Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday grains of gratiude

new meds are starting to work
2  got  70% percent of my hw done 
3  The video I made on Friday. The man  made is safe to AZ (The state not my screen name) and    his roommate is  from Southern CA. I hope he has  fun playing ball next week 
5 Walk with t  around the bloc
6 Zoe has learned how to come.   I got to get this on video.  She will run up to me if  I kneel down and  call her.    she will then  proceed to lick me to death. I love her slobbery kisses. THanks T for helping Zoe learn  this 
7 No school friday

 wish me luck as I am still recovering from my OCD bought and  school work.    Also see video below

Friday, January 25, 2008

Good luck Bro

Today is the day that the man is going to Ax to play baseball in a semi pro league he left early this Morning after seeing us last night. My family and I are hoping that he is able to get a contract with MLb so this is a good start. In honor of his leaving I have created this for him to remember us if he ever gets homesick.I drought he will. so without further a do here is Good luck Bro

Monday, January 21, 2008

Q and A Martin luther king Jr day US 2008

Q: Why is today important to AZ and her family?
A: My parents are living Dr king's dream. My mom is black and my dad is white,

Q: Do you have a problem with your ethnicy?
A: No in the grand scheme of things is dose not matter

Q: Have I experinced racism based on race before?
A: I remember one time two years ago we went to the YMCA to sign up, The guy who showed us around assumed we were poor and need help ( My dad was not present) My mom explained to the man that she and her husband could afford it.

Q:Do you have book recommendations to help kids (5 -8 ) learn about Dr King?
A: I have a dream with pictures. I think I still have this one from my infant years. More to come in February

Q:Has racism gotten better?

Q :Do we have aways to go?
A: Yes

Q: Any last words?

A:Happy mlk day and here is Mahalia Jackson singing We Shall overcome

Sunday, January 20, 2008

sunday grains of gratiude

This week was hard one for me with ocd coming back and all which is why i have procrastinated about putting up my blog but alas this is what I am grate full for this week besides the fact that is over it being over.

1 My family my mom is there when i need her the most mid-sis and dad & baby are too. but my mom is a good listen.I love my family and the fact that they are there for me. I am feeling a little better now. I am grateful for the great support they give me.

2 Mid sis is going skinning she is havering a great time in reno she text ed baby today and she ran in to another friend from her school. she went down with her BFF

3 SO- Wednesday we got some helpers for the school team that i am coaching and on Saturday I played well with the click of gals. This is huge I never though I could be nice to one girl considering I hate her now but I made it a point to pass to her. hopefully next week I will be able to get a snack after b balll with the team. yesterday I was not feeling up to it

4 did I mention this week is over

Thank you for all the comments on my latest poem. I will post how hope helps me when I get a chance so stay toon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Going up the mountain

 Going up the Mountain
by Az chapman 
 I was going up a mountain 
  oh I was going  up a mountain 
 I was going up a mountain  
going up so fast
  I had friends all me 
 I thought that it would last
 with new friends to make and sports to play 
life was good  
    to good to last
 The year of ninth grade 
 in the spring semester
    things stared  to become a pester
 first the map  then no sleep  
then my family found  out  I had  OCD
I  am going down the mouton
 i am  falling fast 
 I just want to return to the past
the friends I tough    I could trust 
just left me in the dust

   I know i can  climb the mountain  again
 and I have started 
but some days are harder then others  you know 
and now that spring semester is here once more
  I am afraid that I will  fall
 further down the mountain
I hope that I can   climb the mountain 
and get  back on top 
if I got back up again I would shout  hoary 
I missed you summit 
and i hope that I  can   
 and  hang out up top the mountain 
and never fall 
 And then people  like ms P  would be  amazed 
  because I have beaten down a hard wall

was going up  the  mountain
it will take hard work  
 but I am determined to get back on top 

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sing a song in 3 languages grab your kids and sing and sign along

Last summer I was looking on youtube and saw a clip a actor signing in ASL Sing a song on sesame street . Since then i have been looking and looking for the video on you tube. Recently a fellow you tuber who post Sign language videos posted Sing a a song in ASl.

Can you keep up signing? Bob on Sesame Street sings this version and Luis signs it. so we have it in one two three different languages how cool is that?

Monday, January 14, 2008

laws of life My title

Here in CA we have a contest. Ok so it not limited to Ca but you all get my point. We have laws of life a essay contest for teens about lessens that you want to use for the rest of your life. I just spent the last two hours editing some of my 2ed copy of my rough draft. The title is How Hope Helps Me. Want to hear more ? Check back at the end of the week.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Grains of gratiude

Things I am grateful for

1 School was good I wonder how the first full week will go. keep reading and we shall see.

2 Mid-sis gets to go skinning next weekend with her BFF. I wish I could go but I can't but I know that she will have fun.

3 I spent a lot of time with Devon this weekend. On saturday we played b ball together and today we went bowling with him Big J his wife and Daughter and E. We had fun. Devon is a good bowler.

4 that i am the coach of the autism b ball team
5 The man was over here yesterday to watch the parkers game. when I asked him who won he said I won he is such a big parkers fan. Last night mom dad man baby and I watched a movie that i feel asleep too. I love spending time with the man. mabey next time he will come to b ball. It be convent too because he lives in HMB

6 We got a new tv our old one was watching a 3D movie without the glasses . and baby got a case for her I phone on the same day in her favorite color yellow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

End of the school week update

  Q:What  the best thing  to do after school  weeks over?
 A: Sleep
 That is what I did when I came  home today because being Good is  hard work.  Yes blogger readers my behavior To best of my knowledge    was good.   I am still having  trouble going groups for group work but    y  can't fix  everything in one week right?     I only had to get one waring   over  the sure of two days which is good.   
In other news I am a coach  of a new Special Olympics team   at my school.      After school I went to talk  to the teacher and she said that one of the  student  who gets angry  a lot   after lunch today ( When i  played with them)   came in happy and was willing to do  his work with a better  attiude . So  I will work with them every  day. On wednesday we will have a   volunteer meeting. In hopes that I don't have to coach alone.

 In English we are writing  a essay that I am proud of so i will post it when it all done editing
In Science we are going to be doing some cool labs next week.  I can't wait. I love that class
 So blogger readers your good luck did work but keep them coming.      The  second semester just started.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Az's trip down glory road: Pics round one

Playing in preschool. Thanks for the help Dad.
5th grade hoops spring 2003
Drinking Gatorade before I score a lot of baskets (8th grade spring 2006)
wow for me

PS: Can you please sends good luck wishes for me i start school tomorrow. (Baby and mid- sis went back today). I am scared because I don't want to end in the Office for bad behavior. I hope I can act better then I did last year. Wish me luck. I will post about it in a couple of days

Seven random things

It was a opened post from Deb to write seven things about yourself and then to tag seven people.
1 I had tow donuts for breakfast today

2 I have a good memory

3 My favorite subject is history
4 I don't like b day parties that much
5 I haven't been skiing since the 7 th grade

6 I really w wanted a robot for Christmas but did not get one,
7 I have Read Over twist and The adventures of tom sawyer
seven people I tag
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Grians of Gratiude

Things I'm grateful for

1 last nigh t mid-sis baby mom and I went to a family's friend girls 16 b day party. This is my first 16 b day party and it was nice. Now I have an idea of what one is and had fun and mid-s taught me how to do solider boy dance
2 I saw all my hoop buds yesterday
3 I worked on my story, For those of you that don't know I am a writer. I am writing a book on kids on disabilities. My first book is all typed ( it needs ALLOT OF EDITING) . The seconded book is almost done ( minus the editing ) When it gets edited I might post text from the book. So egger readers just have to wait and with some luck the first book and part of the seconded book will be ready for reading. Until then you just have to hear about my life
4 I think we are going to Reno Over president's weekend

5 I went boweling with T this past week the family boweling next to us had kids that go to my old elementary school, it was nice talking to the mother.

6 That Obama won Iowa. If y didn't hear his winning speech y should hear it. my dad called me down to watch it and I am glad he did. what he said about hope really got me I hope Obamma wins.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Az's trip down glory road : Another seven days

Today was supposed to be the 1st practice of the 2008 season But we only had a meeting. The power was off because we had s big storm for the last 2 days Despite the fact of we could see. He didn't do it for insurgence reason. It was not all bad because I was able to see big J. So unfortunately for me and the Cost side hoop buds we all have to wait seven more days.

Az's trip down glory road: Poem honoring Big J

In HMB I have a 2ed family my So hoop pals. I have had parties with them and am down there everyday. Well one man made that possible Big J or as others know him as Coach J. Coach J has a daughter who has autism and a couple years back he wanted to start a basketball team. Nothing big of course just a place where disabled youngsters could play and enjoy a American past the so HMB will have five count them five teams. I think it's safe to say that big J accomplished his mission.

Last year in freshman English we had to write a poem or paragraph on somebody we admire. I chose Big J.He relay enjoyed this poem and I hope you can get to know him a little better by reading this. Big J this one is for you.
Coach J
By: AZ Chapmen

Tall, humble , man
That’s what he is.
He who helps people who are the outcast of the real world.
He who helps the invisible become seen.
He who creates a fun atmosphere every Saturday that is like an alternative world,
A world of possibilities.
He who helps the people reach there full potential
By letting them try new things
He who gives them a reason to
Laugh, smile, and fool around
To get out the last bit of childhood out before they become adults.
He who lives in a town on the cost
He who gives us more then a game
He also gives confidence
He who I’ll miss when I go off to college in three years
But who memory I’ll always have
He whose title is
Coach J

Friday, January 4, 2008

Az's trip down glory road:Why glory road

Hoops stat on Saturday. I am so exited. Our theme for the team this year comes from the movie Glory Road. I have seen this movie long before I met my beloved hoop buddies so needles to say I will have to Download it from I tuns to watch on the way to THE FIRST PRACTICE OF THE 2008 BASKETBALL SEASON

Thursday, January 3, 2008

AZ's trip down glory road : Most Impoved Player

(Me getting the Award Spring 2006)

It was shortly after the last game that I got a call from Mr S inviting me to a diner in celebration of the end for the basketball league. I called my cousin J (Who is now sponsoring me in conformation) To the dinner. I sat next to some gals form the eighth grade and clapped on the other basketball team from my church. After waiting and waiting It was time for the Eighth grade girls B team to receive there awards I went up along with my team mates as Coach K and coach R talked about our team and handed out awards. There were three categories: Most Valuable , Most inspirational, and Most improved. I got Most improved. I have a plack now that I have in my house in honor of improved the most since the fifth grade. That is a moment I will never forget.

AZ's trip down glory road : Some bad moments with my orginal hoop coachs

The story I posted yesterday was a happy moment but I have had rough times with my original Hoop buddies. I remember sitting out at a game in seventh grade because they wanted to win. I don't think I will ever understand people drive to win. The word limits the spots options for kids with disabilities. kids with special needs most of the time are forced to sit on the sidelines and cheer for there friends and or siblings. This is something I want so desperately to change and is one of the reason I love Th SO.

Anther thing is something that I told Gabi's Mom that I post about a long time ago. When our team had played the last game and lost i thought my b ball days were over. I remember the next day was a Sunday. I woke up sad and crawl up into my mom's bed. I remember asking her "Mom, why dose God make people with disabilities." she said she didn't know and held me as I cried about not being able to play the game I love with regular people.
well I remember going to CCD ( Sunday school ) that day with other sight graders and remember asking the teacher about it, She didn't know why but told me something along the lines of people with disabilities are great and that I am a wonderful girl.

Three years later I still don't know why he makes us different but I have a theory. He put us here for a reason like he did normal kids each different but yet the same, My mom always says that "God puts everyone here for a reason." I think she is right.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

AZ's trip down Glory road :eighth grade hoops

Hello blogger readers Az here . Basketball is starting up on Saturday and to honor that over the next couple of days I will post about my love of the game.

Before I met my beloved hoop buddies. I played basketball for my church. I stared in fifth grade and ended in eighth. I want to tell you a time that I was the highest scorer on my basketball team full of "Normal kids"

The year was 2006 I was in the 8th grade and it was a home game. It can't remeber exactly how I made the first basket but I did . After it went the other eighth grade team exploded in cheer form the sidelines. I stood there observing the energy of the crowd that they had to tell me to get back on defense. I ran back on defense and boy did I have the biggest smile on my face. After that I was on Fire. The head coach for the other 8th grade team yelled " pass the ball to AZ ." the girls did and I scored a lot of points. We lost that game but It didn't matter much to me. My mom was crying and a teammates mom was too. I am so glad that my church welcomed me in to the parish basketball league with open arms. This memory is one that I will remeber for the rest of my life