Monday, June 3, 1991

Who is who On the life and times of a teen with disablities

2005 Christmas card photo

Name Zoe
The day we met her : December 24 2004
Age as of
June third 2008: 3
Breed:Soft coat wheaten terrier

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Name:Baby birthday August 10 grade in the fall of 2008: 9th Hobbies:listening to music cleaning her room and playing volley ball and watching Tv with mid sis Talents: Art,organize and outgoing find out what I am up to up to click Here

Name:Mid- sis
Birthday: may 26
age as of June th32008: 15
Grade in the fall of 2008:10
Hobbies: reading watching tv and hanging out with her friends from her private school
talent: cooking
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Name:AZ birthday: September 6 age as of June 3 2008: 16 grade in the fall of 2008:1 problems I have: CP, NLD,OCD Hobie s: playing wii, basketball and blogging talents: Good writer to here what I am up to click here

The man
age 24
birthday: July 24
July hobbies: Surfing and anything to do with baseball
Job :trying to play in MLB
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Mom and Dad
birthday:Mom June 5 ,Dad July 3
Job: Anesthesiologist
Mom enjoys:
her kids shopping
Dad enjoys:
baseball, reading, and his kids
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Rob said...

Hi! I met you today at the Special Olympics event and wanted to say Hi and let you know that I was SO impressed by how sweet you were to my children, your super energy and positive attitude. It was awesome hearing about your AP History class and how you have worked so hard and keep such an awesome attitude. I can only hope my daughter will be just like you when she's your age!


AZ Chapman said...

thanks rob I am glad we met
show your wife this blog and u should start one i had so much fun playing with your kids and hope u can meat my whole family soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,
It's Janet Atkinson, Matt's mom. I wanted to give you the ticket info for our Angels on Stage performance of the Jungle Book. Feel free to post and share! We have a huge theater to fill.

The tickets can be bought at and are $15/adult, $10/child 2-12 (under 2 free)

Matt is in the shows on the 13th and 14th only.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Janet said...


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