Monday, December 31, 2007

happy new year

Here are some of the great things I want to do in 2008 (New year resolutions)
1 Behave well in school
2 Learn how to drive

3 Develop
emotional maturity
4 Become more independent

Happy New Year from all of my family to yours

As the year draws to a close

Christmas 2006 left to right Baby, Zoe, man mid-sis, me (sitting down)
Christmases 2007 Man ( green and white t-shirt) Baby (in green) mid-sis (In red) Zoe
AZ(in black)

Look how much we have grown

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Grians of Gratiude

things I am thankful for
1Christmass was good. Santa was good to me even though I haven't been acting well in school. I am glad For forgiveness of sin.

2Today I went with my dad to mass as well as to target to get 2games one for myself and the other for baby. I played mine a lot today so much that my hand started hurting. I had fun playing this afternoon.

3 That I was able to spend time with my family over the Christmass holiday

4 That b ball starts in six days

ps I am sorry if I offended any of you by posting loot pics. I My mom remind me that some people may not have a lot . If this offends any of you please leave a comment so I can delate the post thanks


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Zoe on chrstmass day

Zoe got dog treats and balls that squeak. She chewed them so much that they don't squeak. She also busted her new tennis ball. I will have to post a pic of it before we throw it away

How we spent chrismass 2007part four:baby's loot

The baby got a bracelet and some money. Your are probly thinking that my sisters and I our spoiled rotten. My mom and Dad don't even have a i phone but baby dose. She loves it and the first times she charged it she didn't want to leave it alone she said so herself I agree. I hope everyone had a good time celebrating a holiday. needless to say baby mid-sis and I did.

How we spent chrismass 2007 part three:Mid-sis's loot

She also got a bracelet & some money

How we spent christmass 2007 part two My loot

I also got
boweling game for the wii
coin collecting book
Sponges bob Pj's
I life 08
Movie editing softwa

How we spent christmass 2007 part one

We woke up early to find the Christmas tree filled with presents poof that Santa had been to our house .

Monday, December 24, 2007

this is what Christmass is all about

Remember that Jesus was born on December 25 to save us from sin while you and your kids are opening presents tomorrow . With that said Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2008

Today is the day that I met Zoe.

The year was 2003 and I was in seventh grade. I just came back somewhere and mid-sis comes out to say "Az we got a surprise for you." I didn't believe it at first but got out of the van and I saw y mom with the video camera. As soon as I saw her I knew I had a dog. The only thing was that we got the wrong dog her name (That we gave her) was Pepperment. It turned out that our dog was in New York in the ice cold snow instead of sunny CA so we took her back to the airport that night. Flash forward to Christmas Eve 2003. We went to the airport to get our real dog. She was so cutie. Baby got to hold her first. That day we went to PETCO to get her bowel and stuff. I got to name her. You see because of my speech impairment due to CP talking for me at the time (and still is) hard for me. So I wanted to give her something I could say easily thus she was called Zoe

Today Zoe is a well rounded dog. She's is a friend to all in our family. She gives me the best slobbery kisses and stared in a video for Spanish along with me. I love my soft cotted Wheaten terrier

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday grains of gratitude

                Things that I am grateful for this week.
  1 Our family's crab   adventure friday night. My dad was working so my  mom  my sisters and I  ate crab that  my Aunt  C   gave to us   from WA. It was good.
2 I am out of school for a bit .          NO homework till  January 8  yeah

3  the party was fun. I lost my camera plug but when I find it  a pic will be posted.

4 I went to mass this morning and then went to IHOP  with mom mid-sis and  baby. Dad had to work.

5   On Sat  I went to Stanford women's b ball game  they won in overtime.   If the hoop pals are reading this  we should  all go to a game that be so fun.  

6   that  the  comments  on Help were nice. Ms A  has not e-mailed me back yet .   The advice was good. Thank you so much if you  commented on that post and if you have not     I am still looking for advice  (Ms A  please comment if y read this) 

7 Christmas is tuesday

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marlee's New Book

Marlee martin is a amazing women. She is someone who defines the odds . She is a deaf actor advocate and writer. She has inspired me to learn ASL and live life to the fullest. I want to meet her one day. The video below is about her new book Leading ladies. I got the book today while shopping with my dad and started reading it and I must say it's peaty good. Parents by her books and read them to your special need kids to show them to be whatever it is they want to be.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As some of you may remember I had a old spainsh teacher who I adored on my old blog that I deleted . Well I email her but most times she doesn't email me back. Ms A is someone who meant a lot to me and now with all my new problems I though of her and wished I could talk to her anyway I am going to share with you the entry I typed to send to her about what happing at school and since she probably wont email me back I though I"d share it here

Dear ms A

I havening a bad time at school. My conduct has been horrible yeah just ask ms R. It's get ting so bad that I might have to be on a behavior plan the scened week of school. I am trying to get better thought but it's hard and today it wasn't any better ether. I needed help with my math final and caused a ruckus. I have to finish the test tomorrow but I don't know any of chapter 7 and have no tutor. In English my teachers (one is a Teacher in training) told me that she going to implement a behavior plan for the whole class but for me she is making cards and 3 to 4 cards equal the dean. To make it worse the head teacher sapped back at me something along the lines that we are not taking in jokes. My grade drooped from a A to a B . My teachers are that fed up with me. I feel like a bad person LG is a jerk . She turned her back on me for a girl n who she works with all the time instead of me.

I love to go back in time to the times that I got in trouble just for talking to her too much. Remember you had to move us. I love to go back to where I was a good kid and ask I am in trouble I am scared and sad I don't want to go to the principles office three times in Jr high was enough I need help soon before I mess up more
Any advice?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday grains of gratiude

This week I'm thankful

1 know that the online community of parents with kids with disabilities is so strong. The love that I saw for Attentte (who got her wings today) was great

2My dad is home

3 I have i Christmas party later tonight don't worry they will be pics

4 I got all my right actions points back in history

5 I get off on Th after finals (Not too happy about those but It's the price y pay for being mainstreamed in high school

6 On friday Zoe and I took a walk with the neighbor who gave me the big candy bar. She is a dog whisper every dog in the neighborhood loves her including my Zoe so needless to say we both had fun. hopefully we can do it again

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey Father and Mother,
Happy Anniversary---(have a good time in Arizona)
I love you guys and Don't forget to have a good time
while your on you Mini-vacation.
With Love,

Happy anniversary mom and dad

Today is my mom and dad's 17 wedding anniversary. My parents were both poor as kids but worked very hard to make a better life for there children. They work a lot (full time)to make mid-sis baby and I happy. Thank you mom and dad for putting up with me I love you so much. I know I'm no the essayist kid to raise with my disabilities and outburst in school so I love you two even more. I want to make you two proud of me. I will change for the better. Happy anniversary mom and dad you guys rock. Have fun In Arizona
love AZ

sad news

Yesterday I found out that GO's My golf coach at school dad died. My mom had the pleasser of meeting his dad at Starbucks and said he was old but saw the love he had for them. GO is a great coah he is pateint and hugable. His dad played golf and severed in WWII. He was in a hospital for a long time and everyday during his break he vist him. My thoughs are with him today the day of the funal.
In other bad news is that a mom from Canada who has battle cancer is slowly dying. She has two boys one of which has down syndome. I never read her blog that often but am saddend by the loss.
in honor of Annette I am going to repost a poem I made for my friends mom who passed away this past summer. Her name was Gail and like Annette has a kid with a disability so here it is

AAA Tribute to Gail Yoshimine

By: AZ Chapmen

Patience, Caring, Woman

Three words that described her well.

She who loved to help any man,

Even those who seemed invisible to man’s eye

Because she wanted all humans to succeed

She who handed out uniforms that made us feel united,

A team.

She who celebrated the disabled,

For who they were

For their ability.

That they had to offer the world

She who loved smiles on others faces.

I know that she is in heaven

With angels all around.

Know she is watching Devon

Down on the ground.

To see what he is doing around town.

Know she’s watching Kim and Greg.

And the kindness that they will bring

I know she’s watching Jon

She really loved to watch him do his thing.

And I know she’s watching me,

A kid on the team.

For a dear woman who I’ve only known a season,

I will miss you for many reasons.

I’ll remember your kindness.

And patience

Your soul

Your memory will last with me as I play,


And cheer

For the basketball team
Or when I go to Half Moon Bay.

And when someone else helps me see

The very special woman that I am and will continue to be

Thank you for all you’ve done for the coast-side special needs kids

From a kid on the Coast-Side Cougars

Who has NLD and CP.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

our family got elfed

I showed my family and they laughed and laughed hopefully it will make you laugh too to see it click here . left to right is baby Az zoe mid-sis

Sunday, December 9, 2007

sunday grains of gratitude

   This week I'm  thankful
1My dad recored signing time   Going outside. It was  so cool to see alex and leah so grown up.    Only 1 complaint is that I didn't like the story time thing   but I know little kids would  have.  
 2 that  mid sis had a fun weekend with friend On friday she had one friend over and on Saturday she went to a dance and had two friend over last night. I 'm glad she has friends 
3 That  Christmases is coming
  4 I had a good week behavior wise
 5 That baby made  a  travel volleyball team. I din't know  this until last night  apperntly I been  on the internet to long 
6 Science    class we are doing a program called gene connection  . It is so cool. The teacher is nice and whenever I   do something new  that requires fine motor  I get a hug from him

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Accidents and Arthurs

On Wednesdays The baby after a super shot at the buzzer to end the 3 half yesterday fell down today at practice and hit her head which resulted in coming home from b ball early . Get well soon baby

now for the exiting part i know an Arthur. I've know her my whole life She is my aunt jo Martin she written a book called a bridge in the forest. For all y harry potter female fans this is the book for you. It's about lily a teenage girl who leans that she is a ferry and gose though a gate to get to Feah Terra. It's a good read for kids.I don't have my book yet but it's coming in the mean time I can read this

Monday, December 3, 2007

Getting into the christmass sprit brought to you by Brady's Mum

You Are Rudolph
Sweet and shy, you tend to be happiest when you're making someone else happy.

Why You're Naughty: You sometimes stick that nose where it doesn't belong

Why You're Nice: Christmas would be a sad affair without you!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Grains of gratiude

1 It's December
2 J a boy in my English class he's nice to me and he can become a new friend for me
3 That I can get my feelings out though writing See One wish

4 That I finished the bibliography for English class today

5 Christmases is coming

6 That mid-sis had fun with her pal M on Saturday they went shopping with my mom and M's mom and went to a dance and had a sleepover
7 That despite the hard time in Spanish class last week I still have stuff to be grateful for . Monday is the prstation day and then it be something I am good at oral interviews I love these they are soo esay or as my neighbor would say it's so easy a cave man can do it.
8 that I spent time with L on TH