what was even cooler was on the way back i got to sit in the back.

Mom and baby are off to

Italy Home of pizza and ancient history

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Grians of Gratiude

1 We had a nice father's day. More about it on Monday including a nature story
2 Baby graduation was so nice and I was able to talk to Ms B my old english teacher who now works in the office and sported me in 7th grade.

3 Mid sis arrived safely to china
4 I got invited to a movies by my mom's friend and will probly go with her kids while mom and baby are in Italy
PS Please please keep me in your thoughts These next two weeks while mom and Baby are in Italy and mid is enjoying Italy. My ocd is really high please send me calming vibes this week as I will need them.

happy fathers day dad

My dad love the Beatles as do I and what better song to play for pics from long ago then Across the Universe. This is to my dad I love you and I hope you had a happy fathers day

Mid sis I wish you could have been here today for fathers day I love you so much. Baby says that she is board and has no one to talk to but we have played tons of Mario cart I can't wait to play y when y come back I love you soo much.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

six random things

laura tagged me a while a go with this meme sorry for taking so long to respond
1 I love orange soda

2 I am not sure if I want to go to collage

3 I know 30 of my neighborings

4 I love horse back riding

5 I hate changes to my surrounding

6 I do anything to get rid of my ocd

6 people I tag

Christine at brady's bunch

Michelle at big bluebarry eyes

Jan at muzy musings

Jeff at big Dwaang tales

Jaclyn at Lieck tripples

Nicole at all 4 my gals

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ablity Tuesday June 2008

When my parents were growing up they both were avid readers. My dad loved the Hardy boys series and when he was in third grade he went to fifth grade for reading class talk about intellgent My mom also skipped a grade in high school finishing in three years instead of four I have genus in my dna.

Which leads to my ability reading. I love to read which is an assist to being in AP history . I enjoy reading and can read fast. When I was little and my mom was in bed rest with with baby ( who is graduating from JR.High today) I would climb into bed with her and read with her while Mid-si was getting into mischief.
On Thursday I got three books from the bookstore and have already finished two. I have one more to go. I also plain on reading three summer reading books the two Ap books and a CP book. When telling my old English teacher who teaches Ap to j11th graders who I want next year fingers crossed she though I was being rebellious but I wasn't because I love to read.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Strange things are happeing around here part to

Ok so I know you all are dying to here the answer so here it is.This is similar to a song called Strange things are happing to me from the movie toy story

Now announcing My poem gallery drum roll please

Poem and Stories from a special teen

Sunday grians of Gratiude./

1 Mom birthday went well, I bought her flowers and cake all by myself 2 I went to big Wave meeting yesterday ait was cool to see the gang again I can't wait till boweling starts so I can see them again 3 we were able to go to the store so baby could get her shorts for her trip to Great America
4 I am getting better at volleyball

5 Judo was fun I think my dad might join with me.

PS: wish me luck as my ocd has been back for a while now

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Can you feel the hate tonight Left out Addiotion

(Baby [right]and Mid-sis[left] modeling swimsuits as toddlers)
This is something I wanted to post about for a long time. It is about what is between me and baby. It all started when we were at my aunt's house in Sacramento My cousin H was visiting us . She is my age but hangs out with baby and mid-sis. Well The girls wanted to go see Indiana Jones and I wanted to go with sounds simple right .. oh wait I am disabled. My uncle went to talk to my mom and Baby said it was to scary. My cousin said She dose not want to go if I am coming along and baby did nothing to stick up for me. In the end I stayed at my aunts and uncles house and came downstairs after my mom resumed me that She dose not hate me it just that she is a teen and dose not understand but she doesn't know is that I felt the hate of my family .

Last weekend when C was here I took her around the block piggyback style and someone asked if we were sister and I said no. But I wounder what would life be like if baby had a bigger age gap between us. Would she boss me around ? Would she play video games with me more often would she let me help her I wounder.
I was looking at some old video from the Christmas 2000 earlier this evening. In the movie I am opening a pesent and baby says Wow It's a racing set. I wish I would have known that baby when I was at least Ten and she was still five.Instead of eight and fivewhich was are ages back then

Today she was trying to teach me volleyball but she was not patient i was trying realy hard and she was being rude by texting her friends and yelling at me when I was trying so hard to do it right . The only reason why want to know about volleyball is so that all of us can play volleyball out in the font instead of mid-sis and baby.

I love the baby so much and I know she loves me but I want her to me proud of me and want me around instead of pretending I was not related to her. I am not even allowed to vist my old middle school because of her but that anther story The ancer to the post w below will be posted on Monday so you can still figure it out.

strage things are happeing here

Ok not really except ocd sigh

No I mean my blog now has two sidebars and I have a another blog specifically for poems. In other news I will be going to Standford Judo to watch and possibility sign up

keep reading and you will see even stranger things

Ps: Dose anyone know where I got the title form

turn in latter for the results and my new blog address

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy birthday mom

When I was in middle school specifically in seventh grade and had to deal; with teasing in a RSP room my told me that i was her hero for faceting all of that and manging to serve the seventh grade.

Four years latter my mom is wrong she inspires me. She helps me and loves me and i feel safe when she is around. I love you mom You raise me Up. I love you Soo much Happy birthday Mom.

Soul Stroll 2008 a better copy

I messed up on the soul stroll to try to make it right with no luck you can view it on my One true media account here

Sorry Deb and Shannon for deleting the old post but I was trying to fix it and it got mix up. Thanks for commenting though.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Aunt L and unclce M visit

I had so much fun visiting with my cousin this weekend . I haven't seen the kids in a while. Aunt L ( my dad's sister )came down on Th and left early Sunday morning. C is realy cute and I can't believe that she will be in K soon here is a picture of her sleeping on Saturday on the way to the game

This is my cousin R he is two and is all boy .
He hates being picked up and is always on the go.
I think a track star might be in his future

My aunt and her kids
( this is my favorite picture from the weekend )

A pic before the y left on Sunday

left to right Mid-sis, holding C , Uncle M, Aunt L, AZ holding R

(My mom had already left to DC and Baby was at volleyball

Sunday, June 1, 2008

sunday grains of gratiude

1 My cousin came over for the weekend C and r ages four and two. They are so cute I will be posting pics from the weekend soon.

2 That Mid sis and baby love Mario cart wii

3 That finals are over

4 That I end the year on a high note

5 That Mom and my cousin's family arrived safely to there destinations today

6 That Dad brought a new chord and that I have found pics from mid sis camera on a computer stay toon for pics of Skinning and Soul stroll

7 That dad and I went to the man's baseball game and he won we went to a park that brought back many memories from watching him play in his high school years. We also went to the Baby's volleyball game Saturday and she told us tonight ( it was over two days)that she got 5 out of 16

June Journeys 2008

(mom and baby on Baby's 13 b day)
In the month of June members of my family will be doing a lot of traveling. Today my mom started the June Journeys by flying to Washington DC She will come back and go to Chicago for the weekend the same day that Mid-sis leaves for china. Mom will be back then go with baby for ten days. Where am I going y ask man I wish I could tell you