Monday, June 3, 1991

Who is who On the life and times of a teen with disablities

2005 Christmas card photo

Name Zoe
The day we met her : December 24 2004
Age as of
June third 2008: 3
Breed:Soft coat wheaten terrier

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Name:Baby birthday August 10 grade in the fall of 2008: 9th Hobbies:listening to music cleaning her room and playing volley ball and watching Tv with mid sis Talents: Art,organize and outgoing find out what I am up to up to click Here

Name:Mid- sis
Birthday: may 26
age as of June th32008: 15
Grade in the fall of 2008:10
Hobbies: reading watching tv and hanging out with her friends from her private school
talent: cooking
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Name:AZ birthday: September 6 age as of June 3 2008: 16 grade in the fall of 2008:1 problems I have: CP, NLD,OCD Hobie s: playing wii, basketball and blogging talents: Good writer to here what I am up to click here

The man
age 24
birthday: July 24
July hobbies: Surfing and anything to do with baseball
Job :trying to play in MLB
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Mom and Dad
birthday:Mom June 5 ,Dad July 3
Job: Anesthesiologist
Mom enjoys:
her kids shopping
Dad enjoys:
baseball, reading, and his kids
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