Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heads up

  Hay guys  so  I forgot  to  take  down these  new  post   but please   note that    for the rest of the  month I will be  blogging at   my  new     blog site   which   can  be  found here 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Able to go to college introduction

 me in high school   winter  2010
             So    when I graduated  from high school  two years ago I was soo scared of what lay ahead. I  saw   my future as a abyss  and  I did everything in my power to  stay in high school.   What ended  up  happening was I  burnt a lot  of  bridges.  I had a  Flip  video    Senior year and  seeing the videos  today I am  ashamed of how I acted.      I see  both  sides  now  and do not blame anybody in  high school for   not    contacting me.

   I have been  taking  videos   of  my life as a college student. I learned in high school that you can   not film in class   so   most of the videos  I have  to date of  our   me  talking about college  life.    I am  taking college classes  and last semester, for the first time in a long time,  I have    gotten  mostly A's. I am    pulling out my camera  again, I  phone this time, but this time   taking a  weekly  video  about college  life.  My greatest hope is that  a high school student, especially those with CP NLD OCD or  other developmental disability can  see that     college is not scary and it is  doable   thus  they will  leave   high school  willing  making the  transition easier then  I  did .    The  fun  starts  next week  so  be sure to  tune in.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thanks for stopping by but please stick around

  Today is  the  annual  Cerebral  Palsy  Connection.     I am  here to tell you  that     instead  of   getting  one day  of  stuff  on  CP. I  will be  posting  four  weeks worth  of  Cerebral  Palsy  information  about  my  life.  I will  be   posting about my  middle school  Memories    some  video    from  life as a college  , and  some  flashbacks     from the   past    20 years.  In case  you are  wondering  why      four weeks worth  March  is  Cerebral  Palsy  Awairness   Month   along with  the  all to  important  Spread the  word  to end the word. So  please  book  this  page  susbie   and do  whatever you need to do  so  you can  get   to this  page for the next  four weeks Mon-Fri.   I will not post  on  the  weekend. 

Stumbo Family Story

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

End of a era

  Hay  guys so   I  have been using this blog  for some time  now   but  I was  having  problems  with  my youtube  account,  I wanted to change the  youtube account  so  I  made  a    new gmail  account    using AZ Chapman      which  has  lead me  to make a new  blog  called   AZ is Amazing .  This  blog  will still be  up   for   a while  and I  will  continue  to cheak   it but  new  posts will be  on    the  new   web adresses The  first new  blog  will be up on Thursday and    cool  stuff will  be  harping in  March  so  head  on  over and  leave a comment  so I  know that you are fallowing me.