Thursday, November 29, 2007

One wish

 One wish 
by AZ chapman
 I have one wish 
it may never come true 
I wish I had a friend or two
 Friends they spoil  you
 they got your back
   If   you  ever got attack
 I want a friend because I too 
  like to be  lazy sometimes 
 just like all teens do 
I am tired of fighting
 tired of being strong 
  I don't like fighting all year long 
 Sometime I wish I  could just hide in a cave 
  so I wouldn't have to be brave 

I have one wish
it may never come true 
 I wish I had a friend or to 

Sunday, November 25, 2007

sunday grains of gratiude

1 I had a wounderful thanksgiving I was fortane to see my cousins H little brother M I havent seen hinm in a while I had fun playing with him he is so sutie
2 I had fun with my family this week

3 My dad let me bring the willwith me when we went to visit our family,

4 I finished the play that we are reading in English I don't feel like trying to spell it because its a French play. Now I wonder if my English teacher will believe me
5 I saw two new movies this week This Christmas and enchanted both were good.

6 Christmases is coming right now my patents are setting up our tree right now I love Love this time year

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy thanksgiving

The pic above is of me on preschool aren't I a cute Indian. This year I played musical chairs and won with the autism class My Bio teacher as well as my spainsh teacher came to visit me during the party. In Spanish we made papper turkeys with are hands which I did when I was young it was so fun!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Synday grains of gratude

here is what Im grateful for.

1 I am feeling beater then I was on TH

2 I have calmed down and now see below and can't
wait for SO.

3 I got a blue ribbon today for SO bowling

4 I have good ides our So people dose not allow everyone to play in the bowling torment so Big J his daughter Liz me and some friends will have a bowling party the same day how cool is that

5 I know the date for hoops to start and will be making a clock for it clock for it,

6 I saw my school play last night . It was anything goes it was cool to see my peers in the play . thank you A mom for letting me come I really enjoyed it.

7 I got the new version of mac os X its so cool.

8 My dad fixed my Wii last week It has not been working since September

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tryed but falied

Hay guys just an update on how I took being cut and the meeting at school. Well un frontally for me I had a bad conversation with Mr L the coach of the b ball team and my pe teacher. He wasn't veary nice at all. HE said that I have to try out for varsity which fro me is a death sentice I mean a cp kid on varsity thats one far fetch dream. I asked him where fun went and he said ... I don't remember. I was pretty heated to the fact that I wasn't excited about SO I mean I am smart and have no delays and wish I could play with regular kids thats all . (I hope I didn't offend anyone by this SO rocks.

I woke up sick on Th, the day of the meetin. I stayed home but went to the meeting. It turns out the teachers are being patient with my behavior, but it needs to change. I told then I want to turn this around and came back friday and had a better day. My teacher in history AS is offering me a chance to observer of the other students conduct and turn it in for all of my right actions ponits back.That is good because with that I can get my b into an a but more importantly as a model to help me straighten out my behavior.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I tryed but falied

I did not make the basketball team . It's alright because I will be playing with my hoop pals in January. That should be lots of fun.

Down syndome in the news

Congress women Cathy McMoris had a baby with DS named Cole. She recently did a interviewabout it witch I think is wonderful. Someone w ho has lots of power is taking the time to make a difference in the world. Cole y are one cool baby

If y missed the 2007 down syndome buddy walk montage click here.

Autism adolence art

The tittle of this post is a movie I am working on with the autism class at my school. tomorrow I might get to miss history or Rsp and flim the teachers helpers and head of school . I am so excited

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday grains of gratiude

Hello blog reders az here .It's time now for dunday grains of gratiude .

1 Baby sis end the soccer seasson on a high note. they lost in the semifinals this moring 1-0. The goal was imposble to deffend but they never gave up. baby who was forawad along with the rest of her team played a great game and never gave up. I enjoyed cheering them on this seasson now I have a new sport to watch her in basketball.

2 My mom got home safe & sound

3 The baby and I had fun last night. My mom and dad were suposed to go to sac for a dinner but the traffic was horible so they went put for dinner. mid-sis had a sleep-over so Baby and I played a harry potter game that she won but I enjoyed playing it with her.

4 no school tomarrow

5 I got a great surpise on Th. The baby's soccer party was that night and unfornaly I could not go on account of basketball tryouts. When my mom and dad get home they got me a trophy and a t shrit from ayso. It turns out that I waas awarded #1 fan for her team that got first place how cool is that?

6 I got a copy of Gifts. I love the stories just as much as the montage. I'll post that soon

Friday, November 9, 2007

What have i been doing this week

Hello blogger readers sorry I have not posted in a while. Life ha been buss so I am sorry for not posting since Sunday. I have been trying out for basketball for a regular team at my high school. Man do we run more then I did with my hoop buddies. I got some cool new shoes and I am keeping up alright I will know next week.

I wish my school conduct was just as good as tryout but alas its is dreadful. Nothing serious just enough for my teachers to have a meting with my mom (not an IEP) to discuss the problems I also am not friends with this girl L despite the fact we were BFF last year. I feel so bad and ashamed of my behavior that I today during speech I started calling myself a monster. I really truly want to have friends and act good in class but for whatever reason I can't. any advice

news in my town

You guys have to see this. Esoocer isn't similar to a typical disabled kids soccer tea,. The program is about Inclusion. In the video the boy who helps out goes to my school. I talked to him today and he invited me to go.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Grains of gratiude

Things I'm grateful for

1 I had a fun time trick or treating.
2 That I got 12 articles for school. We had an article project for English where we had to write about whats going on in the world . I wasn't sure if I get all 12 done but I did the only thing left to do now is do autobiography's for all of them.
3 Golf party was so fun

4 That I got an A on my vocab teat in English
5 That Gabi had a great b day.
6 that Nash learned how to ride a 2 wheeler. I can't even do that and I'm 16. He's inspired me to try again

7 My new spainsh teacher she is soo nice and I realy enjoy her company. She is not my old Spanish teacher but she is just as nice. On Friday we were celebrating Day of the dead and we had a raffle and I won and got pan duce witch I carried around with me the rest of the day If I m lucky both of them will watch me bowel next sunday
8 That a bowled a 66 this moring

golf is gone gone gone

Friday night my golf team had a end of the year party at nicks pizza. I went to this instead of a Dr appointment as was really glad I went. It turns out one of th golfers knew the people at the pallor and got the space for free. I had so much fun playing video games eating pizza listening to the gals talk after inhaling helium from the balloons (Its really funny) and with help I was able to do it too playing football and surpisesing K a senior who was team captain and will be off in Collage next year. (We will miss you K come back and visit) I had a lot of fun this season and can't wait for next season. Coach G O was really patient. Any coach needs that when teaching me a new sport and I gave him a lot of hugs during the season. He told me that despite the fact I don't have him in pe he will make a point to stay in contact with me and might be a Unified parter for me this summer in SO golf. If I get premisson from the team I might post pics online and might make a montage.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yesterday my mom

went to washington Dc for a meeting . I miss her a lot I love y mom and I cant wait to see y on wedneesday