Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Grains of Gratiude

alright so it is late.. really late but i have been busy. here what I am thankful for

1 That i got to spend time with my mom on Sunday

2 I played in a b ball torment with my hoop pals and got seconded. I was with them all day Sunday

3 That I had a fun b ball party on Saturday

4 I have the privilege` to play with SO in HMB. I don't live there per say but It is worth the drive though traffic on Saturday mornings. The hoop pals have been together for ten years. I wished I could have been there that long but alas I started last year. It feels like a family. I am also lucky that I get to go boweling with them next Sunday.

5 Mid-sis went to her friends confirmation. She had fun.

6 i had no school on friday

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

late for school

Late for school
I am awakened with ample time
To get ready by 7:50.
But my dreams call to me
I gather my great green sheets as if I were a
Chipmunk protecting her acorns.
I hold the sheets tight
as if they were
handlebars on a bike
I hear a peep, squeak, beep. ..…
and then I hear the rooster call.
I start to get up

But just as I am about to rise, I think of what lies ahead at high school
I know teachers will watch me like a hawk as if I were a bomb about to go off,
Then there is the long lonely lunch which I will eat
All alone
So despite the fact the red rooster from a small box calls
I sink into a deep sleep.
And that is all.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Missing MS A

On the way to the play yesterday I was talking to my mom about how I miss Ms A a lot now. Here is why.

I used to be friends with D since we were in dippers basically. Last year she hurt me really bad. She basicaly made my jelous about her party taht I was not invited too. I blame her for getting ocd but my mom and dad have told me that wasn't the case.

flash to last friday. Her sister K wants to help improve the club with the autism class that I started. She and her friends A and : changed the name and are the predestine of the club even though i had the idea. Anyway I talked to K and explained to her my goal was to have a great rest of school year. She supported me but told me that I hurt her sister and was surprised when i said i was hurt. The bell rang and I went to class with A her friend and I yelled at her trying to explain my point to her.It got so bad that she had to go with another

Today after school I went and got my singing time videos back from the Autism teacher and basically said good bye for a while.

How dose ms A play into this well basically the autism classes was my lunchtime spot. I have not been out with the typical kids much this year and I know that has to change now that K took my sport from me.

Last year was Ms.A room was the place to be she allowed me to eat lunch in there and even offered some fruit for me and LG to eat. She helped me with whatever I needed but still held me responsible for stuff like cleaning up my mess. She cared about me a lot. I have some Uno cards dog edition that I would have enjoyed playing with her had she still been at my school. I miss my Spanish teacher

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday grains of gratiude

1 That i kicked straight in the pool(see below)

2Baby played well in her volly ball game

3 I saw LG and AF( friends from school) In a play today with my mom

4 that star testing is over. I did not last the whole time with the AP kids after talking after the test to LG across the room I hope with a regular week ahead of me I will be able to behave better

5 That this week is over

6 I have a new 2ed cousin. His name is Joshuah My dad got a pic in the email he is so cute I can't wait to meet him

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swimming Success

 We are swimming at school and on Friday  it was free swim day.  After talking  to Mr,L I learned that I had to do 30 laps to make up   for not suiting up during the swim unit.I did eight  laps    when i deiced to ask Mr L that if  I kicked with straight legs     if that could count for two points. He said yes so off I went. I  did  it and ended up with eighteen laps.  But more importantly I  KICKED WITH STRAIGHT LEGS  FOR THE FIRST  TIME.   I  wish I had my video camera  to capture this  moment. I was   so   proud of my self.    Now all I have to learn is how to use my arms  while kicking straight

How I got to first period on friday

   I came in    inside my school and   met up with  one of the school officals  who was  rideing in a golf cart.  

AZ Did the bell ring 

SO: Only the first bell

 We have two bells  the first one  call kids to meeting and the second   means your late. I had a long  walk to Ms.R class  for  Spanish.   

AZ; can I have a ride 

SO: sure hope in

I made it late but ms.R  saw how I came in.  I thanked the SO for the ride  and  went into class

Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog of Distinction

This is what Deb had to say about me.
Life and Times of a Teenager with Disabilities for making me think about my understanding of Cerebral Palsy.

This is who I give the Blog of Distinction to.

Nicole at all 4 gals. Nicole is a mom to 4 butiful girls including T who happens to have T21. Nicole provides readers articles on T21 info as well as a snap shot into her life with her four girls.

laura at touched by a alien life as I know . Lura is a older version of me. She like me has nld and loves to write she gives me good comments from time to time that help me make my way though high school.

Jacolyn at Lieck Triplets
. The mom writes about the changes with parenting triplets which has cp

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Grains of gratiude

1 I was able to finish the memory keepers daughter in two days 2 That I helped out at a food kitchen this morning with mom and mid-sis. it was a great way to spend Sunday morning even if I had to wake up at the crack of dawn.
3 That LG and I had fun playing uno
4 That J continues to befriend me despite my behavior in English class. Basically some kids are picking on me saying I can not swim and I got mad.The teacher dose not believe me and dose not trust me. I talked to her on Friday and she said that My behavior has been bad since February witch was a big shock to me .

5 that I passed the high school exit exam.
6 That I do star testing in the regular room with AP kids
7 I had fun at b ball on Saturday

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Message from the Ap kid

Guess what I read a 401 page book in two days. Why two days well because I got the book on Friday and the movie is on tV tonight and everyone know that the book is always better then the movie right .

The book and movie I am referring too is the memory's Keeper daughter. It was really good and it almost made me cry. I almost never cry in movies and certainly never in books .

The plot is that a doctor is forced to deliver his baby due to a snowstorm. He ends up havening twinsone with DS and one without and asks a nurse to take the one with DS away &...

Want to know more?

Watch the movie tonight at nine o clock on lifetime

Or if your not lazy

read the book

My review of the book is on a scale of one to ten is


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Az's trip down glory road:We got a ticket to ride

And we care

Sunday grains of gratiude

Hello blogger readers I type this after a hard week but a enjoyable weekend.

1 After four games my hoop pals are going to final in SO B ball. I had fun playing aginst L team.We have really have improved a lot from last year.

2 I talked to J for 43 minutes on the phone on friday

3 That my mom made me lunch and breakfast on friday, She dose not do this often due to the fact that she works a lot.

4 My mom met someone else who has a son with Nld at a meeting for work. He is older then me and is going to collage in the fall. Hopefully I can meet him before he leaves for collage.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ablity Tuesday April first 2008

( I loved Arthur when I was in second grade and remember reading this one and watching the show on PBS)

My ability is my sense of humor, I love jokes and being silly. I can also laugh at my self. I love a good joke . I can also be spontaneous and make up jokes on the spot.

Here is a example from school a couple of weeks ago

class mate : "Why did you skip a bunch of numbers on the test?"
teacher "I had a brain fart."
AZ: "Did it smell bad?"

Happy April fools day 20o8