Thursday, February 28, 2008

School's out

Ok so its not out yet, but I am missing school tomorrow because I am helping with the Autism class. They are going to play b ball and I am coaching I get to miss Math English Pe and part of Rsp, history, and Science I am going to see my bud L and his pals and hang out. My PE teacher Mr. L You know the b ball coach might come by for lunch since it is where he used to teach. I am so excited

While s I found a video piece of the special Olympics School sports day a few years back which I have been saving to post until today.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Grains of gratiude

Hi blogger readers here are some good things that happened this week
  1. Today I played in the Specail Olympicas toument and won both gsmes but I got f seconed why don't have any idea
  2. I had fun skiing
  3. No vocab teats on Friday
  4. I got praised in English on Friday
  5. I have a new tutor she is super nice and patient. She even got me to the point where I have had done problems on my own .
  6. Mom dad and baby went to see a movie last night I am glad they went as my mom is havening a tough time with me this week
  7. That my cousin is feeling beater she got her Appendix out and had a bad reaction to the meds.Please pray for her as she is getting beter.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I belive an update is in order

Hello blogger readers. I can't believe I have not posted in a while so I will start

Saturday we arrived in Reno and spent the evening visiting With my cousin ages 2 and 4 went to bed early

Sunday I got to ride in a snow mobile. I had so much fun okay here is the story. On Saturday mid sis baby and I went skinning. We took two lesson one in the morning I got one on one with a pt how cool is that, Well in between ski lesson i went skiing with baby and mid-sis and fell.I refused to get up so I ended up walking down the mountain in ski boots. A in instructor stopped me and I got to ride in a snow car how cool is that t that night my cousin stayed over at our place We watched EMHE while playing chutes and ladders man my cousin is so cute. I have some video of her from Sunday morning and I might post it if get my aunts permission.

Friday, February 15, 2008

going skiing

Come back next week for a update on my blog and new pics

Until then

Go visit Nash a little boy t21 to wish him a Happy B day

And come back Tuesday to hear how my vacation went

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy Valinties Day everyone

Happy valentine's day everyone. I had a nice day today. In Spanish we played cake walk. Which is like musical chairs but with numbers on the floor. We went around while the teacher played Spanish music and when it stopped we were on a number if she called the number you were on you got a cup cake at the end of class. I didn't' win but I got treats latter in the day. Nothing special in history we just watched a movie based on the what we learned in class which we will finish that tomorrow. In math I turned in some makeup homework and showed my calculator. I have to post this latter, When I showed him he had a smile on his face.That was his gift from me more work ha ha ha In the autism class besides havening a party during lunch witch LG went to which was fun they gave me a necklace. I know the pic is bad but I will try post a different pic latter of it is beautiful.

Happy Valentines Day everyone

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the Man is in the news

Click here to read. Mabey next time they can interview me, Dad, Mom Mid-Sis Babyand me. Note his mom is not my mom.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

sunday grains of Gratiude

Things I am grateful for
1 The IEP was not so bad. We discussed some typing soft where that would allow me to type faster. The only bad thing was that I am on a behavior plain and might need an aid at school something I haven't had since middle school.
2 Lg and I worked well together on our history project today. We worked well together and played the wii after words
3I got to hang out with some of the hoopsters yesterday.
4 I am going skiing this coming weekend
5I went to my school's basketball game. It was so fun The varsity girls creamed the other team and I saw some guys that I went to elementary school with it was a good way to spend Friday night,
6 My mom and dad had fun at a b day party Saturday and baby spent friday and Saturday with her friend at a b day party.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I fiinshed the esay ezam now back to a esay nomal day right AZ


I have a IEP tomorrow. I am guessing it will not go so well considering my bad behavior during my bout of OCD and the fact that my Bio teacher won't be attending. He my favorite teacher and gives me a hug when I need it.

LG Called and she wants to work with me on a history project after the fact that she ignores me in Spainsh and the last project we did end in the teacher reprehending me. I have to let her know by tomorrow. My gut feeling is No but this is before I have gotten a chance to talk to my mom. Keep me in your thoughts on TH and I will update you all soon

Monday, February 4, 2008

Wish Me Luck

Tomorrow I am taking the High school Exit Exam reading section. I am not worried about the reading but on the math part which is coming up on Wednesday. Please send good luck vibes and a praye that My ocd is not bad so I concentrate and Do a good job.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday grains of gratiude

things I am grateful for

1 A on my English teats

2 OCD is getting back to normal

3 Man was on the radio last night

4 I had fun with G @ ball practice

5 Baby did well in her volleyball match today.

6 Mid sis and I had a quite day around the house today. We watched a movie and I walked Zoe. It was one of those quite Sundays
7 I cut down my essay see below
8 I am starting piano along with mid-siS
The teacher is nice and is very patience. She has thought kids with Disabilities before including Down syndome. Stay tune for a possible video piece of a song.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

laws of life

I got back my first draft for the laws of life essay, my teacher was peaty impressed with it.(WHo wouldn't ) but has given me a new change. I have to cut one half of an essay. The original which I am going to post is four pages . The contest only allows for two pages. I have began to cut my essay but quite honestly it dose not sound as good. what is in yellow is what I have cutted witch is now 3 pages. So if anyone has any ideas on what to cut pleases leave a comment.
How Hope Helps Me
Most parents hope for a bright future for their kids. Mr and mrs Chapman hoped that one-day that their daughter born with Cerebral Palsy would one day walk. I am happy to report that she is walking, running, and is currently playing basketball on a community-based team in Half Moon Bay. I am able to report this testimonial because I know the oldest daughter of the quite well. I am the oldest child born to mr and ms chapman. From the start, hope has helped me reach milestones. Through hope I have gotten an A on an Honors history test. It has helped me articulate better and to reach other goals made hard by my Cerebral Palsy. I guess you can say that it is my law of life. Throughout the course of this essay I will discuss the most powerful message of hope I ever heard, adults outside my family who have encouraged me to hope and how I try to apply this to my life.
On January 3 2008 Barack Obama won the presidential Caucas in Iowa. In his winning speech Obama says that hope comes from “inside us that insists, despite all evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it, and to work for it, and to fight for it." My parents, who didn’t have the pleasure to hear this fabulous speech when I was an infant, are living proof that his speech is true. When my parents were given the news that I had Cerebral Palsy they decided then and there to focus on my abilities and not my disabilities. They did not come to the wall of disability as mere spectators who would not expect me to participate in my school and community. No. On the contrary, they came with hammers to try to tear the wall down as low as it would go. They took me to Orange Park in South San Francisco every day to climb up and down the big slide and let me fall down in the grass and be stimulated by my environment. They did this in hope that one-day I to could be like every American girl who loved to run around the blacktop during recess. This testimonial is different then a story that I heard of a girl with Cerebral Palsy. Whose mom decided to use the television as a means of full time baby-sitting. The girl, who is only a couple years younger then me, is not communicating at all and is not able to perform simple tasks of daily living. This girl is suffering because there is no hope. The girl’s mother has no desire for the child to make a positive contribution to society. For me, my parents not only hoped, but also worked hard to give me a better life and to that I will always be grateful.
Fortunately for me I have had caring adults who have always encouraged me to hope. Two adults in particular stand out in my mind when U think of who thought me how to hope; my seventh grade English teacher and my basketball coach. In seventh grade, I didn’t have true friends. I sat with kids at lunch but did not share any common interests. I desperately wanted someone who was into the same stuff I was, someone who would spend Friday nights hanging out and having a good time, someone who would always stand up for me in a fight. My seventh grade teacher, who really understood, me said that I would have friends and not to give up hoping. She really helped me sit through the teasing that I received that year by saying that I would one day have true friends. Another person who has helped me learn the meaning of hope is my basketball coach. In November 2007, I tried out for the Junior varsity girls basketball team. I got cut and was told that in order for me to play for my school, I had to make varsity the following year. My coach said that I should not give up hope and if I work hard: I might make varsity. The chances of me playing high school ball is close to impossible but I believe with hard work and determination , I might end up almost making varsity. I am lucky that I have had positive adults in my life who have helped me develop my law of life, hope.

Since hearing Barack Obama’s speech, I try to live by his message. The first semester of my sophomore year holds memories that I am not proud of. I have acted horrendous ,almost monster like. I was not like this every day but once or twice a week. I was disruptive. I acted before I thought which never is a good thing. I came in late and was disruptive to the class. Needless to say, I was not someone who was known in good light by my instructors or peers. I did not however mean to represent myself in such negative light. Upon hearing Barack Obama’s speech that winter night I started to hope for a brighter school career. In the new semester, I am trying hard to change how others view me. I have to the best of my knowledge no complaints from my teachers who last year would have had some by now. I know changing my actions is not easy, but every school day I try to act a little better. My binders that are normally a mess are nice and neat. So slowly but surely I am changing for the better. My hope is that my teachers and peers, by the end of my sophomore year, will see me in a lighter light instead of the bad light I am currently in.
My law of life is that hope helps you conquer the most challenging obstacles. My walking is a tribute to my law and how I was raised. The best message of hope that I ever heard was from Mr. Barack Obama. I have been lucky that other adults around me encourage me to hope. I am currently applying hope towards improving my conduct at school. If I were to become a mom I would do my best to encourage my kids to believe in the power of hope. I would stress the fact that without hope, there is no goal and without hard work, there is no hope. The best recipe for a success is a lot hope and hard work. If I could have lunch with the Senator of Chicago, I would thank him again and again for his winning speech in Iowa. Senator Barack Obama gave more than a speech that day he gave me a heads up that changing my behavior was way overdue. In a couple of months from now after I have consistently behaved well , I will have one word that I can thank. You could find it in the dictionary in the H section. The word is hope and I owe my good behavior to that one powerful word. I hope that more people teach children what it truly means to have hope. I hope you have enjoyed reading this paper.

I love you but then I might hate you

Deb over @ three wedings taged me a while a go so here it is
I Love
My family Mom dad mid-sis baby and man
Snow MS A and I would have so much fun if it snowed in CA
HMB Hoopsters
My scince class
I hate
OCD need I say more
Friends who are mean
People low expections for people with disabilities
Tune in latter and I might get Mid sis and baby to Play along in the mean time I
I tagged
and any one who wants to play.
Have fun