Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ms.A would be so proud

     As the year is winding down     with today being the last day of school I have asked my mom and dad if ms A would be proud of me  and they said yes.

The end of my freshman year was rough  I   had OCD and  it was like  pulling teeth     to get me to attend school and    some days I did not even go.  Ms A   helped me by  giving me happy faces in my yearbook for coming to class which  was then the last  class  of  the day. 
This year ended differently.   sure I had  ocd  (in fact its  came back    a little bit  this week) but   I know  about it  and handle  it better   now it   annoying but it will go away. So despite my bad behavior in class  this  year I believe  l ms A would be proud I am too.      My family is too in fact   I    got to 20 dollar bills   and a  music card  from my mom this afternoon.   Today  I ran though the finish line    and    will keep running  because life  will go on    

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mid sis

I can't believe that you will be able to drive in November I love you

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday grains of gratitude

1   We spent the  weekend  in Sacramento visiting my  mom's family  we had a nice breakfast for them  this morning on The Sacramento  river  it was  fun.
2  Mom got mario cart WII for me and I got to play it today It is so fun
3 I  felt pretty good about my spanish  final    that I took on Friday
4  I was able to go to the Drs.  early  so I could  go to Sacramento
5 Mid sis  is having fun   tonight at a b day  party  at her friends  house  for her it was supposed to be a surprise. I am glad that she  has lots of  true friends
ps  Sorry for not posting  so much in may   I am hoping to do more around here   including  customizing my blog look  when school gets  out which  for me is  this thursday  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

a great story about a man with CP and a sport that he loves

Thanks Anglia ( jack's mom) for bringing this to my attention

The Story About Kevin

By Christopher Caile

For years I taught karate at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Of all the students I have had, perhaps the one that has given me the greatest joy was the one I least expected. And he proved to be a great teacher as well. The story of Kevin goes right to the root of the concept of karate-do. While most people think students of karate are tough and well coordinated, it is not always so. If the practice of karate can develop and aid in personal and spiritual self-improvement, then shouldn't karate be able to benefit more people than just those who are already strong?

I was stretching one evening just before the karate class I instructed in the University's athletic center when a young bearded man in a wheel chair wheeled over to me and said something.

"Kaaan ah stuuuudeee Kaa raah ahhhh te?" he asked.

Later I found out that his voice and body coordination had been distorted by the effects of cerebral palsy he had since birth. At the time I had to listen several times to understand that what he was asking was whether he could study karate with us in class. I had to think for a few seconds, for I had never worked with a handicapped student much less one in a wheelchair. When I replied I said, "sure you can study, but only if you help yourself and if you fall you will have to get up yourself." He seemed surprised. He later told me that he had tried to join many other activities but had always been turned down. He had been especially sure no one would teach him karate. But Kevin did study with us. At the beginning of every class he pulled himself out of the wheelchair and with his legs bent inward, arms waving for balance, he began. His movements were uncoordinated and often he fell, but he would get up and keep trying. Later he thanked me for not trying to help him. He explained that by treating him equally it made him feel he belonged.

Day by day the changes were almost imperceptible, but over time the change was noticeable. His balance improved along with his coordination, strength and even his speech. He began to come to class early in order to practice walking up and down the stairs within the athletic arena. Not only did this help his coordination but it strengthened his legs. Kevin explained that exercise was especially important for those with cerebral palsy because without it, as people aged the body could quickly deteriorate. At Christmas time his second year I got a holiday card from Kevin. It was perhaps the most memorable one I have ever received. In large, uneven letters, across the inside was the message: "Thank you for letting me try."

Although Kevin is still handicapped physically, his spirit is tremendous. He also has a sharp wit and sense of humor although his speech difficulties often hide it. Two years ago, after more than eight years of practice, he traveled to our organization's New York headquarters to test for shodan (first degree black belt). I was so proud. During the promotion he was asked to do a kata before all the other black belts in attendance, around 100. He did, and his movements although awkward and still hesitant were pretty good. Afterwards everyone got to their feet and applauded. What observers didn't realize is how Kevin measured his own success. He later asked me, "Do you know what I tried to do hardest in my kata?" "No," I replied. "Just not to fall down," he said.

Kevin has taught me never to make quick judgments and never to underestimate someone. He has also taught me that each of us is very different and that each has his or her own strengths, weaknesses and goals. Karate helped him become stronger, better coordinated and helped him feel he could fit in and accomplish something he had set out to do. Now he doesn't always have to use his wheelchair either. Often when he came to class, he left the chair at home and walked to the bus that brought him to campus. Being mostly a solo activity, Karate thus proved to be an excellent form of physical therapy. And in Kevin's case it also helped him develop spirit and self-discipline. Perhaps it is something that more people with coordination and body control problems could benefit from.

Lest you think Kevin didn't also learn self-defense, let me relay an incident that occurred on a downtown street in Buffalo. Someone had picked Kevin, a slight man in a wheelchair, as an easy target to rob. But when he tried to grab Kevin's waist bag, the attacker got the surprise of his life. The victim grabbed back. While pulling the robber forward and down with one hand, Kevin's other hand in a fist met the attacker in the face. By the time several people from a nearby store reached the pair, the attacker was on his back on the sidewalk with Kevin sitting over him, threatening to hit again.

Last year Kevin demonstrated a bo (six foot wooden stick) kata at a tournament in Ithaca, New York. Afterwards I talked to the audience about Kevin. "If you are a student of karate perhaps you know the motto, 'If knocked down seven times, get up eight.' It's a motto about perseverance. But most of you don't realize that just to be able to do the simple things like walking and standing we all take for granted, Kevin literally has fallen down thousands of time and gotten up thousands of times -- something few of us here would ever be willing to try. He is an example of spirit, someone we can all learn from. So the next time you feel frustrated by something, feel the world is against you, think of Kevin and his spirit. It will make your challenge seem a lot easier." Right after me another instructor also got up to talk about Kevin and how his efforts inspired him. "When I saw Kevin perform his kata, I started to cry," the instructor began. But before he could continue Kevin lightened the moment. In a loud voice Kevin asked, "Was it that bad?"

antagonizing allergies

Have y ever hared the phrase spring has sprung well if you have pollen allergies like AZ my spring phrase would have to be that the antagonizing allergies are here. On Wednesday I had major allergies and it got so bad I had a hard time then usual articulating my speech. today I stayed home from school and watched tv and rested tonight My tutor came over and now I am all caught up on my math. Hopefully my allergies won't be too bad so I can go to school.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ability tuesday May 2008

My ability is montage making.
When I was in the third grade I learned of my ability, WE had a report on food groups and I decide to make a slide show using Kid pix( the original one) I also diid a movie on Menlo park latter that year.
This past year I have made montage for Mom's Mid-sis's and Baby's birthday and made a basketball video for Spanish one Ms A class. In November I did a movie starting my dog Zoe about our daily routine. In January I found One true media and have since fallen in love with it. I have not made many montage in a while due to school. But stick around in June when I don't have to go to torture..I mean school for some cool new ones. in the mean time here is good luck bro

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday grains of gratitude

1 this week is over
 2 I am starting to feel more like my self  today
 3 I  got to go to L's b day party and  go to the Dr  appointment I had fun  playing b ball  with L and his  friends  from his class and neighborhood
 4 I think  L will like my present.  I ended up  buying a game that i think  he   will love to play with his older brother.
5 I got  my homework done. Check back  this week for a finished poster of   my math project which is on time 
6 That I might be  going to Disneyland with  my cousins  in  the summer 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

happy 100 post and 10 year aniversety

This is my 100th post. Last weekend I learned from big J that this was the 10 years of SO b ball in Hmb so In order to celebrate both of these cool moments I am going to go back ten years with a little Q and A,

1How old were you and Mid-sis and Baby ten years ago?

I was six in kindergarten. Mid -sis was four in pre k and baby was three in preschool.

2Who was your best friend in Kindergarten?

a gymnasts that I am going to call E who was in my kindy class

3 did y live in same house ten years ago?


4What were your favorite things to do during recess?

Playing basketball with my friends. Yup I loved basketball from the little age of six. I also enjoyed learning how to jump rope with my kindy teacher

5What were some enjoyable learning experiences that you had in kindergarten?

I loved learning how to read and learning about jobs in our community My mom came in to speak to my class which I though to be pretty cool

6What did you and E like playing?

Jumping dinosaurs and a old computer game called read write and type

7what was your favorite movie?

toy story

8 Did you play sports when you were five?

I played Ayso in kindy.

9 You told us earlier you played on the computer did y do that at home too?

I loved playing backyard soccer and Put put saves the zoo and put travels though time

10 Did you do anything outside of school that helped y become successful?

I did I went to ST Ot and Pt as well as do hippo therapy

If you have been reading my blog please comment even if it just consited of happy 1oo post I love love to read comments

It been a hard long week

 I have a bad habit  when I get mad and I am wearing my glasses  I  break them. I  did that on Friday
 In school  it has been another hard week in Spanish I have gotten  3 strikes    and a detention on  wed   and   on TH   the teacher did not want  to help me  study the  verbs  for the oral exam. I called it laughing in my face.     On Friday    I got really  mad here is why. 
In Spanish  we have  this  warm up sheet called  bell work that we do  at the start of each day. In  January  MS.R said that y can copy the bell work from a friend if you lost it  and   came in late.   On friday   she collected the bell work. I had lost it  and  decide to copy it from LG   which she said was ok  to do.    Well she    saw me cooping  it and told me I had  to take a zero,
After school LG  asked  if  she could have it back and she said no. I felt  so mad at her  because   she  was changing  the rules and to make matters worse  I already have a C in that class.