Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

It's that time of year again readers time to go trick or treating I was woody in 2ed grade and I'll please y by this pic. I am Woody. Mid sis is Bell she was in first grade's now she is in 9th Baby is mulan this was when she in kindergarten.

Today I helped out in the Austim class during pe and watched a rally. My teaccheds dressed up and in my Rsp classs I got candy . In spainsh the teacher was Elvis and in scince the teacher was a Dr . I carved a pumpkin and went trick or teating alone . One neighbor who works w/ disabled kids gave me a big Sinkers bar. Mid sis has a soccer game which she won the Baby is now getting candy with friends. as a gangster. Well that's all for now Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday grains of gradittude

Now tht I have relented some anger out let me tell you what good happend

The havest festival was so much fun. I asaw a lot of my fomer hoop buds and had fun spending the day with my mom.

I played golf with the man on Monday and Wednesday

that my sisters are such good althelete'sBaby is playing in a all day volleyball touniment today and last I heard she won her last 2 games,

the Autism class at my school. This is a new addition to my high school this year. I 'm trying to start a Best Buddies club in my school now and I love helping out in there. I lent the class signing time with the hope that if we get best buddies going the kids will have a way for us to talk to them.

Adventures in bowling

Today I went bowling with the so. I dressed up and got there early. I went inside and looked for my Spanish teacher and she wasn't inside so i waited outside for her. Big J came (He's a coach with a kid my age ) and convinced me to go inside i did and got my shoes and started boweling. All was well until a click of gals from the SO bought a pizza I wanted some but they didn't share . I got vary mad and yelled at one of them but guess what happened someone came to her rescue instead of me. That made me sick I mean hello they faulted me and they get a hug anyway I went back oustied this time crying and coach G came out and convinced me to go back inside. I was moved over to a a new lane because big J daughter was coming so I had to bowl with her. I bought a pizza and shared it with the girls who were mean. All in all I had an ok time

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Havest festaval

Today was the first fall festival for big wave I went of course and had a blast. I painted a pumpkin. made a scarecrows, ate burgers and danced. I might post pics of it latter when I get them from my friends cuz I did not bring a camera) tomorrow I get to dress up and go bowling with the SO If I'm lucky My old spainsh teacher will come.

I'm back

Hello blogger readers this is az here I missed blogging so I'm here again to give y the low down on my life. I wish I didn't delete my old bog but I did but hopefully this one will last a long time. So what's up w/ me. Well On monday I played 9holes of golf with my brother the man It turns out he went to school with my 9th grade history teacher's kids. 10th grade has been busy with tons of hw and projects. I'm going to a pumpkin patch later today to see all my hoop pals. On the first I'm going to try out for my high school b-ball team. As far as mid-sis goes she been playing soccer and volleyball and hanging out with her friends. The baby is doing well in the eight grade like always and is going to play b-ball at her middle school. Well thats all for now.I'm so glad to be back.