Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Grians of Gratiude: the right before bed edition

1 Spring break was this week I had fun staying home

2 My family went to a bowtillen( don't know how to spell it right now). This is a party done for boys in 11 and 12 grade boys in the Americana American comunity My sisters and I got to be hostess and wore blue dresses we looked so butiful don't worry there will be pics.

3 I got to play wii on the tv down stairs

4 I went to see Under the same Moon with my dad on Tuesday and the rest of the crew (not including man) went to see it today.

5 I had brekfast with My mom and dad in the hotel we stayed at for the bowtillen Mid sis and baby had room services

6 Baby had fun at a sleepover on Thursday. Mid sis mom and I had fun Thursday night and friday morning

7 I got invited to join a scholarship group. More about this later right now there is a pillow with my name on it,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Proveing Peole worng : AZ's water edition

( AZ summer 1998 age 6)

It was the summer before fourth grade I was nine years old and like many youth I attended summer camp. It was located at a high school and was a day camp that had kids from Kindergarten to Eighth grade . I was in a group that consisted of regular fourth graders and was looking forward to having a good time at camp. All went well until we headed down to the pool for swimming lessons. Don't get me wrong I knew how to swim. My mom and dad signed me up for Meany swimming lessons group and private along with mid-sis and baby. I was good and knew the storks but could not kick straight due to CP. I kick in the water with bent legs but it works the same. Well the instructors told me that i needed to stay in the shallow end due to the fact that I kicked funny. I was not content to stay in the shallow end because I knew how to swim and the rest of my group mates were in the deep end of the pool. I am stubborn and countless time that summer i tryed to get out of the shallow end. I hated camp.

The flowering year my mom and dad signed baby mid-sis and I up for the same camp. I was not thirded. This time I complained to mid-sis and we both went to my consular and I told her ."I know how to swim. " the  leader replied that she believed me but mid-sis was not convinced. That summer came with a improvement I got to swim in the deep end with a lifeguard in the water with me. I was not happy but camp didn't last the whole summer due to the manger of the camp stole the money.

You may be wondering why I am telling you this story so here is why. People have low expectations for disabled people. I for one like to prove people wrong. At the begging of the month we were suppose to fill out classes for next year. Again teachers was not willing to sign me up for AP history or English. I love proving people wrong but I don't get to do it all the time. I love being a AP student for one period (History). The teachers didn't want me to try but I want to prove them wrong . I hope am able to switch classes around before the end of the year.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday Grains of gratitude:One day late edition

 Sorry blogger readers.I write this post     Monday  because  I was    at my grandma house                   Ester and although I had acess to acoumputer    I wanted     to wait I hope y  forgiveme so without further a do here it is.
1I had good ester that consisted of my mom's family and   no egg hunt but fun all the same
2 saw Emhe last night the kid has T21 it was a good way to end the day.  Go to the website to see it for a limited time
 3 My speech went well. I went a day early so I do not have a video sorry
4 baby is going to my school. Recap I go to public school while  mid-sis goes to private baby got into mid-sis's school but  is going to my school. She is doing the same camp  at the school I did as a freshman so I might get to help out. Of course she would hate that. 
 5 I am on spring break  and we are going to see Horten hears a who  to start the spring fun

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Come back later for pics and Grains of Gratude

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy world Down syndome Day

Something that I have learned form L (my friend with DS) is to expect surprise in the basketball game he did a lay-up sorry it is hard to explain to all you non b ball players. He idolizes Michael Jordan and is teenager who I like to be around.L inspired me to do my inclusion speech because I wish that his peers could see how wonderful he is.

Ps here is my favorite Semestreet clip on youtube

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Patrick's day From Mom dad the man AZ mid-sis and the baby and Zoe.
I hope you all were green today if not you are cyber pinched .

Happy B day Aunt M We love you

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday grains of gratitude; The sick edition

You read right I am sick. My Science and my Spainsh teacher were sick and I worke up sick on Saturday beside the illness I have had good things happen to me this week

1 I got 9 out of ten on my math test.

2 My report is comeing along Thanks Kei for the pictures if anyone else wants there child in my project on inclusion feel free to leave me a comment.

3 Felling better today
4 Got credit for practice today  despite   leaving early due to illness.
5 My mom family came over today  I read my aunt my speech and she liked it.
 6  I played the wii and watched Cat in the hat last night while my parents were at a friend's b day  party

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hi blogger readers sorry for missing Sunday Grains of gratitude. I had a good week but it came with a ton of homework so thats what I have been up what I would have posted on sunday is

1 My project for science. My teacher offered me a essay way to do a flip book on Mitoses but I completed it the regular way a 20 page cut out flip book made from construction paper.

2 That Deb started ability Tuesday,

3 That I finished most of my homework.

4 I have a C+ in geometry. I had a F before

Now that I did a gratitude update Let me tell you about a report I will doing on Inculisve Education. it is going to happen sometime next week in English as a final for the speech unit. I would like to get some advice from parents teachers and students so just leave me a comment. It doesn't matter if you child is in a special day class setting I want to get both sides of the story.

Thanks in advance

Friday, March 7, 2008

Movie Day

I have post about DS before but never CP so I will do it now

Cp effects my speech and dose not cause mental retardation. I have been lucky never to be wheelchair bound and be able to be mainstreamed in sports.

to learn more meet Myles

programs like UCP helps CP kids (as well as other kids with disabilities )

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ability tuesday march 4 2008

     My pal Deb   over at three weddings  is  starting ability tuesday.   The first tuesday of the month  you post   about   abilities   of  a "disabled person."  I saw this and couldn't  help but join in so here it  goes

  AZ Ability of  the month    is helping I love to help  in the Autism class and love to help  my hoop pals in HMB,.  I started  the SO team a t my school    while creating  acceptance in my school.    I am not a helper  around my house but hay  mabee  that comes with  being a lazy teenager 
What is your  ability?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday grains of gratiude

1 B ball yesterday . There was a gal that looked like ms a who brother played on my team I hope she comes back to play next week
2 B ball I have another one this friday.

3 I did a assume job on my math HW today. It is so neat I can't wait to hand it in the teacher will be so proud. I also mad top robin soup on the stove by myself today

4 Mom. made it safe to DC
5 My scince teacher. This is a long story which I will post latter once I get a chance

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Schools out part dos

  I went to  So yesterday (see post below) and all went well for the new kids on the block.      We played against  L's team  but we lost but made a  come back and got second place.   I have goals for my team    the goal is that everyone is involved.  Yesterday one guy  was the one who  was   doing most of the  work while the rest  ran around  the cough.     So considering that  and the fact that we didn't bring balls to practice. We know better next time. Our team did a super  job. So go team